Web3 Gaming Digest (December 21, 2022)

Jethro Sandico

Dec. 21, 2022

As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 games make waves in the space, metaverse projects continue to draw some significant attention as well.

Today’s Web3 gaming digest will feature a handful of virtual world initiatives and offerings. Animoca Brands, Block Tides, Fiat, Tekkon, and The Sandbox, are some of the names that made moves in the metaverse as of late. On the other hand, NFT projects such as Bored/Mutant Ape Yacht Club, OnePlanet, Lucky Elephant Club, and Tonsnipe, also made their presence felt in the blockchain world.

In a bid to emphasize the vital roles that content creators play in Web3 gaming, our digest will also present some of the most well-loved figures in the scene. The industry is young and it’s never too late to get to know the individuals that impact the growth of the space.

Lastly, Web3 games such as Angelic, Eternal Dragons, Legends of Venari, Shatterpoint, and Star Atlas, also deserve the spotlight in today’s news roundup.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • Digital collectibles marketplace Binance NFT has announced that it is limiting the number of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs that users can stake. The platform cited high demand as the main reason for the update. Apparently, users will see an error message stating that they have exceeded the maximum staking limit, should they attempt to stake more than the allowed number (BSCN).

  • Recent research data provided by Nasdaq reveals Web3-focused game and venture capital company Animoca Brands has closed the most metaverse deals in 2022. The Hong Kong-based firm got involved in 15 virtual world-related projects over the last year. Furthermore, Animoca Brands also received over $564 in funding in 2022 (CT).

  • In other related news, popular metaverse title The Sandbox has sold over $1.66 million worth of virtual land in the past few weeks. The Animoca Brands-owned project recently started offering LAND parcels in the virtual world. Apparently, the project was produced in partnership with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and Tony Hawk (VB).

  • Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat has opened its own metaverse-powered car dealership. The new offering will allow customers to find the car of their dreams without having to visit the actual showroom. Additionally, the virtual store also gives potential buyers a 360-degree view of their chosen vehicle. The metaverse shop was built in conjunction with enterprise metaverse company Touchcast and Microsoft Cloud (E).

Web3 Games

  • Web3 game developer Trailblazer Games has announced the Alpha release of its auto-battler strategy title Eternal Dragons. Starting on December 21, Eternal Dragon NFT owners can start playing the game. Moreover, the team plans to include more players to test the project during the second phase of the alpha. Basically, this version will feature core game mechanics and early game content, as well as tournaments, leaderboards, and prizes (ED).

  • Dark sci-fi Role-Playing Game (RPG) Angelic is slated for release on emerging Web3 game ecosystem Immutable X. “With Immutable X as our partner, users will now be able to enjoy the benefits of gas-free minting, and fast, secure solutions catered to traditional players,” Angelic director of operations Ana Volgemut stated (TW).

  • Collectible Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game Legends of Venari recently shared some announcements through its “Notes From Nyrie” blog updates. The recent posting highlighted the game’s upcoming first anniversary. In addition, the team also revealed community updates, sneak peeks, and a content creator showcase (LOV).

  • Upcoming action RPG title Shatterpoint is giving away 100 NFTs of Founder Heroes in its “Puzzles to the Portal” series. Essentially, the team regularly shares some puzzles that users can solve and win prizes. Currently on its third puzzle, the game’s first one had 1,483 correct answers and 20 winners (TW).

  • MMO game Star Atlas’ Land and Claim Stakes is now live. Starting on December 20, players were able to acquire land plots where they could put up residential structures. Furthermore, the project also introduced Claim Stakes. The feature is vital to all mining operations and also enables users to colonize worlds and construct infrastructures in the space-themed game (M).

NFT News

  • Polygon-based NFT marketplace OnePlanet has formed a partnership with South Korean multi-channel network and digital entertainment company Sandbox Network. The team-up aims to provide technical and ecosystem support for NFT game Meta Toy DragonZ (MTDZ). Furthermore, OnePlanet will also help onboard Sandbox Network projects to Polygon in the future (CS).

  • The Lucky Elephant Club (LEC) has announced the launch of a new NFT collection. The project consists of 8,888 3D ‘Lucky Elephants’ existing on the Ethereum blockchain. Basically, LEC is a philanthropy-driven community. Its creators aim to donate 12 percent of NFT proceeds to non-profit organizations. Moreover, the project’s merch store also went live with the portion of the sales going to wildlife conservation efforts (PRN).

  • Development-stage electric vehicle company TUGA Innovations has announced an agreement with NFT specialists BACD.IO and eTUGA.io. The partnership aims to mint and market the utility token eTUGA. Apparently, the token is set for a simultaneous launch with TUGA’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) application. Essentially, the app allows users to experience AR visualization and interaction with any TUGA vehicle (GNW).

  • Web3 startup Tonsnipe has secured $100,000 in a private seed funding round. The team plans to utilize the capital to build a Token presale tracking and NFT aggregating platform on the Ton blockchain. In addition, Tonsnipe also kicked off the presale of the ecosystem’s native token $TNS on December 20. This will be followed by the public sale and listing on Ston.fi, the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Ton network (TS).

Across the Metaverse

  • Award-winning PR and marketing firm Block Tides, in conjunction with Web3 app Tekkon, recently concluded the first leg of its Metaverse Caravan Activation. The event, which took place in Caloocan City, Philippines, featured the onboarding of 300 users. In essence, Tekkon aims to promote “social good” by empowering citizens to help fix infrastructure issues in the community (GNW). 

  • Education metaverse company Edverse has launched its “Edverse Meta Classroom.” The new platform is a virtual classroom where students and teachers can immerse with interactive 3D visuals. “With Meta Classroom, educators and learners can connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world, bypassing physical boundaries and limitations” the company said in a statement (CNBC). 

  • Middle East and Africa-focused technology investment group of companies Resource Group has entered the metaverse. The company aims to provide stakeholders with an immersive and interactive experience in the virtual world. Now live on The Sandbox, the project offers three experiences by Game Cooks, an independent gaming studio specializing in mobile and virtual reality (VR) content (ZWY).

Web3 Content Creators

Today’s Web3 Gaming Digest will shine the spotlight on some of the industry’s most prolific content creators. Here are some of the updates on the individuals that help power blockchain projects and communities.

  • Brycent: Web3 gaming content creator and Twitch partner Brycent announced the launch of his free-to-play league in fantasy sports platform Sorare. Dubbed the “BGENS League,” participants of the league can get the chance to win prizes including limited edition cards, cash winnings (in $ETH or $USDC), and NBA experiences (tickets and merch). 

  • Cagy: YouTuber Cagy is making some notable moves in the space as of late. The Juice Team founder was chosen as a member of the voting panel for the upcoming GAM3RS CHOICE AWARDS, which will take place in Miami on January 31, 2023. In November, Cagy introduced the “Founder Key” NFT, which grants holders the same benefits that he enjoys as a content creator.

  • Jonny: Known for his YouTube channel HustlePedia, Jonny is also the host of crypto media channel Crypto Banter. Recently, Jonny announced the launch of a “mastermind and coaching” program for January 2023. In addition, the crypto specialist also revealed that he is building his own user and player-friendly Web3 software, which he plans to release during the first half of 2023.

  • Spike: Web3 content creator and Esports competitor Spike (SpikeReacts), announced plans to host monthly tournaments with cash prizes to “both engage Web2 and Web3 audiences.” The gaming and metaverse advocate also aims to partner with game sponsors and developers to do giveaways in “meaningful and impactful ways.”