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Web3 Gaming News Roundup (November 21, 2022)

Posted November 21, 2022 2:01 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Brands and figures representing art, music, and sports continue to converge in Web3 to provide the best experiences possible. The World Cup has finally commenced and the fever is undeniably making a huge impact on the world of blockchain. However, other sports such as tennis and basketball are making some noise in the space as well.

Ecosystems such as Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon are pushing the envelope in Web3 gaming. With titles such as Pulsar, Crabada, Chikn Game, Synergy of Serra, and Decentral Games, among others, the Web3 is flowing with optimism, despite looming fears in the market.

Other well-known brands that made ripples in the industry include Givenchy, Bstroy, Sorare, OpenSea, as well as sports organizations FIFA, Ligue 1, ATP, and the NBL. Additionally, even abstract art originator Hilma af Klint is making NFT news headlines nowadays.

Here are some of the most notable stories in Web3 today.

Top Stories

  • French luxury and perfume brand Givenchy and Atlanta’s emerging streetwear label BSTROY have formed a partnership with internet art platform and artist collective Felt Zine. The project plans to launch a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection based on Givenchy and Bstroy’s Spring 2023 capsule collaboration (C).

  • The French National Gambling Authority is no longer classifying Football fantasy card game Sorare as a gambling platform. The sports-focused project has finally won the legal battle. The winning argument is that Sorare participants will retain ownership of NFTs even if they lose in the game (BIC).

  • Upcoming sci-fi strategy game Pulsar NFTs are now live on cross-chain digital asset marketplace OpenSea. The game’s asset collections are split by chain. Moreover, they are also grouped into Land and Units (such as buildings and vehicles) (TW).

  • NFT art platform Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) recently held an NFT auction (co-founded by superstar musician/producer Pharrell Williams). Basically, the sale featured the works of Swedish art icon Hilma af Klint, who is considered as one of the pioneers of abstract art (DC).

  • Recently in Medellin, Colombia, a presumably wealthy member of the community had some Avalanche blockchain ads placed on the city’s metro train. “The passion for the Avalanche ecosystem is so strong that community members independently launched an out-of-home subway campaign in Medellin, Colombia!” Avalanche stated via its official Twitter account (TW).

Web3 Game Updates

  • Popular Play-to-Earn idle game Crabada kicked off the 21st installment of its weekly Arena Challenge. The tournament will run from November 21-27, and will present the all new V1.1.5 Balance Update. Additionally, the project will also make some changes on Level Cap, Hidden Crabada, as well as Material Chest, Ruby, and USDC Rewards (TW).

  • NFT and gaming ecosystem Chikn Game is currently celebrating its first birthday. Along with a Twitter Spaces birthday party special, the project is also giving away prizes to the “quickest 1,000” holders of the Chikn NFTs. Furthermore, the game also did a wrap up of its achievements during its memorable one year run (TW).

  • Battle arena NFT game Mech announced on November 20, that it is giving away 10,000 Mech Bot NFTs. To register for the free mint, BotList spots are now open on the group’s Discord server. Basically, Mech is a sci-fi game that allows players to build, own and create in-game assets, battle other Mechs and enjoy various game modes (TW).

  • Web3 MMORPG project Nine Chronicles has announced the upcoming introduction of its NFT staking and mileage features. Participants are required to complete their D:CC NFT collection to earn extra mileage. Basically, players will be able to use mileage to obtain exclusive items at the marketplace (TW).

  • Sci-fi/fantasy trading card game Synergy of Serra, held a successful “Transcendent Crate” unlocking event, to the delight of early NFT holders. As part of the game’s Phase 2 of the roadmap, the much-awaited reveal is set to unlock over 100,000 crates in the days to come (TW).

  • Fantasy football game Footie SZN’s World Cup game modes are now live. This new feature allows participants to assemble their World Cup-based fantasy teams and mint their “country NFTs” for the game’s “predict mode” (TW).

  • P2E metaverse card/casual game Decentral Games’ “Sit-n-Go Leaderboard Competition” just went live. The new offering will feature new competitions and will reward daily, weekly, and monthly winners. Basically, participants must “dominate the tables” (TW).

NFT News

  • Blockchain technology firm EverRise has developed an NFT staking lab that allows holders of its token $RISE to create on-chain staking contracts. Users can then bridge the said contracts to the following blockchains: Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon (BSCN).

  • International top-tier tennis tour ATP has launched its NFT limited edition collection “LOVE.” The project consists of generative artworks created with Bay Area artist and designer Martin Grasser, and Art Blocks Engine, a product used for on-chain storage of generative digital assets (ATPT).

  • Lifestyle dance brand WSB Street and Web3 community building org Coinchella is cooking up something on December 4 in Sydney, Australia. The “ONE NIGHT ONLY” event features National Basketball League (NBL) star Kai Sotto from the Philippines. Furthermore, the collaborative effort will launch the WSB Street digital membership NFT (MB).

  • Singapore-based Web3 startup E-verse has launched its Fantastic Football NFT project. The collection features collectible cards from the 32 national football teams competing at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (KH).

Into the Metaverse

  • French professional football league Ligue 1’s top clubs are entering the metaverse. To make this possible, the teams formed the League of France Football Club. The organization aims to build a football ecosystem on the blockchain that will offer fans with various Web3 experiences (AW).

  • China-based tech firms are offering services that allows Chinese football fans to view the World Cup in the metaverse. Companies that received rights to show the tournament include video streaming platform Migu, TikTok owner ByteDance and its virtual reality (VR) headset subsidiary Pico (CT).

  • The city of Abu Dhabi is planning to launch a metaverse version of its entertainment capital Yas Island. The project is a joint effort with tech platforms and local businesses. This includes Abu Dhabi Motorsport, Flash Entertainment, and Roblox, among others (EN). 

  • Upcoming Web3 conference for creators V as in MetaVerse, is set to take place in Greece from December 17-18, 2022. Already in its second year, the event will feature a masterclass on world building. Experts who will grace the stage include award-winning production designer and director Rick Carter (Avatar, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Star Wars) (CT).

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