Web3 RPG Stella Fantasy Rides September Momentum

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 19, 2022

Stella Fantasy, an upcoming blockchain-based game that combines facets of Play-to-Earn and Role-Playing Games (RPG), is having a productive month so far. 

In just a week, the team raised $6 million in a funding round, opened the Marketplace and initiated its NFT public presale, and graced the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris 2022.

Let us take a look at Stella Fantasy’s most recent achievements. 

$6M Fundraise

On September 12, Stella Fantasy’s creator Ring Games, announced that it had raised $6 million in a private funding round. Web3 and blockchain-focused business incubator Krust Universe led the funding round.

“We thank Krust Universe for sympathizing with our direction,” Ring Games CEO Jooho Yun said.“ We would like to introduce a genuine ‘Play and Earn’ game for global gamers within this year.” 

Krust Universe is a Singapore-based company behind the creation of the Klaytn blockchain.

Other companies that joined the fundraise include Animoca Brands, Planetarium, DeFiance Capital, Play Ventures, Path DAO, GuildFi, Avocado DAO, Double Peak, and DWeb3 Capital.

Stella Fantasy

Public Presale

The Stella Fantasy Marketplace opened on September 13 in preparation for the NFT Presale event the following day. “Stella Boxes” were sold at the Stella Shop on September 14.

Stella Fantasy NFT holders can participate in the upcoming closed Beta testing event happening from September 30-October 6. 

Due to the high demand on Stella Boxes, the team didn’t impose any purchase limit per wallet address (for the Presale Stella Box), once the public presale round began. Players who purchased during the whitelist presale round were also allowed to purchase additional Presale Stella Boxes. 

Binance Blockchain Week

CEO Joohoo Yun gave a speech on the Stella Fantasy project at the Binance Blockchain Week held on September 14-16. The event is a recurring affair that Binance holds in major cities around the world. 

The conference focuses on introducing select Web3 projects. For the Paris leg, Stella Fantasy is the lone gaming title alongside four other offerings. 

Stella Fantasy

About Stella Fantasy

According to the game’s whitepaper, Stella Fantasy is a “Premium Character Collectible NFT RPG.” 

The game combines elements of action and fantasy. It also features an NFT collection of over 20 anime characters designed using Unreal 4 Engine. Basically, the three main activities in Stella Fantasy include town management, combat gameplay, and NFT crafting.

Gamers can enjoy Stella Fantasy without making any initial investments. Upon entry, participants will receive three basic characters that they can use for all in-game contents. Players can acquire additional characters through the Stella Shop (purchase), the Unique Abyss Rift (reward), or the Marketplace (trade). 


Stella Fantasy Token ($SFTY) 

Stella Fantasy Token or $SFTY, is the game’s governance token. They are also rewarded for clearing Special Abyss Rifts, Boss Raids and Asynchronous PvP rankings. Holders can also use the token for character awakenings and equipment upgrades.


Manaring is the game’s secondary currency. They are designed to prevent in-game activities from creating excess transaction load (which slows down processing and increases gas fees). 

Manarings are earned from activities or as rewards for completing quests. Moreover, players can consume manarings for character growth, equipment upgrade, and content entrance fee.