SinVerse Land Sale and 50% APY Staking

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 11, 2022

SinVerse, the first R-Rated Mafia game on the Metaverse, has been enjoying a productive 2022 so far. They have introduced staking, sold virtual land as well as provided open-world gameplay reveals and various nonplayer-character (NPC) updates.

Let’s take a look at some of the game’s developments in Q2. But first, let’s discuss the game.

What is SinVerse?

Sin City Metaverse Gang Kingpin

Dubbed by some as “GTA on the Blockchain,” SinVerse is a game where players aim to be the “Ultimate Kingpin” and rule over a crime empire. 

The Binance Smart Chain-based game, formerly known as “Sin City Metaverse,” is a social-oriented platform that allows users to acquire virtual land where they can build businesses that range from hospitals and coffee shops to liquor stores and clubs.

Once you acquire a piece of land, you will join a faction or form you own. Factions are important to help protect yourself and your assets. There are multiple gangs, but the ideal option is to join a gang that controls your neighborhood. Each gang has its own style, some focus on loyalty while others more on strategy.

The ultimate goal is to become the top kingpin in the SinVerse. You can do this by taking out members of other factions, arranging for their abductions, or carrying out other sinister tasks for your gang. You earn $SIN tokens and NFTs by completing these tasks.

The Sin City Crypto: $SIN

Sinverse in-game NFTs

The Sin City metaverse token, $SIN, (aka Sin City coin) can be used by aspiring mob bosses to purchase real estate, in-game NFTs, and/or for playing inside the Casino. In-game NFTs include a range of weapons and vehicles, from helicopters to yachts and uzis.

According to the game’s whitepaper, there will be a max cap of 1 billion $SIN tokens, its current circulating supply is 191,350,768 (per CoinMarketCap). As of this writing, the token is trading at $0.01504, with a market cap of $2,876,631, and a 24-hour volume of $498,844 (per CoinMarketCap). The token was issued at $0.01 to seed round investors, $0.016 in private sales, and $0.02 in public sales.

Interested parties who have been asking “how to buy Sin City token?” may do so by signing up on cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, and avail of the 20% discount for SinVerse customers.

News Recap

Land Sale V2

SinVerse’s Second Land Sale went live on June 25, launching 15,000 plots of land consisting of various cities around the world. Only ~4,800 has sold so far. Each territory possesses unique properties and resources. The land is categorized into 4 types namely: Private, Public, District, and Public Roads. Each plot cost 5,000 $SIN ($75 USD) for white-listed sinners and 6,000 $SIN ($90 USD) for public buyers.

Budding landlords were given 3 “Safe Zones” to choose from during Land Sale v2 and they are Silicon Valley, The Hills, and SIN City Center. There are no secondary markets for land (there will be one in the future), would-be buyers should keep an eye out for future land sales.

The game has secured partnerships who will build in the SinVerse. KuCoin/Cashaa are setting up shop in the Finance District and SugarBounce is setting up in the Red-Light District.

OG Staking Pools

In mid-July, SinVerse launched the “OG Staking Pool,” which allows users to earn yield by staking their $SIN tokens. 

Alpha Alert – Stake $SIN for 50% APY

Running for 6 months starting July 16, 20 million $SIN will be distributed to stakers. The current APY is 50%. You can stake $SIN through the game’s website.

Game Development Updates

On July 31, the team shared an up-close sneak preview of the game’s district “The Strip,” followed by “Silicon Valley” the next day. 

Along with the open world reveals, the SinVerse team also shared some footage of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and how the devs are putting in the effort to make their behavior “realistic and intuitive.”