Salesforce Adds Web Tools, Arbitrum Airdrop, SVB Financial Bankrupt

Ephraim Austin

Mar. 17, 2023

Top Stories

  • Salesforce: The cloud services giant Salesforce is offering a new suite of Web3 tools for customers. According to its website, its suite of products that make up Salesforce Web3 will help companies build, manage and integrate NFTs into their businesses, including loyalty rewards programs (CD).

  • Silicon Valley Bank. SVB Financial, Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company has filed for bankruptcy, making it the largest bank failure since 2008. Meanwhile, BTC closes in on $27K (CD). 

  • Arbitrum. Layer 2 rollup Arbitrum will airdrop its new ARB governance token to users amid a shift towards decentralized governance. The Arbitrum Foundation will launch a new token allowing holders to vote on changes to the Arbitrum protocol (CP). 

Web3 Games

  • Shrapnel: The highly anticipated FPS game Shrapnel is planning its SCU mint on Magic Eden, March 22nd (TW).  

  • Intella X. The innovative Web3 gaming platform Intella X developed by South Korean gaming giant NEOWIZ will be at the upcoming Game Developers Conference (KH).

  • Game Space. With the success of the first tournament, Game Space is excited to announce the debut of Player One Tournament Season 2 featuring AAA Web3 Games The Lost Land, Oath of Peak, and Bless Global. For this tournament, Game Space has gathered 15,000 USDT listed token prize pool (CT).

NFT News

  • NFT LA: The NFT event is being rebranded as Outer Edge and will return to LA March 20-23. The event will include thought leaders, cultural influencers and pioneers of Web3. (OE). 

  • Bored and Hungry: The United States’ first NFT-themed restaurant, Bored and Hungry, opened its first Asia branch at The Grid Food Market, Makati City. Bored and Hungry is a burger restaurant that features Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) characters as a theme (TI).

Into the Metaverse

  • Tilia: Metaverse payment platform Tilia gets strategic investment from J.P. Morgan. Tilia wants to make it easy for companies that need financial services in a digital economy world (including the metaverse) to pay and transact with anyone in a regulated way (TC).

  • Ryugukoku: Final Fantasy 15 director is now gamifying Japan’s business economy with a metaverse project called Ryugukoku. Essentially, Ryugukoku is a metaverse structure for smaller metaverse platforms controlled by businesses to collaborate on information sharing, marketing, and more (EG).

  • Hadean/PixelMax: Award-winning metaverse startup, Hadean, are partnering with PixelMax to develop and power the critical infrastructure needed to dynamically stream content in the metaverse, opening up opportunities for leading global brands to connect with audiences in massive and immersive virtual worlds (PNW).