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Web3 Gaming News Roundup

Posted October 27, 2022 6:30 pm
5 min
By Jethro Sandico

Leading today’s Web3 news are blockchain solutions Axelar and Polygon, as well as Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, and gaming titles Blocklords and Splinterlands. Other notable stories feature brands and companies such as Gallium Studios, Gutter Cat Gang, Immutable X, Nissan, Salt Water Games, and Tyranno, to name a few.

Despite the weak market conditions (see “bear market”), there has been an abundance of developments in the space as of late. The daily efforts and progress of the builders and the community clearly shows that blockchain technology is here to stay.

Here is today’s roundup of the latest news from the world of Web3 gaming.

Web3 Gaming News

  • Web3 game developer MetaKings kicks off the first phase of medieval game Blocklords. The project’s backers include Square Enix, BitKraft, Makers Fund, and Delphi Digital, among others (GNW).
  • Play-to-Earn sports platform Genesis League Sports airdrops governance tokens to fantasy card game Splinterlands’ stakers. Both entities partnered in August with Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) to build a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game called Genesis League Soccer (GNW).
  • Tyranno Studios’ Chief Game Officer Michael Rubinelli shares his company’s vision for Web3 games and the future of the space. Basically, Tyranno is Wax Studios rebranded. Wax is known for titles such as Blockchain Brawlers and Music Mogul (CS).
  • Layer-2 (L2) solution Immutable X announced on October 26, its partnership with video game developer Mantisco. The collaboration revealed plans to release a Web3 version of online battle royale game Hunter’s Arena, as well as bring Play-to-Earn to gaming consoles (ES).
  • P2E-focused platform Hulk Labs, a subsidiary of blockchain/Web3 asset company, recently integrated over a thousand players into its own player network. Moreover, Hulk Labs plans to continue adding hundreds of gamers every month, while deploying more capital (BW).
  • Strategy-based soccer game Monkey League kicks off its first-ever NFT breeding season. The new feature allows holders to breed at least two “Monkeys,” and generate more “MonkeyPlayer” NFTs (CP).
  • Web3 gaming platform METASENS introduced its Utility feature. The new offering provides NFT projects different ways to increase their utilities. This includes services such as one-stop NFT publishing, and blockchain reform for Web2 games, among others (YF).
  • Sydney-based game studio Salt Water Games recently partnered with electric flying car racing series Airspeeder. The collaboration plans to launch an Airspeeder-based Web3 experience that employs P2E and Virtual Reality (VR) elements (SH).
  • According to Chainalysis’ most recent “Geography of Cryptocurrency” report, South East Asia is leading the world in terms of crypto adoption (Vietnam and the Philippines occupy the number 1 and 2 spots respectively). Experts point to Play-to-Earn gaming as the main driver for adoption in the region (CD).

New Profiles on P2E Analytics

Here are some of the most recent projects added to P2E Analytics’ expanding profile library:

  • Soba: Soba is an open-world/simulation game under development on the Binance Smart Chain. The project allows users to create various types of games using “no-code” tools.
  • Reincarnation: Upcoming deck-building roguelike game Reincarnation utilizes NFT cards while employing PvP and turn-based game modes.
  • Gallium Studios: Independent game studio Gallium Studios is founded by legendary game designers Will Wright (The Sims, SimCity) and Lauren Elliot (Carmen Sandiego series).   
  • Oasys: Oasys is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible protocol built for Web3 game developers.
  • Regression Games: Regression Games is a Philadelphia-based startup company that is currently working on a platform dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) gaming and Esports. 

NFT and Metaverse

  • Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan partners with Australia-based video game studio Grease Monkey Games. The collaboration revealed plans for its upcoming ‘Torque Drift 2’ NFT project, which aims to release 15 Nissan car models in the next 12 months (TNG).
  • Epic Games CEO and NFT proponent Tim Sweeney called Apple’s NFT policies an “insanity.” The Unreal Engine creator lambasted the tech giant for their App Store fees and their “brazen monopoly rent-seeking” practices (EXT).
  • Fashion retailer Claire’s Stores Inc. debuts its metaverse project “ShimmerVille” on game creation system Roblox. The digital world allows users to engage in various activities such as working, shopping, and socializing with people, among others (IN).
  • NFT project Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) announced the launch of “StapleGutter Series One.” Dropping on October 27, the project is an NFT collaboration between GCG and established streetwear brand Staple (TW).
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club holders were recently treated to a new merch release (shirts, jackets, stickers, etc). The drop was a collaboration with McBess and The Dudes (NFTE).
  • Helsinki-based game developer/publisher Supremacy Games partnered with game producer Tyranno and financial technology company MoonPay. The collaboration will offer users the chance to acquire Star Wars “Original Stormtrooper” NFTs (PRNW).
  • Ernst & Young, one of the largest professional services networks in the world, plans to offer EY wavespace (a collaborative workspace) experiences in the metaverse. Basically, the company’s goal is to prepare clients for Web3 and the metaverse (VB).

Blockchain Headlines

Today’s headlines includes notable fundraising rounds, events, and partnerships.

  • Web3-utilizing global settlement banking platform Arf raised $3 million in a seed funding round (Arf). 
  • Blockchain infrastructure-providers Axelar and Polygon partners to provide secure cross-chain communication to Polygon Supernets (BW).
  • Early stage venture capital firm Bloomberg Beta leads $6.2 million fundraise for DAO framework Origami (CD).
  • Financial services companies and Visa form partnership to launch crypto debit card (CT).
  • Privacy-focused blockchain Oasis Labs and credit bureau Equifax partners to build a Web3 solution for identity management and verification (VB).
  • Hundreds of international Web3 experts are arriving in Manila to attend the first Philippine Blockchain Week in November (MS).

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