Web3 Gaming Digest (December 5, 2022)

Jethro Sandico

Dec. 05, 2022

Welcome to another edition of P2E Analytics’ Web3 Gaming Digest where we put the spotlight on the latest updates in the world of blockchain. 

Today’s roundup of news will feature some of the most prominent names benefitting from Web3 technology. Brands such as Nike, Timex, Reddit, and Mozilla, as well as pop diva Mariah Carey, all converged on the blockchain to provide users the best experiences possible.

Meanwhile, Web3-native projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, All Seeing Seneca, Nefta, Viker, and Polygon, among others, continue to breathe life into the space. Moreover, projects that also made noise in the scene as of late include Axie Infinity, Chikn Game, Crabada, Gods Unchained, MadSkullz, and Age of Apes.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most notable stories in Web3.

Top Stories

  • Apparel giant Nike and creator led organization RTFTK (a company that Nike acquired in December 2021), recently unveiled their “Cryptokicks” smart footwear line. According to RTFTK co-founder Steven Vasilev, the project is “basically RTFKT’s smartwatch in a sneaker.” The offering also comes with an app that owners can use to control the shoe’s features using Web3 technology (NFTN).

  • One of the largest watchmakers Timex has launched 500 custom watches for owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Basically, the time pieces will feature Bored Ape or Mutant PFPs avatars, with customization options for the watch’s strap, case, and etchings. The project requires Timepiece Forge Pass NFTs, which users can mint for 2 $ETH ($2,590 as of this writing) (DC).

  • Pop singer Mariah Carey is set to launch the “Mariah Carey’s Winter Wonderland” metaverse on gaming platform Roblox’s Livetopia. The portal also includes a virtual store that features various digital items from hats to houses. Furthermore, fans will also get a chance to enjoy minigames, item drops, as well as virtual performances from the “Queen of Christmas” herself (CSA).

  • Social news aggregation and community platform Reddit hit 216,000 mints in a single day over the weekend. Apparently, the record stands as the biggest all-time daily NFT mints since the popular forum site launched its NFT marketplace back in July. Currently, there are 4.3 million avatars, with 3.65 million owners (NFTG).

  • Web3 gaming guild Ancient8 is consolidating its partnership with AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game Shrapnel. According to the team’s announcement, Ancient8 will “accompany Shrapnel” to achieve their goals of becoming the “top-tier FPS game” in the blockchain arena. In addition, the group also aims to help drive mass adoption for Web3 gaming through “play-to-own” and “create-to-own designs” (TW).

Web3 Games

  • Breeding/PvP NFT game Axie Infinity gave a sneak peek of some updates for Origins Season 2. Essentially the game will introduce two new Bird Runes, a Feather Dagger, and some major changes for Charms. Moreover, the team also announced that some “card changes are also coming,” in addition to the aforementioned updates  (AX).

  • Trading card game Gods Unchained has been nominated in four categories at Polkastarter’s upcoming GAM3 Awards. Built on Immutable X and Ethereum, the project made it to the following award brackets: Game of the Year, Best Card Game, Best Strategy Game, and Best Esports Game (TW). 

  • Avalanche-based autobattler game Crabada kicked off the 23rd installment of its Weekly Arena Challenge. Running from December 5 – 11, the tournament features new gameplay updates covering points and rewards, as well as Arena Tickets, tiers, and “secret” weapons, to name a few (M).

  • GameFi/breeding game Chikn Game has kicked off its Eggnite partnership with upcoming metaverse/NFT collection MadSkullz. Players are now allowed to send their digital assets through the “Chiknz Portalz” and find $WORM in the process. Additionally, users can also start LP farming $FLSH and $WORM on their Farmlands (TW).

  • Games marketing firm Flexion has signed an agreement with China-headquartered game developer tap4fun. The partnership’s goal is to publish tap4fun’s game “Age of Apes” on select stores. In essence, Flexion will distribute the title on platforms such as the Amazon App Store and the Samsung Galaxy App Store (EUG).

  • Web3 technology platform Nefta has partnered with blockchain gaming studio Viker. Nefta will provide its full Web3 capabilities to help Viker achieve its goals of bringing the technology to mobile gaming.  “With Nefta’s end-to-end blockchain solution, we will continue to bring the best Play-and-Earn games to players,” Viker founder Ben Cusack said (EUG).

NFTs and the Metaverse

  • According to a report by top digital collectibles marketplace OpenSea, NFT creators have earned over US$1 billion this year. The compiled data was based on the sales on the platform between January 1 and November 23. Moreover, the provided figures do not include other forms of sources of funding such as grants and sponsorships (NC).

  • All Seeing Seneca, a digital artist best-known for leading the original design for blue-chip NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, launched her new project. Dubbed “Portraiture by Seneca,” the release features some of the NFT artist’s latest body of work. Seneca’s works were auctioned at British auction house Phillips (DC).

  • A Chelsea, New York-based art gallery called “Galleria Ca’d’Oro” is slated to launch its first NFT exhibit on the 8th of December. The invitation-only event is powered by the Possess Platform, a marketplace that allows collectors to browse and acquire limited edition contemporary art NFT’s. In addition, Possess also provides blockchain-based digital certificates to back the authenticity of the assets (EIN).

  • Mozilla, the developers behind web browser Mozilla Firefox recently acquired Active Replica. Basically, the company is a Vancouver-based startup developing a “web-based metaverse.” According to the Mozilla team, Active Replica will support the group’s social virtual reality (VR) platform Hubs (TC).

Around the Blockchain

  • Government-funded research institution the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is now offering a “Masters of Science in Blockchain Technology” course. Essentially, the program is designed for individuals with fundamental knowledge of the blockchain and other related technologies. Under that circumstance, students can expand their Web3 mastery and learn more about financial technology (FinTech), security, and legislation, among others (CP).

  • Ethereum layer-2 (L2) solution Polygon shared a video highlighting some of the blockchain ecosystem’s most recent partnerships in the space. Covering various fields including art, road safety and decentralized finance, the roundup introduced some of Polygon’s latest collaborations. This includes entities such as Magic Eden, SettleMint, and Artfi (TW).

  • The Philippine Blockchain Week has presented the recipients of the first ever Philippine Block Awards. The list of honorees included leaders in various fields and their role in pushing for blockchain adoption in the country. One of the most noteworthy awardees include Rien Lewis Pecson, an eighth grader who created the world’s first blockchain-based voting platform iVote.ph. Subsequently, the young innovator was given the Blockchain Leader of the Future award (CG).

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