Snake City Releases FreeZone – Batch 01

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 12, 2022

Play-and-Earn action/survival game Snake City is launching the “Snake Citizens’ FreeZone Batch 01” on September 12, 2022. Running until September 21, the new campaign is a combination of FreeZone and Gartic (a minigame on Snake City’s Discord server). 

Batch 01 is a private FreeZone exclusive for players holding a minimum of 8,000 $SNCT. Participants can climb up the leaderboards for a chance to win rewards. The tournament is giving away 43,500 $SCNT in prizes.

Snake City FreeZone

Here’s what we’ve learned about the latest FreeZone.

Batch 01: FreeZone and Gartic

In a bid to lessen the gap between old and new players, the team combined FreeZone and Gartic to create a new event. Participants can dominate the rankings in two ways: win using their skills in FreeZone, or outwit other contestants in Gartic.

Launched on July 27, Freezone is a series within the Snake City universe. It includes games and seasonal tournaments. The upcoming Batch 01 will feature a “re-standardized” scoreboard. 

“No matter how many actual points you get in Freezone or Gartic, you can still be on top of the total leaderboard fair and square,” the team stated.

Details of Re-Standardized Scoreboard

On the other hand, Gartic requires participants to participate in a bit of trivia. The game runs eight hours a day on Snake City’s Discord server to accommodate various time frames.

Gartic Game
An example of a Gartic Game

How to Join

Holders of a minimum of 8,000 $SNCT are eligible for Whitelisting (WL are updated daily to accommodate new token holders). Players are also required to prove their identity on Discord by clicking here.

Using the hidden form, participants must drop their Wallet IDs along with the screenshot of Snake Citizen’s FreeZone screen (which shows Wallet ID in the channel’s chatbox). After this procedure, players can start competing in FreeZone and Gartic.

Players can increase their level in Discord and receive bonus points the more they stay active on the channel. 

Other Updates: Training Mode

On September 9, Snake City introduced a few updates to the game’s Training Mode. As a result, players can now use all snake levels for this gameplay mode. There are no more limits when a snake reaches level 8, although higher level snakes will still get more points.

The game also included two “magical” pills for snakes. Consuming one of the pills will split a player’s score in half. Ingesting the other will divide the total playing time in half.

In addition to the changes, hard and extreme game levels are now populated with more bombs. This makes the game more difficult to conquer.

Snake City Training Mode Updates

About Snake City

Snake City is an NFT game that draws inspiration from the classic 1976 arcade game Snake and its subsequent variants including and Nokia’s mobile hit Snake. 

Basically, this game subgenre features a gameplay that requires players to control a moving snake that increases its length everytime it receives nourishment. The difficulty level increases as the snake becomes longer, and avoiding deadly traps becomes more challenging.

In the latest evolution of this game category, players can acquire Snake Hero NFTs on the blockchain and use them to compete in multiplayer games.


Snake City utilizes a dual-token model.

  • $SNCT: $SNCT is Snake City’s native governance token that players can use for purchasing eggs and NFTs, among others. $SNCT are usually earned through staking, trading, or as in-game rewards. As of this writing, $SNCT is trading at $0.00775, with a market cap of $195,632 and a 24-hour volume of $453 (per CoinMarketCap).
Snake City Chart
  • $TOC: $TOC is an in-game currency that players can spend on features such as breeding and skin.