Sunflower Land: A Community-Built Web3 Farming Game

Michail Palierakis

Jan. 24, 2023

Investment Highlights

  • Sunflower Land is open source, which means players contribute to building the game and have access to its source code
  • You can mint a farm for $5 that comes with a free Bumpkin (in-game character)
  • Daily Active Users in the last week ranged around 4k
  • 142k wallets have interacted with the game in the previous month
  • $SFL is the primary utility and earning token which can be traded directly with $MATIC in-game or on QuickSwap
  • Farming the most productive crops in a starter-level Farm earns about 0.4 $SFL daily (0.04 $USD), which comes up to an ROI of 125 days, or an annual ROI of 192%.


Sunflower Land is Polygon’s newest RPG Farming Simulator. In December 2022, the game fully launched after spending a year in beta. The gameplay mechanics include farming, crafting, building, cooking, and raising animals. For instance, you can expand your Land for more space and seeding plots or level up your Bumpkin to unlock additional features. Game mechanics are designed to reflect real-life economic principles of supply and demand.


Sunflower Land is built on the Polygon Blockchain, a Layer-2 protocol built on Ethereum that addresses the Ethereum blockchain’s high gas fee and congestion issues. The community is heavily involved in all facets of Sunflower Land, an open-source game with more than 50 active contributors. The developers are aiming for a decentralized model where the community runs the game using DAO mechanisms. Currently, the game relies on established web technologies to make voting, donating, and other contributions possible.

One interesting aspect of Sunflower Land is how it interacts with the blockchain. You can play the game for a period of time on the off-chain game’s server to avoid constantly submitting transactions. Syncing with the blockchain is only necessary when you move tokens and items to your Web3 wallet, or when your seed stocks are running low. This action costs $0.10.


  • April 2022: Open Beta launch
  • May 2022:
    • $SLF token launch
    • $SFL listed on CoinEx
    • Thought Farm Pty Ltd Formation (Sunflower Land’s Team)
  • October 2022: Beta reached a maximum capacity of 150,000 accounts
  • December 2022: Public launch

Management Team

Adam Hannigan: Creator, CEO/Founder, Game Master, Game Designer & Solution Architect.

Adam studied “Computer Sciences, Information Technology” at the University of Arizona and a BSc in Games Development & Design at Sydney’s University of Technology. Professional experience includes positions at Total Synergy, Assignar, and Payble.

Spencer Dezart-Smith: Founding Software Engineer / UX specialist

Spencer studied Youth Work/Community Development and Youth Homelessness at Victoria University, with further software development education at Dev Bootcamp and Learner’s Guild. Professional experience includes positions as a software engineer at Five2One,, Transcendence Network, Autotrader Australia, and Assignar. He is also a teaching assistant at the University of Adelaide.

Romulo Furtado: Founding Software Engineer

Romulo owns certificates from the Australian Pacific College in Business Administration, Marketing, Leadership and Management, and Project & Program Management. He also studied Electromechanical Engineering and Industrial Electronics Technology at the National Industrial Apprenticeship Service of Brazil. He constantly expands his knowledge with various coding courses.

Previous professional experience includes Electronics Technician and Services Technician positions, before taking the role of Software Engineer at Assignar, InDebted, and Thought Farm Pty Ltd.

Craig Gray: Chief Technology Officer, Architecture & Security Expert

Craig’s studies include a B.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Canterbury. Craig has worked as an engineer at Vodafone New Zealand, Amazon, and Assignar

Investors (VCs)

The native token used to play and expand your island in the Sunflower Land Meta-verse is the Sunflower Land token. $SFL did not have a pre-sale, an ICO, or a team allocation. It is only available to players that actively participate in the game as an in-game utility token.

Adam Hannigan, CEO of Sunflower Land, has released the Sunflower Diaries on his personal Medium blog, sharing his journey of building Sunflower Land.

User Stats / Social Stats

Based on DappRadar and MyMetaData, approximately 5k players are playing Sunflower Land on a daily basis. In the past month, 36k total players have logged in to the game. 

Looking at the game’s community and social pages, Sunflower Land has a very popular and vibrant community, with 167k Discord members and 39.3k Twitter followers. Since the game is community-driven and open source, the community is also strongly involved in the game’s development.

At the time of writing, 150k wallets hold the game’s token, $SFL.

Sunflower Land User Chart

Market Stats / Tokenomics

The max supply of $SFL is 100,000,000. You can harvest in-game crops and redeem them for $SFL. The benefits diminish as more people farm and as the total supply rises. The number of rewards for harvesting a sunflower will thus be much more for a player who entered early than for a player who enters the game later.

$SFL payouts are determined by the token’s total supply. When there are less than 100,000 $SFL available, growers get 0.02 $SFL for each sunflower they sell. On the other hand, farmers will only earn 0.01 $SFL when they harvest a sunflower when the supply is between 100,000 and 500,000. Currently, each sunflower earns 0.00025 $SFL, indicating that the supply of $SFL is between 20M – 30M tokens. For every 10M tokens, the rewards drop by half.

Price Charts

The price of $SFL currently stands at $0.10, dropping from $0.12 in the past month. In the last 24h, 22,500 $SFL have been traded.

Game Mechanics


Your in-game character is called a Bumpkin. You must obtain one for $5 before you can play. Additionally, your Bumpkin can serve as your PFP (Profile Picture). Your first Bumpkin mint will be free, as a way to encourage new players who have minted a new farm. When the tent structure is unlocked, you may expand your farm with more Bumpkins.

Bumpkins are Dynamic NFTs, which allows you to modify their look. This will update their appearance in both your Web3 wallet and in-game.

As you level up your Bumpkin, you will receive Skill Points, which you can use to upgrade your Bumpkin’s abilities. This will apply a boost to your gameplay depending on where you spend your Skill Point (Crops, Trees, Rocks, Cooking, Animals).

Here is a walkthrough for the first 30 Bumpkin levels that lists prerequisites and unlocks:

Planting & Harvesting

The basic in-game activity is planting and harvesting crops. Crops can be sold for $SFL, which can then be used to craft tools, expand your land, and set up new buildings. Crops can also be used to cook food for eating (+XP) or exchanged for $SFL.

You can grow a crop by buying the required seed from the shop. The following crops are available: Sunflower, Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot, Cabbage, Beetroot, Cauliflower, Parsnip, Radish, Wheat, Kale, Apple, Blueberry, and Orange. Each one has a different harvesting period and provides different $SFL rewards.


You’ll need to feed your Bumpkin for them to acquire experience (XP). You may accomplish this by cooking meals in one of the following locations using crops that you have picked: Fire Pit, Kitchen, Bakery, and Deli. Each offers different types of food. The Fire Pit is offered to new players, with the others being available at higher levels.

Gather Resources

You can collect a variety of different resources using one or more tools. Most tools can be created at the Workbench where you will find the following:

  • Axe: Used to chop trees
  • Wood Pickaxe: Used to mine stone from rocks
  • Stone Pickaxe: Used to mine iron from iron rocks
  • Iron Pickaxe: Used to mine gold from gold rocks
  • Rusty Shovel: Moves a building or collectible
  • Power Shovel: Moves a resource

Note that each tool can be used once.

Wood, Stone, Iron, and Gold are used to build structures and expand your land. Each resource has a replenishment period:

  • Wood: 2 hours
  • Stone: 4 hours
  • Iron: 8 hours
  • Gold: 24 hours

Land Expanding

Each new piece of Land that you buy is an NFT and is minted onto your farm. Land expansion requires resources such as Wood, Stone, Iron, and Gold. Each expansion requires more resources but provides new resources to farm from. With each expansion, chances for rare findings increase.


You may access buildings by selecting the Hammer icon in the top right corner of your farm. By doing so, a menu with all the available structures will appear. You may need to level your Bumpkin before you’re allowed to build anything.

The buildings currently available are the following:

  • Fire Pit, Kitchen, Bakery, Deli: Used to cook food
  • Market: Used to sell crops and buy seeds
  • Workbench: Used to build tools
  • Water Well: Unlocks locked seedplots
  • Tent: Used to add more Bumpkins to your farm
  • Henhouse: Used for growing chicken


Animals are currently being built and are subject to change. They’re used for growing resources. Each animal provides different types of resources:

  • Chicken: Eggs
  • Bees: Honey
  • Sheep: Wool
  • Cow: Milk & Steaks

Chickens are unlocked by building a Henhouse, available at Level 9. Each chicken has a symbol over its head that indicates its current state of mind or requirements. There are now 4 emotions that your hens could experience: Ready to hatch, hungry, worn out, and happy.

Wheat is used to feed the chickens.

Visiting other Islands by Boat

You can visit other Islands and experience new gameplay features. Let’s see what you can do:


In Helios you will find the following buildings:

  • Grub Shop: A place where you can sell food for $SFL
  • Bean Shop: Here you will be able to buy exotic magic beans (coming soon)
  • Decorations Shop: A place where you can buy decoratives for your farm
  • Potion Master: Coming soon
  • Blacksmith: Coming soon
  • Community Garden: The community garden is at the lower left corner of Helios and provides NFTs that were entirely created by the community. (“Features that are introduced in the Community Garden are not supported or maintained by the Sunflower Land team, so please use them responsibly”).

Goblin Retreat

Goblin Retreat is the island where you interact with the blockchain and your NFTs. You can check out Bumpkin Wearables, mint limited products, and explore third-party marketplaces to trade with other players. Additionally, you can withdraw $SFL to your Web3 wallet by visiting the bank and storage facility on this island:

  • Bank: Deposit and withdraw $SFL
  • Wishing Well: Provides rewards to Liquidity providers
  • Trading Post: Trade resources with other players
  • Storage: A place where you can mint your resources and sell on Opensea
  • Wearable Shop: Buy cosmetics and wearables
  • Craftsman: Coming soon
  • Auctioneer: Coming soon


Balancing your gameplay is key to progress in the game. By having only one token, both as a utility and reward token, it will be vital to use the token wisely. The most rewarding path will be to upgrade your Land and Bumpkin early to increase your gathering resources, unlock new structures and improve Skills for efficiency.

Withdrawing $SFL early will be harmful to your Farm as it is needed for almost every action in-game (buy seeds and tools, expand Land, build structures). This token economy will also help with the token’s price and sustainability as fewer players will dump $SFL early.

Harvesting on time and constantly planting new seeds is the pillar for growth in Sunflower Lands.

ROI Scenario

The most productive crop available in a starter-level Farm is Radish, which earns about 0.03125 $SFL per crop. Each crop takes a little less than 24 hours to be ready for harvest. With 13 available seeding plots this accounts for 0.4 $SFL daily (0.04 $USD) and an initial investment of $5, this calculates to a ROI of 125 days, or an annual ROI of 192%.

As you progress in the game, you will eventually unlock more seedplots and high-value seeds, as well as different earning mechanics, which will increase your earning potential.


Although we already have some complete gameplay mechanics, reading the project’s roadmap, various exciting features will soon be implemented. These are the upcoming updates we are looking forward to:

  • Fruit Harvesting
  • Fishing
  • Treasure Island
  • Magic Beans
  • Cows
  • Coffee
  • Daily Rewards
  • Multiple Bumpkins
  • Bumpkin Cravings (bonus XP for food)
  • IOS Application
  • Guild Islands – explore and talk with players
  • Skill Tree Reset
  • Expansion Re-rolls
  • Bees
  • Bumpkin Juice Stand
  • Stone Haven
  • Sunfloria Snow Kingdom
  • Landscaping / Moving Resources on your land

Key Takeaways

  • The community is one of the most important factors that indicate the success of a project, and Sunflower Lands has already established a very active and friendly environment through Discord and Twitter, actively participating in the game’s development.
  • Since the game’s public release on December 15th, $SFL has remained relatively stable, indicating a healthy token economy and balance between supply and demand.
  • Based on the project’s roadmap, a variety of features are yet to be implemented which may greatly improve gameplay and earning mechanics.

Key Risks

  • The team’s capital is dependent on the game’s revenue, with no external resources.
  • It’s important to see how the price of $SFL responds to token inflation.
  • Sustainability of the in-game economy is a key risk.