Shopify Web3 Platform, ImmutableX Partners with WBD Sports, ChatGPT NFT Scams

Jethro Sandico

Mar. 06, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest brings the latest on blockchain games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, and other related fields.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • Shopify: E-commerce company Shopify has teamed up with Web3 app development platform thirdweb to launch ‘Commercekit.’ The latest offering aims to aid merchants in creating applications that provide new avenues for customer engagement. This includes loyalty programs that rely on NFTs to reward consumers with various items and perks. Furthermore, Commercekit can also help businesses draw revenue through NFT sales (TFT).

  • Sony/Astar Network: Japanese conglomerate Sony’s subsidiary the Sony Network Communications recently formed an incubation program with blockchain protocol Astar Network. To date, the initiative has amassed 150 submissions since launching on February 17. After the registration period ends on March 6, Sony and Astar will review applications for the final selection (FF).

  • ChatGPT: Recently, a fake Twitter account posing as popular chatbot ChatGPT offered 13,000 followers to mint “Optimus ChatGPT” NFTs. Observers were quick to point out flaws in the scam. This includes the glaring fact that ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI has never announced or mentioned anything about digital tokens (UT).

  • Galaxy Research: Web3 research and analysis firm Galaxy Research has revealed a bold prediction for the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem’s future. In its latest report, Galaxy stated that the market for NFTs on BTC’s protocol could reach $4.5 billion by 2025. Moreover, the report also stated that Yuga Labs’ plans to launch a new collection via Bitcoin will encourage artists to inscribe and in turn attract NFT marketplaces (DC).

  • ImmutableX/Warner Bros Discovery Sports: Web3 gaming-dedicated ecosystem ImmutableX has bolstered its partnership with the Warner Bros Discover Sports (WBD Sports). As a result, the platform has agreed to provide its blockchain for WBD Sports-built Blocklete Golf. The Web3 game allows participants to collect NFT golfer avatars which they can train or trade in the marketplace (VB).

Web3 Games

  • EgoVersus: First-person shooter (FPS) game EgoVersus: The First Strike has announced some new improvements to its website. “The EgoVerse revamped website is live,” the Avalanche-powered sci-fi title tweeted. Users can now stake and unstake, claim, and breed assets on the site. Moreover, the updated hub also allows players to download the game, and the comic book, while immersing in the project’s lore (TW).

  • Alien Worlds: Space-themed DeFi card game Alien Worlds has released version 1.3.0. The update features improvements in player experience, as well as various bug fixes. Implemented changes cover Syndicates, Missions, Teleport, and Landowner’s Allocation. “We are continuing to work on new features and improvements,” the team announced in a Medium post (AW). 

  • Crabada: Autobattler NFT game Crabada has kicked off week 36 of its Arena Challenge, which will run from March 6-12. The tournament has introduced several changes “to keep things fresh and entertaining” for the contestants. This week’s edition will feature a Level Cap of 150, along with tweaks to Genesis and Origin Boost, and Legend Transformation (TW).

  • Star Atlas: Massively multiplayer online (MMO) space game Star Atlas posted some “sneak peeks” to upcoming additions to the project. The team teased the title’s Ground Racing environment, which is currently a work in progress. Additionally, Star Atlas also revealed in-engine “Showroom R3 blockout tests,” along with the design for the ONI Central Space Station (TW).

  • Eldarune: Avalanche-based medieval fantasy role-playing game (RPG) Eldarune shared a roundup of its achievements in 2023 so far. Titled “The Beginning of the Year Recap,” the entry touched on several improvements from January to February. Changes to the project include a revamped logo and updated token metrics. Furthermore, Eldarune also highlighted notable partnerships, events, giveaways, and a pre-sale round, among others (TW).

Web3 game EgoVerse

NFT News

  • PancakeSwap:  Crypto exchange PancakeSwap is slated to launch V3 of its platform in April. As part of the upcoming release, the team is holding a giveaway campaign for the project’s early supporters. Users who were able to maintain their liquidity in specific pools until the 3rd of April are eligible for the $135,000 airdrop and free exclusive NFTs (BSC).

  • Momoguro: Momoguro: Holoself, an NFT collection by Disney-back Emmy Award-winning interactive animation studio Baobab Studios, sold out nine hours after its launch. Subsequently, the project raked in over 12,000 sales worth $7.6 million. Momoguro consists of 8,888 digital collectibles that grants holders access to future releases such as the upcoming RPG title Uno Plane (YF).

  • Yuga Labs:  Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) parent company Yuga Labs has been receiving flak as of late, following an auction announcement for its Bitcoin-inscribed NFT collection TwelveFold. Members of the community blasted the company for requiring participants to send their bids in $BTC to a Yuga-controlled address. Critics also slammed the firm’s manual refunding for failed bids, referring to it as “stone age” and a “scammer’s dream” (CT).

Into the Metaverse

  • The Sandbox: Metaverse platform The Sandbox announced a campaign that awarded lucky participants with allow-list slots for the upcoming Mocaverse mint. Mocaverse is a profile picture (PFP) NFT collection created by Web3 game publisher and venture capital firm Animoca Brands. The project is a “membership NFT collection” designated for the company’s subsidiaries, shareholders, partners, investors, and investments (TW).

  • Hexa: 3D asset management firm Hexa has raised $20.5 million in a Series A funding round. Investors that backed the project include HTC, Point72 Ventures, Samurai Incubate, and Sarona Partners. The company plans to deploy the capital to boost product development. “The new funding will be used to support our existing customer expansion and keep up with the flow of new customers that are being onboarded,” Hexa co-founder and CEO Yehiel Atias stated (TC).

  • Decentral Games: Virtual world platform Decentral Games has announced some major updates to the Ethereum-based project. The refinements and bug fixes covered various facets of the game. This includes metaverse updates, vroom airdrop, marketing, and community spotlight. Among the notable changes is the introduction of assigned seating v3 and quality of life improvements to the ICE Poker tournament (TW).

Around the Blockchain

  • Avalanche/Loco: India-based eSports and streaming platform Loco’s founder Anirudh Pandita recently discussed its partnership with the Avalanche network. In a Twitter Spaces session, Pandita focused on the opportunities that the team-up can bring. Moreover, he also highlighted his country’s 400 million gamers as a possible major factor that will drive the project’s growth (TW).

  • Sakaba: Web3 gaming hub Sakaba recently announced a partnership with blockchain game studio Dragon Crypto Gaming (DCG). The company is behind Avalanche-based projects The Legend of Aurum Draconis and Tiny Dragons. In essence, the team-up will allow Sakaba to work with DCG’s core team to create quests on the platform (TW). 

  • Pakistan Banks’ Association: The Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) has signed a project contract to develop a blockchain-based Know Your Customer (KYC) platform. Consisting of 31 of the country’s traditional banks, the PBA’s goal is to use Web3 technology in bolstering Pakistan’s anti-money laundering capabilities. Dubbed “Consonance,” the “eKYC” hub will also support the State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) initiatives to counter terror financing (CT).

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: Web3 gaming streamer Brycent and fantasy basketball NFT platform SorareNBA has announced the launch of a new “BGENS League.” The league will run for the remainder of the NBA season. Additionally, winning participants will receive rewards including NBA gift cards, limited/rare cards, and tickets to the NBA playoffs.

  • Hustle: Web3 esports organization XBorg recently introduced Crypto Banter host Hustle’s NFT gaming collective This Thing Of Ours (TTOO) as its new launchpad partner. The collaboration will allow Hustle and his team to grant TTOO NFT holders access to “early-stage GameFi deals.”

  • Spike: Web3 content creator Spike has partnered with strategy/open-world game Alaska Gold Rush for a giveaway campaign. The Solana-based project combines FPS and virtual reality (VR) elements. For the 24-hour promo, Spike is rewarding 25 lucky participants with “Guaranteed Golden Pickaxe Factory” NFTs to Alaska Gold Rush.

  • Stache: 20 year old Web3 content creator Randi Hipper aka ‘Miss Teen Crypto’ has invited Stache to her show. Titled “Crypto Gaming Comeback?,” the candid session revolved around NFTs including events and Web3 games. Towards the end of the video, Stache also shared his nugget of wisdom to Miss Teen Crypto and her viewers. “Screw trading. Don’t worry about coins, up or down, it doesn’t matter. Go gaming. Have fun,” Stache stated.