Web3 Gaming News Roundup (November 4, 2022)

Jethro Sandico

Nov. 04, 2022

As we head towards the weekend, we have gathered exciting stories that cover various areas of the Web3 space. Today we will shine some light on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects and Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain protocols, among others

Enjoying the warmth of the blockchain spotlight are established names such as Art Basel, Asics, Kraken, Mastercard, and Square Enix. The community is also going strong with events such as the Singapore FinTech Festival, which featured guest speakers representing entities such as JPMorgan and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Furthermore, Web3 gaming is also alive and kicking with titles such as Bomb Crypto, Eternal Dragons, Planet IX, and Tap Fantasy making some significant moves.

Let us dive deeper into the expanding world of Web3.

Top Stories

  • Japanese entertainment conglomerate Square Enix announced its upcoming Ethereum-based NFT game Symbiogenesis. The video game publisher is best-known for Role-Playing Game (RPG) titles such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, among others (IGN).

  • Polygon blockchain’s token $MATIC and data storage protocol Arweave’s $AR token, experienced a double digit spike in its trading price. The surge happened after tech giant Meta Platforms introduced new NFT creator tools on social media platform Instagram (D).

  • Blockchain game company Limit Break’s CEO Gabriel Leydon’s Twitter account was hacked earlier this week. After using the page to spread a scam link, the attacker managed to steal NFTs and crypto from victims (D).

  • According to South Korean prosecution, Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon is currently hiding in Europe. Earlier in mid-September, the court issued an arrest warrant for the owner of the ill-fated Terra ecosystem, on charges of violating the country’s Capital Markets Act (BIC).

  • Mastercard, the world’s second-largest payment-processing corporation, has welcomed seven upcoming crypto and blockchain projects to its startup engagement program Master Card Path. The new companies came from five different countries, with Loot Bolt, Quadrata, and Uptop representing the United States (D).

Web3 Gaming

  • Web3 game developer Trailblazer announced the launch of their first game Eternal Dragons’ alpha version. Prior to this release, the team sold all 10,000 NFTs from the Eternal Dragons Genesis Collection from July to September (PRNW).

  • The company behind one-stop marketplace for gaming Gameflip, announced a strategic partnership with free-to-play gaming platform Game Changer. Both entities are certainly looking forward to bringing web3 games to the mainstream (PRNW).

  • Game developer Playgig has raised $10.85 million in a seed funding round for its new cross-platform gaming studio. The company is led by former Riot Games Managing Director Bruno Schirch (VB).

  • Web3 sports platform Knights of Degen has entered an agreement to acquire open-sourced project League DAO. Basically, the community-owned Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) specializes in building tokenized fantasy sports (INN).

  • Chinese game and mobile app development company NetDragon Websoft announced a strategic investment in digital entertainment platform creator Zebra Labs. As a result, the latter raised $5 million in an equity round, with NetDragon as its lead investor (INN).

  • Web3 game development and R&D studio Laguna Games and blockchain-based social graph Lens Protocol, formed a partnership that will introduce decentralized gaming IDs. The project will allow gamers to easily connect their profiles across various games (CT).

  • In a bid to guide newcomers, open-world metaverse game Tap Fantasy will be hosting a User-Generated Content (UGC) event. The program, which will run from November 3-9, focuses on making tutorials based on character and team builds (TW).

  • Polygon-built NFT strategy game Planet IX has officially ended the live minting of its Y_Genesis NFT collection. The project sold out three minutes after launching on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Arcade bomber game Bomb Crypto recently partnered with Binance-developed protocol BNB Chain to launch “Football Fiesta,” which will run from November 4 – December 20. The event was organized to celebrate the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar (TW).

NFT News

  • Japanese sportswear brand Asics partnered with fitness/GameFi app STEPN to launch a new shoe called the “Asics x Solana UI Collection.” Owners of the running shoe will also get the chance to win a limited edition ASICS x STEPN GT-2000 NFT (D).

  • Web3 infrastructure company Alchemy launched its new project Spearmint. NFT creators can use tools on the platform to automate the signup and management for allowlists (D)

  • Digital art marketplace SuperRare launched its Genesis RarePass. Functioning similarly to subscription services, RarePass grants holders access to curated art NFTs, courtesy of well-known creators on the platform (CD).

  • Blockchain-focused holding company Immutable Holdings announced the close of its NFT.com Genesis Key Public Sale. Launched in early May 2022, the project represents an animated NFT collection (GNW). 

  • Cryptocurrency exchange/bank Kraken launched its new NFT marketplace. Promising transactions without gas fees, the platform will also onboard 70 NFT collections from the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems (D).

Asics x STEPN

More From the Blockchain

  • International art fair Art Basel’s parent company MCH Group partnered with Zurich-based nonprofit organization LUMA Foundation. The collaboration saw the launch of the blockchain startup Arcual. Basically, the platform will focus on the needs of artists, collectors, galleries, and institutions (ASN).

  • Umar Farooq, the CEO of JPMorgan’s blockchain unit Onyx, recently graced a panel at the Singapore FinTech Festival. Farooq stressed that banks planning to venture into digital assets must treat customer protection with utmost importance (CNBC).

  • Web3 privacy protocol Elusive raised $3.5 million in a strategic funding round. Leading the fundraise were investment fund and accelerator LongHash Ventures, as well as blockchain infrastructure and service provider Staking Facilities (UT).

  • Blockchain protocol Koinos is slated to launch its mainnet on the 5th of November. Basically, the Layer-1 ecosystem is a free-to-use platform built by industry veterans from social blockchain Steem (CT).

  • Lastly, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) managing director Ravi Menon recently appeared at the Singapore Fintech Festival. The central bank head said that Singapore “wants to be a crypto hub” for finance. However, Menon emphasized that “trading and speculating in cryptocurrencies,” isn’t the kind of hub that the country wants  (CNBC).