The Inaugural Gam3rs’ Choice Awards Brought the Best in Web3 Gaming

Jethro Sandico

Feb. 03, 2023

The Gam3rs’ Choice Awards kicked off on the 31st of January at the renowned Flamingo Theater in Miami, Florida. Dubbed the “first in-person award show to celebrate the best in Web3 gaming,” the gathering highlighted some of the top projects in the space today.

Converging at the event were prominent figures in the world of blockchain gaming, including developers, content creators, and gamers, among others. Leading up to the show, the organizers mounted a voting campaign for the top titles and entities across 17 categories. 

“Wow, that was an event. I want to thank everyone that attended and supported the event,” Gam3rs’ Choice Awards host iceyyy said in a statement on Discord. 

The Game of the Year award went to Web3 role-playing game (RPG) Big Time, which also took home the Best Action/Adventure and Best RPG Game honors. This would be the title’s second “Game of the Year” award since winning at Polkastarter’s GAM3 Awards in December 2022.

Meanwhile, voters selected Avalanche-based AAA shooter game Shrapnel as the Most Anticipated Game, while Immutable-produced Web3 titles Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians bagged the Best Strategy Game and Best Mobile Game awards respectively. 

Furthermore, the Gam3rs’ Choice Awards succeeded in putting the spotlight on the industry’s Web3 gaming content creators. The presence of Content Creator of the Year awardee Brycent, along with fellow crypto specialists Cagy, Hustle, Jonah Blake, Spike, and Stache, underscored the importance of community leaders in the scene.

And the Winners Are…

Here is the complete list of winners:

  • Game of the Year: Big Time
  • Most Anticipated Game: Shrapnel
  • Studio of the Year: Gala Games
  • Organization of the Year: Animoca Brands
  • Metaverse of the Year: The Sandbox
  • Gaming Blockchain of the Year: Polygon
  • Most Engaged Community: Star Atlas
  • Content Creator of the Year: Brycent
  • Best FPS Game:
  • Best Sports Game: Sorare
  • Best Strategy Game: Gods Unchained
  • Best Game Lore: illuvium
  • Best RPG Game: Big Time
  • Best Mobile Game: Guild of Guardians
  • Best Esports Game:
  • Best Casual Game: Blankos Block Party
  • Best Action/Adventure: Big Time

Honorable Mention

Other Web3 projects nominated at the Gam3rs’ Choice Awards include Axie infinity, Blast Royale, Britaria, Deadrop, MetalCore, My Pet Hooligan, Rumble Kong League, SkyWeaver, Sunflower Land, Thetan Arena, The Bornless, Treeverse, Undead Blocks, and many more.

A Successful Web3 Event

Save for an issue with the livestream – which prevented fans from watching the event online – the intimate gathering was a success. The event’s host iceyyy immediately addressed the unexpected situation, which, fortunately, didn’t dampen the awards show’s overall mood.

“We had over 150 people in the venue and many of them graced the stage,” iceyyy said, adding ”I wish we could share it with you all the way we intended to.”

For those who weren’t able to attend in person, the team is working on an abundance of video material from the Web3-dedicated event, which they plan to release very soon. “We need a couple of days to edit it all together and premiere the event that you deserve,” iceyyy stated. 

All in all, the show brought a lot of optimism to the community. In fact, even the organizers of the first-ever Gam3rs’ Choice Awards displayed some renewed fervor for Web3 gaming.

“There are many lessons tonight, but I’m strengthened by the outpour of support and love from the Web3 gaming community,” iceyyy added.