Titanic NFTs, Google Cloud Web3 Boost, Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding

Jethro Sandico

Feb. 23, 2023

Welcome to P2E analytics’ daily Web3 digest where we feature blockchain games, crypto, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • Google Cloud: Technology giant Google’s cloud computing arm Google Cloud has partnered with the Tezos Foundation. The company aims to boost Web3 app development, as well as expand its blockchain-based offerings. Basically, the goal is to provide a convenient way for Google Cloud users to become network validators on Tezos (TC).

  • RMS Titanic Inc: RMS Titanic Inc. has partnered with NFT developer Artifact Labs and asset management firm Venture Smart Financial Holdings. The collaboration focuses on the company’s goal of bringing the ship’s relics to Web3. Essentially, the project plans to turn 5,500 of the ship’s physical artifacts into NFTs (SCMP).

  • Taco Bell: American fast food chain Taco Bell is slated to host the first wedding ceremony in the metaverse. The traditional Indian wedding will feature Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole exchanging vows in virtual world platform Decentraland. In addition, the event will be led by Kal Penn, an actor and comedian who was also a former White House staff member during the Obama years (HB).

  • Bosch: German technology company Bosch has teamed up with Web3-focused artificial intelligence (AI) company Fetch.ai. The partnership aims to build the Fetch.ai Foundation, as well as provide $100 million in grants to select AI and Web3 companies. This new initiative follows up on Bosch and Fetch.ai’s collaboration in February 2021, which saw the launch of a multipurpose blockchain ecosystem (CT).

  • Tencent Cloud: Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent’s cloud computing subsidiary Tencent Cloud has entered multiple partnerships with Web3 entities. According to a recent announcement, the firm has signed agreements with blockchain protocols Ankr, Avalanche protocol, Scroll, and Sui. With the alliances, Tencent plans to “offer more immersive experiences and cultivate the Web3 ecosystem (CT).

Web3 Games

  • Civitas/Shrapnel: Strategy/world-building Web3 game Civitas has teamed up with AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game Shrapnel for a “Free Mint Whitelist Raffle.” On February 27, the campaign will give away 80 spots on the WL raffle for the Sigma Containment Unit (SCU) raffle. Basically, holders of SCU NFTs will gain access to various perks such as exclusive content, in-game items, etc (TW).

  • Ev.io: Massive multiplayer online (MMO) shooter game Ev.io is setting the stage for its Xtreme Championship Series tournament. Organized by Web3 esports organization XBorg, the four-month competition will kicking off on March 10. In addition, top-ranking participants will get a shot at the $20,000 USDC prize pool (TW).

  • Sunflower Land: Polygon-based mining and simulation game Sunflower Land tested its first “Bumpkin Party.” The in-game gathering drew 600 bumpkins and “crashed the party.” Apparently, the game devs were alluding to the server crash that the event caused. Moreover, the team promised to “make some much needed improvements” before officially bringing the feature into the game (TW).

  • Swords of Blood: RPG title Swords of Blood recently held a Twitter Spaces with the ‘Steam for Web3’ gaming platform Flame. James Seaman, the CEO of the Solana-based project, revealed plans to hire the executive producer of popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game DOTA. According to Seaman, the new team member will focus on developing PvP campaign modules starting next month (TW).

  • Metalist Game: Web3 gaming platform Metalist Game has announced the launch of its casual idle travel project Yolofx Game. In essence, the project allows palyers to explore, solve puzzles, hunt for treasures, collect resources, and build bases. Furthermore, Metalist Game will also host a Genesis Carnival event, which will reward participants with Genesis Avatar NFTs (BTC).

NFT News

  • Friendsies: Creators of NFT collection Friendsies denied accusations of “rug pulling” the community. Following widespread allegations online, the company restored their Twitter account to address the issue. The founders of Friendsies insisted that they are “not abandoning” the project. Meanwhile, former Mastercard NFT product lead Satvik Sethi made a public offer to take over the collection (CT).

  • Upshot: NFT financial infrastructure builder Upshot has officially entered the digital asset lending market. The company will use Machine Learning-Learning appraisals in a bid to reduce risks while offering beneficial terms to lenders. Other components that Upshot has developed for NFT lending include recovery rate, default probability, and risk management framework (BW).

  • Blur: One of merging NFT marketplace Blur’s co-founder “Pacman” has revealed his identity to the public. Prior to the platform’s rise, Pacman kept his anonymity behind a blond-haired anime-style avatar. Aside from revealing his real photo, the co-founder also divulged more about his educational background. Apparently, Pacman dropped out of high school and MIT to pursue grant programs Y Combinator and Thiel Foundation (CD).

Into the Metaverse

  • MAXST Co: Augmented reality (AR) and metaverse company MAXST Co. plans to unveil ‘Maxverse’ at the upcoming MWC 2023 (Mobile World Congress 2023). Maxverse is a platform for metaverse service development that also offers an extended reality (XR) simulation function. Industries such as advertising, games, and navigation, can utilize the feature to build services without relying on any field work (PRN).

  • The Sandbox/Toei Animation: Metakey founder Matty (aka DLC Blogger) recently highlighted Japanese animation studio Toei’s project with metaverse platform The Sandbox. In his tweet, Matty shared some images of Dragon Ball’s main protagonist Son Goku in “voxelized” form. Toei Animation is an iconic brand best-known for anime titles such Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece, to name a few (TW).

  • LG Uplus: South Korean technology giant LG Corporation’s mobile network operator LG Uplus has unveiled plans to release a metaverse platform for children. Dubbed “KidsTopia,” the project will offer educational, kid-friendly content, as well as protective functions to filter out profanities. Essentially, the project will allow children to interact in the virtual world using customizable avatars (AD).

Around the Blockchain

  • Mastercard/Immersve: Payment-processing corporation Mastercard has partnered with Web3 payment protocol Immersve to enable payments in crypto. Users will be able to use cryptocurrencies in various blockchain-based platforms such as the metaverse. Basically, the new system will utilize USDC tokens and convert them to fiat before completing the transaction (CT).

  • OpenSea: Crypto wallet ZenGo has created a hack detector for NFT marketplace OpenSea. According to the firm’s security team, they have built a real-time dashboard that utilizes offline signatures in tracking potentially hacked assets. Essentially, the solution tracks and compares NFT data to determine dubious pieces before flagging them (CT). 

  • BlackRock: Investment management company BlackRock has launched the “iShares Future Metaverse Tech and Communications ETF.” Basically, the metaverse-focused exchange traded fund (ETF) will offer investment exposure to virtual world-dedicated software and hardware firms (SA).

Web3 Content Creators

  • Hustle: In the latest edition of Crypto Banter’s “In the Game,” host Hustle put the spotlight on the Avalanche Network. The Web3 content creator discussed the layer-1 (L1) protocol and its latest partnerships with big name entities Amazon, Loco, and Tencent. Additionally, Hustle also highlighted Avalanche-powered AAA FPS title Shrapnel.

  • Spike: Metaverse builder community SandStorm has accepted pixel/voxel artist NyanFT’s bid content creator Stache’s build proposal. Essentially, the project features Web3 gaming experts Spike and Brycent as boss characters on The Sandbox. “Thank you everyone who sent a proposal for Cryptostache’s SandStorm build! Excited to have a cameo in his upcoming Sandbox game!” Spike stated.

  • Stache: Crypto “secret agent” Stache has announced the next game that he will be playing. The project is called Wildcard, a virtual NFT card game that employs elements of PvP and real-time strategy (RTS) games. “I am playing @PlayWildcard tomorrow in their Melee on the Meteor event! Come watch me crush every competitor in my path,” Stache tweeted.

  • Yellow Panther: Web3 content creator Yellow Panther conducted a Twitter poll to determine “which country is the best Web3 gaming hub in Asia.” Although the voting has yet to wrap up in two days, the Philippines has already amassed a staggering 67.3% (out of 105 votes). Apparently, Korea and Japan have 13.3% apiece, while India is trailing behind with 6.7%.