Snake City Will Join Crabada on Swimmer Network

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 09, 2022

Play-and-Earn game Snake City is migrating to the Swimmer Network. Per the company’s announcement, the late August/early September of 2022 integration will offer “quicker deployment, lower gas fees, and composability between games.”

Here’s what we’ve learned from the announcement:

Swimmer Network Subnet

Swimmer Network is an Avalanche subnet dedicated to blockchain gaming. It started off by hosting Crabada before eventually accepting other games as part of their expansion.

The game-and-subnet tandem of Crabada and the Swimmer Network have set precedents in terms of implementing the new scaling technology. The relocation of Crabada’s in-game assets to the network in May 2022, had minimal bugs that were immediately addressed by the team – proving the efficiency of using subnets.

Swimmer Network is powered by $TUS or Treasure Under Sea. $TUS is used as Crabada’s in-game currency as well as the gas token for the subnet. Given a new game is added to the network, there could be increase in traffic, which could drive demand for $TUS for gas fees. As of this writing, it was trading at $0.0002651, with a market cap of $318 thousand and 24-hour volume of $4.4 million. A portion of $TUS used for gas fees is burned.

Subnets on Avalanche are independent networks that allow users to create and operate their own separate blockchains. Currently, subnets are one of the most efficient solutions to the scalability problems caused by a game’s expanding user base.

Crabada-Snake City Partnership

On August 4, Play-and-Earn idle game Crabada announced its partnership with Snake City, which led to the planned migration to Swimmer Network. 

As a part of the collaboration, Snake City and Crabada are also launching its “Free Zone” event which will run from August 10-30. Free Zone allows players to play with Crabada-skinned Snakes, and get the chance of winning $500 worth of $TUS, $SNCT, and NFT Crab rewards.

Crabada’s governance token, $CRA has seen an uplift from these announcements. It increased to a peak of $0.022 from a low of $0.014 in the past 7 days. It has a $2.6 million market cap and 24-hour volume average of approximately $150-200 thousand.

What is Snake City?

Inspired by the likes of and Nokia’s Snake, Snake City is an Avalanche-based blockchain game where players can choose from a variety of Snake Hero NFTs and use them to compete in multiplayer games.


Similar to its precursors, Snake City’s skill-based gameplay allows players to control a moving hungry snake that increases in length everytime it gets some nourishment. 


Snake City uses two tokens:

  • $SNCT – native governance token that can be earned through staking, trading, or as in-game rewards. $SNCT can be used for governing the ecosystem, or purchase eggs and NFTs, among others. As of this writing, it was trading at $0.01165 and has a market cap of $302 thousand and 24-hour volume of $279 thousand.
  • $TOC – in-game currency that can be spent on features such as breeding and skin.