Snake City FreeZone Series

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 24, 2022

Play-and-Earn game Snake City launched its FreeZone series on July 27th. The FreeZone includes games and periodic tournaments where players can compete and play for free, without needing to purchase any NFTs or tokens. All that’s required for you is to connect your digital wallet.

There are two types of Freezone events, public and private. Public events are open to anyone, private events require your you to have your wallet address whitelisted. There will be a series of public and private events, aimed at growing the community and marketing the game. With each Freezone campaign (or tournament), there will be a reward pool. Only players at the top of the leaderboards will win rewards!

The rewards could include $SCNT, $TOC and partners’ tokens or NFTs. The most recent partnership has been with Crabada. Check out a list of their recent events and keep an eye out for more.

Crabada Freezone Event

The first freezone event (or campaign/tournament) was inspired by the partnership between Crabada and Snake City, as Snake City migrated to the Swimmer Network, an Avalanche Subnet that is focused on casual games.

The event started on August 10th and is still running until the 30th. To get on the whitelist of this private event, you must hold at least 1 Crabada NFT. Top ranking of the leaderboard will be counted by points earned in the game. The reward pool consists of Crabada NFTs, $TUS and $SNCT.

Crabada and Snake City

Crabada Freezone: Daily Rewards

Besides the rewards pool mentioned above, on August 21, Snake City announced the “Crabada FreeZone Daily Rewards.” The contest is giving away 1,000 $SNCT to the daily top ranked player from August 21-30.

Crabada and Snake City

Inside Snake City Event

Inside Snake City is the second overall freezone event and the first internal freezone event intended for early supporters of the game. The event aims to pave the way for more upcoming weekly events for the community.

Running from August 20-27, the special affair will give away $200 for top 3 ranked players in the leaderboard. The allocation of prizes are as follows: Top 1 ($100), top 2 ($60), top 3 ($40).

Snake City


Along with the Internal FreeZone event, the team published a new Minigame wherein 3 winners can win $20 each just by answering questions and drawing numbers.

On the game’s official Global Telegram Channel, contestants are required to look for the announcement on August 20, 3pm UTC, then send their questions regarding Freezone, along with a number from 1 to 100. 

The Snake City team will livestream a Snake City FreeZone gameplay on its Discord server on August 26th, 3pm UTC, to answer questions, as well as draw 3 lucky numbers. Edited responses are not allowed.

How to Join

  • Like, Retweet, and Tag 3 Friends to the announcement
  • Comment question about Freezone, along with a number (1-100)
  • Use this format: “Your Question” — “Lucky number” — “Telegram username” — “Discord username” — “Avax C-Chain Address”
  • Join Snake City’s Discord server to watch the Gameplay Livestream at 3 PM UTC during the weekends.

Additional Reminders

  • Participants must join Livestream first
  • Only one reply per participant is allowed
  • Only replies with questions in the thread are valid
  • Participants must answer the Telegram announcement
  • Participants must display their Telegram username on User Info
  • Winners will be required to greet the hosts and viewers on the Livestream
Snake City

Freezone Series Roadmap

There’s many more events and partnerships scheduled, check out the following list:

  • Crabada Private Freezone: Aug 10 — Aug 30
  • Swimmer Public Freezone: Aug 31 — Sep 13
  • Inside SnakeCity — Internal Freezone: Aug 20 — Aug 27
  • Avalaunch Private Freezone: TBD
  • Galaxy Private Freezone: TBD
  • Tomochain Private Freezone: TBD
  • SnakeCity Public Freezone: Sep 19 — Oct 17 (TBD)

What is Snake City?

Snake City is an Avalanche-based project where players can choose from a variety of Snake Hero NFTs and use them to compete in multiplayer play-to-earn games.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of and Nokia’s Snake, Snake City’s skill-based gameplay allows players to control a moving hungry snake that increases in length everytime it feeds itself.

Snake City uses two tokens:

  • $SNCT: Snake City’s native governance token that can be used for purchasing eggs and NFTs, among others. $SNCT are usually earned through staking, trading, or as in-game rewards. As of this writing, $SNCT is trading at $0.009523, with a market cap of $246,492 and a 24-hour volume of $765 (per CoinMarketCap).
  • $TOC: $TOC is an-game currency that can be spent on features such as breeding and skin. These tokens are not available on any exchanges, decentralized or otherwise.