SimCity Creator Will Wright Reveals Plans for Metaverse Game VOXVerse

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 24, 2022

Will Wright, a popular video game designer best-known for his creation SimCity, revealed on October 21, 2022, plans to release a Web3 game called VOXverse

Gala Games and Gallium Studios are currently developing the metaverse project, which has raked in $25 million in investment. As of this writing, the team has yet to announce a specific release date for VOXverse.

“My team at Gallium Studios is partnering with Gala Games to build an entire world called VOXverse,” Wright said in a YouTube video.

Basically, VOXVerse is a virtual world set in an immense cube. In the game, players are allowed to own land and mine for resources or create other forms of attraction. Moreover, the project will also feature voxel characters of well-known intellectual properties (IP).

“This is based upon the voxes that Gala Game created, and we’re theming our entire world in that style. The world itself is actually gonna be in the shape of a cube, you know, very much like the vox look,” Wright added.

Although Wright’s new game is not focused on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market per se, experts believe the project can make a positive impact on the overall space, including blockchain gaming. NFTs have become the central driving force for most games on Web3, and VOXverse’s interoperability model has been gaining some momentum in 2022.

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Let’s take a deeper look at VOXverse.

About VOXverse

According to Wright, VOXverse will be a “place for games to live.” The project will feature portals to other Gala Games titles, which will allow vox owners to bring their characters to other games, and back to VOXverse. 

As a metaverse project, VOXverse will offer vast options to its users. Believing that the project’s “world is going to be very multifaceted,” Wright also stated that the game will have “different biomes, environments like desert, nome, ocean, and jungle.” 

In addition to that, the VOXverse will also feature a central city that players can help construct. The districts will have varying themes such as western and medieval.

“Almost everything in this world is gonna be constructed by the players. We’re gonna have very simple tools to construct buildings, objects, etc. There will be a whole economy, resources you can mine, plots you can own. Plus it has a social side where you build your network and meet other voxers,” Wright added.

One of Wright’s goals is to entice three groups of people. This would include wealthy landowners (composed of a small portion of the population), the middle group (consisting of creative participants who can craft objects for profit), and the vast majority of casual gamers (users can enjoy the game’s Free-to-Play offering).

What is a VOX?

VOXs are voxel avatars that represent users in the VOXverse. Essentially, these assets are ERC-721 NFTs (Ethereum-based tokens), that possess randomly generated unique characteristics. 

VOXverse will feature the following IPs:

  • Town Star: Town Star is a building/simulation game akin to Farmville. VOXverse’s inaugural series will feature 8,888 voxels based on characters from the Gala Games-produced title.
  • Mirandus: Mirandus is one of the upcoming MMORPG projects on Gala Games’ growing portfolio. Series two of VOXverse will present the Mirandus voxs. The collection draws inspiration from the creatures and heroes of the adventure/fantasy game.
  • Walking Dead: VOXverse will also carry some The Walking Dead characters (both Living and Dead voxs). The Walking Dead is a comic book-based post-apocalyptic horror TV show.
  • Dreamworks Trolls: One of the most intriguing VOXVerse offerings is its reimagining of DreamWorks Trolls characters. The project is based on Danish woodworker Thomas Dam’s line of dolls called Good Luck Trolls.

About Gallium Studios

Gallium Studios is a Berkley, California-based independent game dev studio. The company was founded by video game designers Will Wright and Lauren Elliot.

Will Wright brings to Gallium Studios the advanced design skills that he honed over the years working on titles such as The Sims and SimCity. Wright is also the co-founder of Maxis, a former game dev company which used to be part of Electronic Arts (or EA, the producers behind titles such as Command & Conquer,  Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, NBA Live, and Need for Speed, to name a few).

Gallium’s CEO Lauren Elliiot is also a veteran game designer who started working with video games and educational software maker Borderbund Software (the creators of Carmen Sandiego series, Lode Runner, Myst, Prince of Persia) in 1983. The following year, Elliot partnered with project managers Will Wright and Gene Portwood. The product was a shoot ‘em up game titled “Raid on Bungeling Bay” – which according to Wright – inspired him to develop SimCity in 1989.

Along with its upcoming project VOXverse, Gallium Studios is currently working on an artificial intelligence (AI) simulation game called “Proxi.”

About Gala Games

Gala Games is a Web3-focused game dev company that Eric Shiermayer and Michael McCarthy founded in 2019. Shiermayer was the co-founder of mobile game developer Zynga, while McCarthy was its creative director. Zynga is behind successful titles such as Facebook game Farmville, Words with Friends, and Zynga Poker.

Furthermore, Gala lives on the Ethereum network, as well as Binance Smart Chain however its building its own customized blockchain. Gala’s blockchain will serve as the native blockchain for the company’s projects, which includes GRIT, Town Star, and Spider Tanks, among others. 

The Gala ecosystem will utilize the $GALA token for most activities and transactions on the network. As of this writing, $GALA is trading at $0.03332. The token has a $232,502,558 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $55,755,970 (per CoinMarketCap).

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