Web3 Gaming Digest (December 15, 2022)

Jethro Sandico

Dec. 15, 2022

Along with Web3 games and the metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) seem to be making a comeback as of late. 

Today’s curated news feature several industries availing of Web3’s capabilities to provide better experiences to customers. Companies and individuals coming from the field of art, food, music, sports, tourism, entertainment, and even space travel, all converged on the blockchain these past few days.

Making Web3 headlines recently are brands such as Aston Martin, Hershey’s, and Celebrity Cruises. They are joined by legends Manny Pacquiao, Quincy Jones, and Led Zeppelin.

Last but not the least, Web3 gaming aficionados are also in for a treat as projects continue to deliver some progress in the space. Titles that made some notable moves include Infinite Drive, Shrapnel, Battle For Giostone, Thetan Arena, Medieval Empires, and Swords of Blood.

Let’s take a deeper look at the latest stories in Web3.

Top Stories

  • Racing and motorsport games publisher The Tiny Digital Factory has partnered with luxury sports car brand Aston Martin to launch a Web3 game called Infinite Drive Racing. The company will release a limited edition “digital diecast” NFT collection on the Polygon network. Holders of the Aston Martin collectibles can use their assets for the Infinite Drive mobile game (VB).

  • Chocolate giant Hershey’s is making its presence felt in the metaverse with Hershey Philippines’ foray into the space. Recently, the Southeast Asian arm has launched its “Hersheyverse” project. Essentially, the virtual world will offer discounts, quests, exclusive wearables, and other benefits for consumers. Furthermore, the metaverse platform will also feature non-player characters (NPC) who will guide users through the immersive experience (BM).

  • Miami-based cruise line Celebrity Cruises has launched a metaverse program that allows users to explore a virtual replica of the company’s latest ship “Celebrity Beyond.” Using avatars, people touring the ship’s digital model will be able to interact with one another. Apparently, the metaverse is built by Surreal Events, a Web3-based metaverse builder for companies across various industries (SK).

  • Eight-division boxing champion Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao has teamed up with digital asset wallet NFT One to bring Web3-based experiences to his countrymen. The fighting icon believes that through cryptocurrency, his initiative will be able to “help more Filipinos.” Pacquiao’s legal adviser Brando Viernesto believes that PacMan’s “entry in the NFT arena will also entice other sports stars to join in the NFT bandwagon” (PS).

Web3 Games

  • Avalanche-based shooter game Shrapnel has launched a “12 Days of Riddles” competition for the holiday season. Basically, participants are required to solve an anagram that comes with a couple of clues. Running until the 26th of December, the tournament’s grand prize winner will receive one Operator NFT with matching wall art (TW).

  • Upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game Battle For Giostone has launched the “Primal Giostone League” Esports tournament. The competition will have 32 teams and a total of 224 players. Furthermore, the tournament will run for 4 months and will have two divisions (Europe and Southeast Asia). Winners will receive their share from the $20,000 prize pool, along with Hero NFTs, whitelist spots, and many more (TW).

  • Web3 gaming guild Avocado DAO has formed a partnership with Role-Playing Game (RPG) Illuvium. As a result of the team-up, 50 lucky users will get the chance to win a spot in Illuvium: Overworld’s private beta. The recently launched title is an open world collection and it has granted access to 30,000 players prior to its release (TW).

  • On the 12th of December, adventure strategy game Medieval Empires launched its initial DEX offering (IDO) on the Polygon network. Subsequently, the IDO sold out in 1 minute and 23 seconds after its release. The project successfully raised $50,000 from the sale. Moreover, the team has stated that they will announce more details on the token generation event (TGE) and token distribution (TW).

  • Battle Royale fantasy Web3 game Thetan Arena recently formed a partnership with blockchain smart contract wallet Sequence. The team-up was established during the “Giftmas Fortune Wheel” minigame on the Thetan Arena marketplace. In celebration of the initiative, users will receive one ticket to the said event and get the chance to win holiday gifts (TA).

NFT News

  • Upcoming action RPG title Swords of Blood and middleware bridge between protocols idexo has announced plans to launch new NFTs. The digital collectibles are intended for the game’s Early Adopter community. In essence, the new offering will be Soulbound Tokens (BTs) that are set for deployment on the Polygon network. Users can mint the said NFTs via Swords of Blood’s Telegram and Twitter starting on December 20 (YF).

  • NFT community ABC has formed a partnership with Infinity Labs NFT collection and Dreambound Orbital, a project that is aiming to send digital artifacts to outer space. On December 15, 2022, the team will send NFTs via their Dreambound M1 to the International Space Station (ISS). The selected artwork will remain in space where it will “orbit 100,000+ miles around the earth and be beamed to the stars” (TW).

  • Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden announced a new rewards initiative for the platform’s frequent traders. Basically, the new offering will cover fee discounts and free digital collectibles. “Magic Eden Rewards gives us ways to celebrate and engage our community in new ways,” Magic Eden CEO Jack Lu said (DC).

  • NFT platform OneOf, a Quincy Jones-backed entity that has ties with Warner Music Group, has launched an NFT collection featuring rock and roll gods Led Zeppelin. The project is the result of OneOf’s collaboration with eBay and Globe Entertainment. Titled “Legends of Rock: Led Zeppelin,” the collection includes iconic 1969 photos of the band (BC). 

Around the Blockchain

  • Avalanche blockchain’s parent company Ava Labs has announced the release of Core Mobile. Essentially, the new offering is a mobile version of its flagship non-custodial wallet. The app is launching on Android, with iOS support to follow in 2023. Furthermore, Core Mobile is also multichain like the original version. This allows users to connect various ecosystems and networks such as Ethereum (DC).

  • Algorand Inc, the developer behind Layer-1 (L1) blockchain Algorand, was recently selected as a public blockchain that will power an innovative digital guarantees platform in Italy. Moreover, the company joined an event in Milan to demonstrate how entities can issue bank and insurance guarantees using digital ledger technologies (DLT). Institutions that joined the forum include the Bank of Italy and Italian insurance supervisory authority Institute for the Supervision of Insurance (IVASS) (PRN).

Web3 Game Spotlight

  • Adamant Mine: Arcade NFT game Adamant Mine allows participants to enjoy Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming while donating to charity and burning tokens. Employing pixelated 2D style graphics, the game requires users to mine as many adamant blocks as possible.

  • Always Geeky Games: Ethereum-based strategy game Always Geeky Games features tactical battles and turn-based combat. To play the game, users are required to obtain “Voxies” from the project’s own NFTs collection.

  • Berserk: Berserk is a trading card game (TCG) set in a medieval world. Players start with a set of cards that they can use to battle online and win more NFTs. Basically, the collectible fighting game  rewards NFTs in raffles. To acquire raffle tickets, participants must first win in five P2P battles.

  • Immersys: Immersys is a virtual reality (VR) game that combines mining and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (RPG) elements. The game allows players to gather resources and craft items. Additionally, they can also upgrade skills for farming resources and fighting battles.

  • Rising Star: Built on the Hive blockchain, Rising Star is an idle collectible card game. The project allows players to form their own bands, compose original material, and go on a world tour. Moreover, Rising Star also offers tasks that users can complete to win in-game token rewards.

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