Web3 Gaming News Roundup: October 28, 2022

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 28, 2022

Today’s roundup of Web3 news covers various Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and gaming projects, as well as metaverses, blockchain ecosystems, and tech companies. In addition to that, funding continues in the space, while the community continues to grow.

Some of the events, titles and entities that headlined the news today include Ava Labs, Blockchain Week in Busan, Crypto.com, Google, GREE, and Gucci, as well as Nitro Nation and Stardock Games. Furthermore, brands such as Telegram, The Sandbox, Twitter, and Zoop, were also making noise in the space lately.

Let’s dive in and see the events that shaped Web3 today.

Web3 Gaming News

  • Crypto researcher/investor Dave Stanton recently suggested the idea of “Play-to-Die” in Web3 gaming. The concept allows characters to die in the game and appear as minted NFTs later on. The proposal was met with mixed reactions from the community (BIC).
  • Ava Labs, the company behind blockchain protocol Avalanche, partnered with BLRD, a subsidiary of Japanese internet media company GREE. The collaboration aims to launch a Web3 game in 2023 (CG).
  • Luxury fashion brand Gucci opens its virtual world on popular metaverse game The Sandbox. The project is called “Gucci Vault Land,” and will also feature a gallery for Gucci’s NFT artworks (V).
  • Singapore-based mobile game company Storms announced a partnership with Layer-2 (L2) solution Immutable X. The partnership will help the studio in building their upcoming Web3 gaming platform Kyō (PRN).
  • Action/Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) Guild of Guardians announced the upcoming addition of “Active Staking” features for its native token $GOG. Additionally, the team partnered with Guardians Guild Limited to secure 5 million $GOG rewards for the game’s supporters (TW).
  • Racing game Nitro Nation’s creator CM Games partnered with game dev company Mythical Games to build a Web3 project. Titled “Nitro Nation World Tour,” the upcoming game will utilize car NFTs featuring automobile brands such as Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Shelby, and Volkswagen, among others. (MBD).

  • Turn-based fantasy game EternityRPG’s crafting feature went live on October 27. Basically, Level 5 and up players will benefit from hundreds of new game items that the team added to improve crafting experiences for the users (M).
  • Horse breeding/racing game Pegaxy made some updates on the game’s “Racing Lobby Hotfix.” Improvements on the project includes more rewards and a change in racer slots, among others (TW).
  • Digital asset exchange Crypto.com’s COO Eric Anziani graced the stage at the Blockchain Week in Busan 2022 (October 27-29). Moreover, Anziani stated in his speech that gaming and NFTs will be the main drivers for Web3 growth (FK). 
  • Engagement company Influence Mobile is expanding their flagship app “Rewarded Play.” The entity’s Play-to-Earn platform is now available in Canada through stores such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart (IN).
  • GameFi/SocialFi platform developer Xiroverse announced the launch of its Web3 mobile gaming app called “Xiro App.” The latest offering aims to remove the complexities of exploring blockchain ecosystems, and the high transaction fees that comes with it (LT).
  • Stardock Games, a software development company formed in 1991, kicked off the early access for its sci-fi Real-Time Strategy video game Sins of a Solar Empire II. Furthermore, the project is the result of a collaboration with Canadian PC game dev company Ironclad Games (IN).

Blockchain Headlines

Ecosystems, NFT projects, events, and various innovations in Web3.

  • Tech giant Google launched its cloud-based blockchain node service for the Ethereum blockchain (CD).
  • Encrypted cross-platform messaging service Telegram announced that it will hold a username auction on the TON blockchain (TC).
  • Web3-based financial platform Gluwa Blockchain partners with Nigeria’s Lagos State government to push for digitization of agricultural assets (CS).
  • NFT marketplace myNFT announced the launch of the first-ever physical NFT vending machine at the NFT.London event in November (CT).
  • At the Blockchain Week in Busan 2022, cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io’s founder and CEO Dr. Lin Han spoke about “bridging blockchain with the real world” (PRN).
  • Layer-1 blockchain Aptos’ token “Aptos” ($APT) has almost fully recovered from last week’s post-launch crash (CD).
  • Digital banking firm Revolut announces plans to introduce a spending feature. Essentially, the new offering will allow customers to utilize their Revolut card to buy items with their crypto balance (CD).
  • Social media platform Twitter announced that it will allow users to buy, sell, and display NFTs through their tweets (DC).

Web3 Fundraising 

  • Multiplayer party game Space Kill has completed its seed funding round (NBTC).
  • Prior to its official launch on public ledger Hedera, digital celebrities collectibles trading platform Zoop secured $15 million in funding. In addition to that, the company also formalized its bond with avatar platform Ready Player Me (YF).
  • Ride-hailing app Teleport’s parent company Decentralized Engineer Cooperation (DEC) announced that it has raised $9 million in a seed funding round. Moreover, the company will use the capital to build its decentralized ridesharing app “The Rideshare Protocol” on the Solana network (D).
  • Puerto Rico-based Web3 infrastructure Aligned emerges from stealth and raises $34 million in a funding round (BCR).
  • Hong Kong-based financial technology (FinTech) company Reap raised $40 million in a fundraising round. The entity will use the funds to develop a system for Web3 payments (NFTG).
  • Aptos blockchain’s crypto wallet Martian secured $3 million in a pre-seed funding round led by early-stage venture fund Race Capital (TB).

Latest Projects

P2E Analytics’ profile library has thousands of Web3 projects, and more titles are being included everyday. Let’s take a look at some of the most recently added projects on our profile database.

  • Magicave: Magicave is an upcoming company that leverages blockchain and NFT technologies to produce virtual toys, games, and other hobbies.
  • ReNFT: ReNFT is an NFT rental platform for the metaverse. Basically, the project aims to provide seamless services for developers and other projects.
  • Aftermath Islands: Aftermath Islands is an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) platform. The project consists of theme-based islands and estates, as well as communities.
  • Player’s Lounge: Web3 project Player’s Lounge is a wagering platform dedicated to gamers, sports fans, and athletes.
  • Stadium Live: Lastly, Stadium Live is a social gaming platform dedicated to digital sports and pop culture, as well as the Gen-Z demographic.

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