Woodstock Metaverse, Binance Charity Fund, Forbes India in Web3

Jethro Sandico

Jan. 23, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest features projects from the world of art, entertainment, gaming, business, philanthropy, and more.

Despite a continuing bear market, the Web3 space is still teeming with life. Some of the names that recently made waves include Binance, CP Foods, Forbes India, Hector Network, Julian Opie, Lightning Works, Red Date Technology, Sequin, Shyam Narayan, Woodstock, and Yumi.io.

Furthermore, the Web3 gaming industry is pumping more blood into the nascent space with various developments. Entities that deserve the spotlight today include the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Sandsoft, and InfiniGods. Lastly, titles that made some noise as of late are Crabada, Dookey Dash, InfiniMerge, Splinterland, and The Tiny Digital Factory, among others.

Top Stories

  • The Woodstock Music and Art Fair (or simply Woodstock) has announced plans to enter the metaverse. The legendary music festival has teamed up with Sequin AR, a blockchain-based company that has produced shows such as Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special and the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Essentially, the metaverse event will present archival 2D content with motion capture recreations that will allow fans to relive performances from the original 1969 Woodstock (CA).

  • Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s philanthropic arm Binance Charity Fund has announced plans to fund 30,665 Web3 scholarships in 2023. Additionally, the charity has donated over $2.2 million in BUSD, and has provided 36,500 scholarship placements. The initiative includes a Scholar Program for students in the field. Also included are advocacy projects with Ukraine-based facilities and non-profit organization Women in Tech, among others (FK).

  • NFT whale Franklin has once again experienced attempts to exploit OpenSea’s stolen ape policy to sell his collection offer. This is the second time in a week that the collector was victimized by bad actors on the platform. They used a “Match Advanced Order” function to “Mint” and sell to me,” Franklin stated (BIC).

  • Business magazine Forbes India, in conjunction with crypto investment app CoinDCX, have launched the Namaste Web3 ecosystem. “Namaste Web3 is yet another initiative in our continuous efforts in educating around Web3 in the country,” CoinDCX CEO Sumit Gupta stated. On the 28th of January, the team will take Namaste to multiple cities to spread blockchain knowledge (FI).

Web3 Games

  • Sandsoft, a Saudi Arabia-based mobile game developer, publisher, and investor, has invested $3.25 million in The Tiny Digital Factory (TDF). TDF is a Web3-focused mobile game publisher that specializes in motorsport games. The initiative will support gaming studios “on their journey to become the leaders in the mobile and Web3 gaming space” (WMD).

  • Non-profit Web3 gaming organization the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) has announced the launch of a $45 million eco fund. The project is a part of the group’s plans to underpin blockchain gaming innovation and adoption in Asia. Basically, the eco fund is intended to bolster game studios, from startups to established entities (BZ).

  • Web3 gaming studio InfiniGods has announced the public launch of its first merge game InfiniMerge. The project is an ancient Greek-themed project focused on building and adventure. The new offering draws inspiration from casual puzzle games such as Candy Crush and Triple Town, while adding a fresh twist (PRN).

  • Avalanche-based autobattler Crabada, has kicked off the 30th installment of its Weekly Arena Challenge. Running from January 23-29, the tournament will give away variable USDC rewards to the Top 10 players in Arena. Moreover, this week’s edition will also reward Rubies to the 500 Top-Ranked Arena players (TW).

  • Collectible card game Splinterlands has announced the details for the next set of Chaos Legion reward cards. Releasing on January 31, the collection is composed of 43 soulbound NFTs that users can obtain through loot chests. Additionally, the team shared an article to provide clarity on the reward card changes (e.g. distribution, use of potions) (TW).

NFT News

  • Blockchain ecosystem Hector Network has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace Atlantica on the Fantom blockchain. The cross-chain platform offers ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT compatibility, alongside buying, selling, and trading features. Some of the projects that could benefit from Atlantica include fine art collections, GameFi valuables, and business-to-creator solutions, subscription services, and tokenomic products (ACB). 

  • Lightning Works, an entity specializing in comic NFTs and Web3 games, has launched its interactive comic book titled “Siege Worlds Zero.” Collectively, the team behind the new offering is composed of industry experts such as Avengers Unlimited co-creator DC Alfonso, Marvel Comics artist DG Franchin, and Grammy Award-winning record producer Basy Bob, among others (YF).

  • NFT marketplace Yumi.io has sold an NFT version of Julian Opie’s work “Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt 3.” Basically, collectors can obtain individual fractions of the work, with each piece linked to a specific portion of the physical art. The certification was made possible through ORIGYN Foundation’s platform, which allows creators to generate a digital certificate of their works. Subsequently, the project has already reached the $150 target value, less than three weeks after its launch (FT).

  • NFT marketplace Miidas NFT has announced the upcoming release of its 2023 whitepaper on the 28th of January. Q1 of this year will see the platform’s launch on the BNB Chain and Core ecosystems, as well as a listing on Pancake Swap. In addition, the company is also looking forward to releasing Miidas Land and Miidas Live, among others (BSCN).

Into the Metaverse

  • Indian entrepreneur Shyam Narayan has launched the Metaverse Venture Philanthropy Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) under his bootstrapped start-up Qrishn. Leveraging blockchain technology, the initiative provides a way to directly support projects that focus on addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. This includes environmental challenges, as well as problems that underprivileged communities often face such as education, healthcare, and employment (ZN).

  • A metaverse project known as OrbCity recently migrated its assets to Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) protocol Polygon. Built on the Klatyn blockchain, the virtual world is supported by prominent Web3 entities such as Animoca Brands, OKX, and Huobi. Reports revealed that the platform’s native token $ORB saw a 100% rise in the past seven days (DH).

Around the Blockchain

  • Thailand-based agro-industrial and food conglomerate CP Foods continues to expand its blockchain-based operations in 2023. The company entered Web3 in 2015 with the introduction of its CPF Digital Traceability System. CP Food uses the system to keep track of chicken and pork items. This year, the entity will start employing blockchain technology for their shrimp and cooked food offerings (FN).

  • Chinese blockchain infrastructure company Red Date Technology has launched its Universal Digital Payment Network (UDPN). Essentially, UDPN is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform similar to Swift network’s role in banking, but for stablecoins and CBDCs. A press release revealed that several “global tier 1 banks” are already testing the network (CT).

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: Web3 gaming content creator Brycent defended Yuga Labs and its latest project the Sewer Pass NFTs, which holders can use to access a game called Dookey Dash. “The game was obviously made for a specific purpose, and their holder got FREE access passes,” Brycent clapped back at detractors who claimed that “Yuga is charging $3k to play Dookey Dash.”

  • Hustle: Crypto Banter’s “In the Game,” host Jonny aka Hustle highlighted blockchain gaming’s potential to lead the industry. According to PR Newswire,  the Web3 gaming market can become worth $65.7 billion by 2027. Additionally, Hustle also named some of the most promising game-related projects in the scene.

  • Spike: Esports player Spike recently showcased a sci-fi tower defense game called WAGMI Defense. The Immutable powered project is part of mobile crypto gaming franchise WAGMI Games. In essence, the game combines real-time strategy (RTS) and play-to-earn (P2E) elements.

  • Stache: Web3 gaming content creator Stache has reached a new milestone. On the 20th of January, Stache’s YouTube channel reached 1,000 uploads. This achievement is a testament to the crypto influencer’s prolific run in the blockchain space.

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