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Samurai Doge NFT Game, Can Devs Deliver?

Posted August 12, 2022 8:05 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

We love seeing NFT projects execute on their roadmap. Many projects launched in the bull market, promised a lengthy roadmap but failed to execute. Samurai Doge, a meme NFT collection, seems to have stayed true to their roadmap of developing a game. However, the community seems to be let down by the previews and lack of communication.

In this article, we provide an overview of the project, its NFT price, a recap of the development progress and community sentiment.

What is Samurai Doge?

Launched on September 9, 2021 via a fair-launch pre-sale, Samurai Doge is a collection of 5,634 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a total of 1,300 owners on OpenSea. Despite its active community and team, the collection has a low floor of 0.01 ETH and a total volume of 70.6 ETH ($133,024.52). Since launch, the average price has spent most of the time below 0.10 ETH.

Samurai Doge NFT Price Chart from OpenSea

The NFTs are downloadable high-resolution images of warrior versions of “doge,” a character inspired by “Kabosu,” a popular shiba inu dog that became a viral internet meme in the early 2010s. 

Each Samurai Doge possesses unique aesthetic attributes, emotional temperament, gender, and rarity. With varying weapons, armors, flags, accessories, etc., every NFT is unique and can be used to breed or regenerate a new piece.

Samurai Doge NFT Rarity

Samurai Doge NFTs are not limited to their role as collectible artworks. As discussed, these assets will gain additional utility as avatars in the upcoming game “Samurai Doge – Battlefield,” which allows players to send their champions to battle, win, and earn rewards (first-generation Samurai Doge NFTs can accumulate 10 $HON a day).

Samurai Doge 3D Voxels

3D Voxels are pixel art style versions of the Samurai Doge that serve as “companions” to the original ones. Each piece is compatible with most 3D platforms such as Unity and Blender, since the NFTs come in GLB and FBX formats. Additionally, the 3D Voxels can be placed, resized, and positioned in an Augmented Reality (AR) app, as well as import them into other metaverses in the near future. 

Currently, there are 904 3D Voxels listed on OpenSea, and the total volume is at 0.30 $ETH, with 368 owners. Price ranges from 0.01 $ETH to 0.65 $ETH, depending on design and rarity.

What is $HON

$HON (not to be confused with mobile strategy game WonderHero’s token that bears a similar ticker symbol), is an ERC-20 token that serves as the central currency of the Samurai Doge ecosystem. There’s no liquidity pool or market to trade the token. It’s generated through the ownership of the NFTs.

$HON has limited utility, however, the developers have promised the following use cases:

  • Breeding – Breed and form an army using a couple of 1st generation Samurai Doges.
  • Battles – Enter tournaments in the upcoming game Samurai Doge – Battlefield.
  • Trading – Trade $HON tokens for in-game access and merchandise.

Game Development

The team started interviewing game developers in February 2022 and soon after settled on an agency. Since then, they have updated the community on the game’s progress by sharing images and videos, including some of the ones below. Here is a summary of their vision (a quote from the team):

  1. Land-based claim system.
  2. Resource gathering for armies and upgrades.
  3. Grand strategy with the ability to involve more players from the community.
Samurai Doge Game Demo
Samurai Doge Game Battle Mode Demo

Discontent Community

The last communication from the development team was made in early July via Discord. They shared pictures from the game’s demo and re-affirmed their commitment to developing a game and sharing a game release date soon.

Based on the “general” chat room of the server, the community was let down by the game’s look and feel. Some even demanded a refund. There’s general frustration around the teams’ infrequent communication and lack of transparency around timelines.


We love memes, NFTs, and their ability to build communities. Samurai Doge has a community that still engages in Discord and has hope for a successful game launch. Given the price of the NFT, it might seem enticing to jump in, as a confirmed game launch could prove to be a catalyst. However, with the proliferation of other Web3 games, including AAA titles such as Imperium Empires, Pulsar, and BYOPills, we feel that it will be tough for this little NFT collection to compete. Given the low floor price, a buyer might just be content with the art!

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