Yield Farms in Gaming 3-7-23

Jethro Sandico

Mar. 07, 2023

  • Despite the bear market, games are still building. This means projects will continue to incentivize users to support their project. One popular way to do that is yield farming crypto.

  • For those who are new, yield farming is the process of investing your tokens or NFTs in protocols (primarily DeFi platforms) to generate yield. The activities include joining liquidity pools, staking, borrowing or lending.

  • Projects typically create these opportunities either to 1) attract liquidity, 2) incentivize HODLing or to 3) distribute token ownership to a wider base in an effort to decentralize. They provide incremental yield by awarding tokens to depositors (or stakers).

  • Each week we will be breaking down some notable Web3 gaming yield farming opportunities. 

Dex Opportunities

DEX Opportunities
  • One of the main ways to generate yield using gaming tokens is to invest in liquidity pools (LP) and then depositing your LP tokens into a “farm” operated by a DEX. Below you can find notable Web3 gaming farms. 

  • The highest-yielding farm is $KRS at 93.5% with $28,729 of liquidity. Other notable farms include Primal, Step App, and STEPN. 

Staking Opportunities

  • Usually, you can find staking opportunities directly on the games website. We have compiled a list of selected games with staking APY and the time you are required to lock it up. 
Staking Opportunities