Pudgy Penguins Soar, DeFi Kingdom Updates, Argentina Football NFTs, $100MM New Fund

Jethro Sandico

Dec. 28, 2022

Welcome to P2E Analytics’ Web3 Digest where we curate the latest news on macro, gaming, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

Today’s edition will tackle entities from a host of industries. Subsequently, names such as Argentine Soccer Association, Avocado DAO, Harry Winston, Meebits, Pudgy Penguins, and Sansar, among others, made some notable moves in the space.

Moreover, Web3 games continue to bring life to the blockchain with several developments and updates. Projects included in this roundup include Defi Kingdoms, Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise, Medieval Empires, PlayOne Games, Ultra, and Yield Guild Games, to name a few.

Let’s take a look at the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • NFT collection Pudgy Penguins has set a new all-time high with a 32% surge in 24 hours (at press time). On the 28th of December, the cheapest “Pengu” reached a record 7.299 $ETH ($8826.68) per NFT. After experiencing price dumps early this year, the penguin-themed collection seems to have regained its footing after entrepreneur Luca Schnetzler (Netz) bought the rights to the project and promised to “build the brand” (CD).

  • Pokemon’s brand management entity, The Pokemon Company, is filing a lawsuit against an Australian firm called “Pokémon Pty Ltd.” Now operating under Kotiota Studios, the Aussie company used Pokemon’s trademark on its NFT game “PokeWorld.” As a result, The Pokemon Company has decided to press charges, despite Kotiota’s claims of collaboration with the complainant (TG).

  • Web3 gaming company Creta recently unveiled the gameplay for its upcoming action strategy game Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise. Other upcoming titles that Creta revealed include Tokyo War Hana and Sakura, Fortress, and Warhands. Furthermore, the firm also showcased its ecosystem. In essence, the project is made up of a gaming platform, a metaverse, and community service “Super Club” (IG).

  • American luxury jeweler and Swiss timepieces producer Harry Winston is set to enter the metaverse. According to patent attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company has filed a trademark application covering Web3-based features. This includes virtual clothing, eyewear, bags, jewelry, and watches. In addition, the filing also covers NFT-backed/authenticated media, as well as marketplaces for virtual items (CP).

Web3 Games

  • Play-to-Earn gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG), has wrapped up season 2 of its Guild Advancement Program (GAP). GAP is referred to as an “achievement-driven community token distribution protocol.” Basically, the protocol allows YGG to reward guild members for their “meaningful contributions to the YGG community, its projects, and its operations” (M).

  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Avocado DAO has formed a strategic partnership with Klaytn network-based Web3 gaming hub PlayOne Games. According to announcements, the guild plans to work with PlayOne to create solutions that will support the growth of the blockchain gaming industry (AG).

  • Web3 game distribution platform Ultra is giving away one ASTRO Gaming A40 headset in an “End of Year Give Away” contest. Participants are given until the 29th of December to comply with entry requirements. To enter the competition, players must follow Ultra’s Twitter pages, like and retweet the giveaway announcement, and share what they are “looking forward to the most in 2023” using a GIF (TW).

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has announced that the adventure strategy game Medieval Empires is holding a New Year giveaway. Participants are given until January 1, 2023, to join the contest and get the chance to win a share of the game’s 500,000 $MEE prize pool. To enter, players must follow Bybit and Medieval Empire’s respective Twitter pages, comment “$MEE” on the announcement, and like the post (TW).

  • Cross-chain Role-Playing Game (RPG) Defi Kingdoms recently provided a list of Combat System-related keywords, with definitions and impact to the battle. Some of the entries include Berserk, Ethereal, and Mana Burn, to name a few. Moreover, the team also revealed Active and Passive Genetic Traits of the Heroes (M).

NFT News

  • 3D voxel NFT collection Meebits has formed a partnership with AI-powered music collective WarpSound. As a result, the teamup has released a 22-song album titled “Meebits Turn On.” Essentially, Meebits NFT owners will be able to mint the album for free until the 31st of December. Non-holders will also get the chance to listen to the songs on streaming services (NFTE).

  • Cronos Chain-based NFT marketplace CroSea has announced the upcoming launch of CroSea 2.0 on the 25th of January, 2023. The new upgrade will introduce features such as decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregation and profit sharing, as well as a new user experience (BSCN).

  • Multi-chain NFT platform Miidas is airdropping exclusive Core NFTs to its supporters from December 26-January 1, 2023. The team offered followers three months of free commission on digital asset transactions on Core DAO’s upcoming CORE mainnet. Miidas is also giving away $100 to five lucky winners (BSCN).

Into the Metaverse

  • MetaFi platform Metagalaxy Land is slated to launch its Play-to-Earn feature during Q1 of 2023. The latest offering will have two types of users: Space Cowboys and Space Pirates. Both categories will work together in the metaverse to gain higher tier yields and rewards and obtain ships, buildings, and rare artifacts (YF).

  • Monetization platform Source Digital recently teamed up with social virtual reality platform Sansar. The partnership introduced a metaverse experience for smart televisions. Known as the Sansar app, the feature is currently available on TVs that run on webOS. Essentially, the application allows viewers to customize their experiences in a 2D and 3D virtual world where they can purchase items or connect with the community (GNW).

  • Argentina’s football governing body, the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) has formed a partnership with the virtual world platform Upland. AFA’s entry into the metaverse will allow the Argentine Soccer League to draw extra revenue by selling licensed NFT collections. As part of the collaboration, AFA will also have a complete digital representation of all the teams in the league (BTC).

Around the Blockchain

  • New Huo Technology Holdings Limited’s subsidiary New Huo Asset Management, has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The initiative will allow New Huo to provide virtual asset-dedicated “discretionary account management” services to professional investors. Essentially, NH aims to cater to the growing demand for thematic investment in Web3-based areas (Y).

  • Web3 business solution provider EQBR has announced plans to unveil its blockchain development platform EQ Hub. The company aims to release the new project at the upcoming tech event CES 2023, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2023. Basically, EQ Hub’s “No-code” programming environment allows users to choose from pre-built applications that they can easily tweak before deploying (PRNA).

  • Financial services firm TradeDog’s venture arm TD VC has launched a $100 million Web3 fund, which includes a $10 million commitment from its general partners. The company plans to support Web3 projects with sound fundamentals but with struggling tokens. In addition, TD is also targeting entities that focus on pushing the evolution of blockchain technology (NFTG).

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: Web3 gaming content creator Brycent stated that some titles are often overlooked due to the lack of hype. With this in mind, Brycent advised creators to sharpen their skills in writing, video editing, content creation, and community management, since these abilities can help push their projects to new heights.

  • Cagy: YouTuber Cagy emphasized how projects can utilize NFTs to gain followers from other communities. The Web3 game reviewer gave three scenarios to prove his point. This includes the possibility of having NFT owners revive a project that has already shut down. Additionally, Cagy also cited RPG title Illuvium’s tactic of allowing Axie Infinity token $AXS holders to stake in their game for a limited time.

  • Jonny: Jonny, aka Hustle of Crypto Banter and Hustlepedia, gave two reasons why Y00ts NFT collection’s move to Polygon is the best thing its creator “could do for the brand” in the next bull run.” Firstly, Hustle pointed out that the project “almost immediately became the blue chip PFP on the Polygon chain.”  Secondly, the YouTube host also added that the ecosystem’s “massive brand exposure brings so much value” to the collection.

  • Spike: Esports player Spike (Spike Reacts) teased plans to bring together all the top Web3 content creators for an event in January 2023. While the founder of game community Waypoint Gaming did not divulge any further details, he expressed his firm support for “passionate Web3 content creators” who “keep on finding ways to level up their content and community.”