Web3 Sci-Fi Game Pulsar Launches Genesis Pack NFTs

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 07, 2022

Much-anticipated AAA sci-fi game Pulsar launched its Genesis Pack Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on October 6, 2022. The new release offers players a cheaper way to enter the game, while owning the basic assets that Pulsar requires.

“Genesis Unit Pack minting is live! Less than 6 $AVAX for all that?! To work around gas fee limitations for the large number of NFTs you receive in each pack, minters will receive a pass which will allow users to redeem units on the subnet,” the team announced.

The sale will run from October 6 – 12, 2022.

Genesis Unit Packs

Basically, Genesis Unit Packs are starter packs that contain Land, Miners, Refineries, and Spider Tanks at the lowest cost possible. For a hundred dollars, players can begin playing the game with all the necessary elements that drive the world of Pulsar. 

Genesis Unit Pack holders are granted the freedom to choose the biome of their land. Meanwhile, Resource Miners and Refineries can mine/refine any resource across all Biomes. The only minor downside is that the Land does not contain $PLSR. Furthermore, the Miners and Refineries included are only designed to mine and refine resources.

In total, there are three types of Genesis Unit Packs namely: Colonizer, Explorer, and Conqueror. Each pack contains Land, Miners, Spider Tanks, and Refineries, all of which possess unique attributes. Prior to purchasing a pack, players can also configure their packs according to the preferred Biomes. Pulsar’s four Biomes are: Barren Sands, Glacier Wasteland, Obsidian Badlands, Crimson Hollow.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside each type of Genesis Unit Pack:

Colonizer Pack

 Price: $100 (Save 22%)

  • 4×4 Resource Only Land
  • 10 L1 Resource Miners
  • 10 L1 Spider Tanks
  • 4 L1 Resource Refineries

Explorer Pack

Price: $150 (Save 34%)

  • 4×4 Resource Only Land
  • 15 L1 Resource Miners
  • 25 L1 Spider Tanks
  • 4 L1 Resource Refineries

Conqueror Pack

Price: $200 (Save 62%)

  • 8×8 Resource Only Land
  • 20 L1 Resource Miners
  • 35 L1 Spider Tanks
  • 4 L1 Resource Refineries

Minting Requirements

Players can mint Pulsar NFTs using any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible tokens such as $AVAX, $BNB, $ETH, $FTM, $MATIC and $ONE. In addition to that, participants also need to obtain a Mint Pass.

Mint Passes are vouchers that players can mint and redeem for Land, Unit, and Buildings. Owners can maximize the value of their pass through their purchases. Moreover, they can also enjoy discounts and other bonus items. 

The Mint Passes are categorized into several tiers with Cadet as the lowest, and Admiral as the highest. Each class will possess varying cost/redemption value, discount, and duration of early access to the upcoming NFT drop. The highest tiers also grants holders with more perks. Additionally, the 10% discount will remain effective for all future mints.

About Pulsar

Pulsar is an upcoming space-themed AAA project on the Avalanche blockchain. Combining elements of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) with Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, Pulsar draws inspiration from popular strategy titles such as Command & Conquer and StarCraft. 

In Pulsar, players can own NFTs of Land, Buildings, and Units. Owners can use the assets to extract, refine resources, and earn the in-game currency $PLSR. Along with $PLSR, the game also offers other resources that players can loot from slain aliens. 

Pulsar launched its Genesis Land NFTs on September 21. The asset is one of the most important requirements for accumulating in-game wealth. On September 29, Pulsar subsequently released the Genesis Mining Units, which holders can use to gather resources and transport them to the Refinery.