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SEC Responds to Coinbase, G7 Debate CBDCs, Trump NFTs Surge

Ephraim Austin

Ephraim Austin

May 16, 2023

These are the stories that shape Web3,

Top Stories

  • Coinbase: The SEC’s calls Coinbase’s suit over digital asset rules petition ‘baseless,’ saying the digital asset industry already has rules and regulations governing it (B).

  • BTC: There are now 1 million wallets that hold 1 BTC or more according to Glassnode (CT).

  • G7: Leaders from the U.S., U.K., Japan and three EU countries will debate new CBDC policy this week (BIC). 

  • MiCA: The EU unanimously approves MiCA which sets up crypto regulation and taxation rules (DC).

Web3 Games

  • Paradise Tycoon’s Alpha Snapshot 5 is live. The update includes new content, rewards and a new world of farming and building (TW). 

  • Rumble Kong League drafts a slew of new updates in their game design document, including action bar, action mode, rumble mode, and more (TW).

  • Synergyland, an upcoming RPG has opened up its $SNG token IDO on Seedify launchpad (SF).  

NFT News

  • AnotherBlock: Web3 music startup AnotherBlock has announced a €4 million funding round led by the UK-based venture capital firm Stride.VC (NG).

  • Trump NFTs exceed $9M in 90-day sales volume after Series Two launch (NG).

  • Jack Butcher is launching a a generative art collection featuring both physical and digital components that will be displayed and auctioned at Christie’s later this week (DC).

Into the Metaverse

  • Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget made the case that digitally-bound assets should get the same treatment as any other type of property (CT).

  • Super League Gaming, which operates a network of metaverse games, has raised $23.8 million from selling convertible preferred stock (NG).

  • Apple: Metaverse tokens could be set to fly as Apple is scheduled to release its highly-anticipated mixed-reality headset in the coming weeks (CT).

DeFi World

  • Atlendis: Uncollateralized lending protocol Atlendis is launching its V2 and is onboarding publicly-traded fintech Banxa as a new borrowing partner (DC).

  • Lido: Liquid staking Leader Lido Upgrades to Second Version on Ethereum. Users can now unstake their stETH and receive ETh at a 1:1 ratio (CD).

  • DeFi Yields: Though the 10-year US Treasury yield increased by four basis points on Monday, DeFi is still offering attractive alternatives (BW).

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