Web3 Gaming News Roundup (November 7, 2022)

Jethro Sandico

Nov. 07, 2022

Today, we are going to take a look at some important Web3 game updates involving some crowd-favorite titles, as well as some developments in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) scene, and the blockchain in general.

Our roundup will cover the following games: Chikn, Crabada, Eldarune, Era7: Game of Truth, Guild of Guardians, Ouroboros GameFi, and Snail Trail. In addition to that, we will also take a look at well-known entities that made some moves in the space. This includes brands such Beeple, HSBC, LG Electronics, OpenSea, and Solana, among others.

Furthermore, we will also travel the world and look at some on-going Web3 progress in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, the United States, Portugal, and the Philippines. Lastly, we will shed some light on some of the latest featured projects from P2E Analytics’ ever-growing profile library with the following titles: Alchemon, Cryptobots, Halliday, The Crypt Game, and The Football Club.

Web3 Game Updates

  • GameFi/breeding NFT game/ecosystem Chikn teased the community with some “giveaways and exciting content” for the project’s upcoming first anniversary on November 19 (TW).

  • Autobattler/idle game Crabada launches its 19th weekly Arena Challenge, which will run from November 7-13, 2022. The fresh installment of the tournament includes updates on Level Cap, Factional Revenge, and Material Chest Rewards (M).

  • Medieval/fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) Eldarune released some new Testnet updates. Participants can report bugs that they might encounter during testing, and get a chance to receive a portion of the $100,000 reward pool (TW).

  • NFT trading card game Era7: Game of Truth and its partners have recently upgraded the international tournaments. Already in its second season, the competition will run from November 6-27, 2022 (TW)

  • Action/fantasy RPG Guild of Guardians’ token $GOG’s active staking features just went live. In addition to that, participants can also deposit their tokens on the Immutable X ecosystem before November 13 to receive a “2x weighting bonus“ (TW).

  • GameFi project Ouroboros GameFi’s white list public mint just “minted out,” shortly after it went live. In October, Ouroboros was revealed as idle game Pizza Game’s new NFT venture, stirring much excitement within the community (TW).

  • Racing/breeding NFT game Snail Trail held week five of its “Formula Slime” event. The “high stakes” competition allows participants to race snails and get the chance bonus NFTs, as well as the game’s token $SLIME (TW).

NFT News

  • Top NFT marketplace OpenSea launches an on-chain tool that NFT creators can use to enforce royalties. However, the feature will not cover older collections in the platform’s expansive library (CT).

  • NFT standard Metaplex Studios CEO Stephen Hess announced a partnership with rendering network and 3D marketplace Render Network. The collaboration will bring record-selling digital artist Beeple to the Solana blockchain (D).

  • Electronics manufacturing giant LG Electronics is currently recruiting chief technical officers to help the brand develop the Web3 segment of the company. One of the main requirements for the said positions include knowledge in blockchain and NFT technologies (FK).

  • South Korean video game developer Wemade’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and NFT platform NILE has entered an agreement with Print Bakery. The art brand is operated by Seoul Auction, the largest auction house in the country (PRNW).

Web3 Around the World

  • British bank and financial services company HSBC announced plans to launch a DLT-based bond tokenization platform known as HSBC Orion. However, the initiative will not rely on cryptocurrencies, but will rather use a permissioned blockchain infrastructure (LI).

  • Non-profit organization Solana Foundation kicked off Solana Breakpoint 2022, which runs from November 4-7 in Lisbon, Portugal. Dedicated to the Solana community, the conference is joined by representatives from various blockchain projects and brands on the popular ecosystem (TW).

  • Bitcoin ($BTC) mining company Riot Blockchain’s Whinstone US facility in Rockdale, Texas, is now the pioneer cryptocurrency’s largest mining operation in North America (WG). 

  • In other $BTC news, bitcoin ATM locations in Canada have undergone a 28% increase compared to 2021. According to reports, the country has added 400 ATMs since the start of the year, amounting to a total of 2,549 ATMs, as of this writing (BIC).

  • Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency announced that the government has launched a blockchain training program. According to the agency, over 30,000 citizens in 36 states are already slated to participate (BC).

  • Manila is setting the stage for the Philippine Blockchain Week, which will run from November 28-December 4, 2022. The event will feature international and local leaders in the space (YF).

  • Alchemon: Built on the Algorand blockchain, Alchemon is a monster-collecting NFT project that offers staking and crafting features. The trading card game allows participants to craft Alchemon creatures which they can also “evolve” and upgrade traits.

  • Cryptobots: Upcoming MMORPG project Cryptobots combines elements of adventure and strategy, while leveraging NFT technology. The game also features an NFT collection of 10,000 playable Cryptobot characters.

  • Halliday: Halliday is an NFT payment system that allows participants to utilize digital assets and pay for them later. Basically, the project integrates directly with games and marketplaces, serving as an alternative payment option.

  • The Crypt Game: The Crypt Game is a loot-based dungeon raiding game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project features a series of fames and quests in the “Lootverse” where players are allowed to collaborate, compete, and find rewards.

  • The Football Club: Built on the Binance Smart Chain, The Football Club is a metaverse game that combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and sports. Basically, the project is based on real-life football challenges.

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