Imperium Empires is Distributing 50 NFTs through SparkWorld. Get Yours Now!

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 22, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Platform and community hub SparkWorld announced its partnership with Space Metaverse game Imperium Empires on July 21, 2022, on their official Twitter account.

Highlighting the collaboration is a Fair Prediction Launch (FPL), wherein 50 participants can receive one whitelist spot each. To win the prize, contestants must predict the price of $AVAX on July 25, 2022 8pm UTC. 

Winners are notified via email and their wallet whitelisted to mint on the NFT marketplace Joepegs’ website.

For those interested in joining the FPL click here to fill up the form.


One of SparkWorld’s main goals is to solve NFT problems including whitelisting and minting issues for airdrops. In addition to that, the platform provides a convenient marketplace to connect creators and communities together. 

As a platform facilitating FPL, SparkWorld also acts as a one-stop shop for users to earn staking, prediction rewards, and gain allocations. Users can join weekly/monthly prediction tournaments, Guilds, and Metaverse integration.

“We’re introducing an innovative way to launch NFTs through our FPL (Fair Predictive Launch) mechanism. It allows for a fairer way to mint NFTs without the traditional problems NFT projects face such as larger collectors getting the whitelist spots,” SparkWorld co-founder Jolyon L Horsfall said in a June 27 interview with Medium Publication Authority Magazine.

Imperium Empires

Dubbed by its creators as the “World’s First AAA GameFi 2.0 Space Metaverse,” the Avalanche-based project is an upcoming 3rd-person Real-Time Strategy (RTS). It features various PvE and PvP gameplay, as well as other economic activities. Moreover, players can also join guilds to “conquer the metaverse and build empires.”

The team behind Imperium Empires consists of experienced industry professionals. They have worked with the likes of game development/publishing company Animoca Brands, technology/entertainment conglomerate Tencent, and ride-sharing company Uber, among others.

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