Rumble Kong League Develops Basketball Game

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 25, 2022

In a bid to achieve its goals of expanding into a sports gaming ecosystem, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collection Rumble Kongs has been making some developmental strides in 2022, starting with the upcoming Rumble Kong League (RKL) basketball game. 

Working meticulously in building the project, the team constantly seeks the input of the community to improve the game. Let’s take a look at some of the updates on the project for the month of August.

Basketball Court

On August 24, the team presented three versions of the basketball court to RKL supporters on Twitter, providing them a glimpse of what the playing field would look like. Additionally, a poll was conducted to allow community members to vote on their prefered court size. 

“I feel like v1 there’s no room to shoot jumpers. V2 has some nice spacing but maybe 5-10% smaller court. V3 is gonna be all cherry picking or sprinting layups and dunks,” commented RKL follower Josh.

Ruble kong league basketball game court

Round21 Ball

On August 19, Rumble Kong League, in collaboration with web3 sports brand Round21, released the SZN 1 limited edition physical basketball, for all Kong holders who received a custom RKL x Round21 NFT ball.

Ruble kong league round21 Ball


On July 29, the team introduced Rookies. Rookies are character NFTs composed of talented young basketball ape recruits. These artworks possess over 100 hand-drawn traits “representing basketball culture on all levels.”

“Ready to enter the big leagues, The Rookies are leaving the streets behind to take over the Athlos Arena,” the team tweeted.

Each Kong holder is qualified to claim their Rookies starting on August 11. The team revealed a new batch of RKL Rookies on August 23.

Rumble kongs league rookie nft

Hoop Design

On August 25, the team shared some futuristic-looking concept hoop designs that players can access in the Clubs arena. The hoops are equipped with drone-like blades, making them float in the air.

As always, the devs encouraged community members to share some feedback.

“Will all hoops be floating? Or will there be pole hoops like how they have in parks, or even wall mounted hoops they have in some gyms? I really like the designs so far and I think it would be cool to have more options,” Twitter user @xwin_uncreative commented.

Ruble Kongs League Basketball hoop


Sharing some dev progress, the team presented some new animations for “when your team loses an RKL game.”

The preview featured a muscular ape character emulating several losing reactions including some foot stomping, crouching down and putting hands on head, and waving the pointer finger like Dikembe Mutombo.

Rumble Kongs League basketball game

About Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kongs is a collection of 10,000 “programmatically” designed NFTs. Players will be able to utilize the Kongs as avatars in the upcoming Rumble Kong League video game and metaverse sports league.

Although the game is still under development, the Rumble Kong brand has already been making some noise in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

Kong collectors include some of the biggest names in the hoop business such as 4-time champions Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala. Upcoming young superstars who support the project also include Cole Anthony, Gary Payton II, and Tyrese Haliburton, to name a few (per Slam Online).

In December 21, 7-time all-star Paul George, along with companies like entertainment and sports agency CAA Sports, backed Rumble Kong. The fund aims to accelerate the game’s development. In the same month, RKL also established its first major partnership with Under Armour Basketball and Steph Curry. As a result, Rumble Kongs introduced the digital “Curry Flow” sneaker.


Rumble Kongs NFT Price

As of this writing, Rumble Kongs has a total volume of 18.2k $ETH ($31,099,978), with a floor price of 0.48 $ETH ($820.22). The most expensive Kong on the listing is priced at 825 $ETH ($1,409,751.75), per OpenSea.

Rumble Kongs NFT

Curry Flow NFT Price

As of this writing, the Rumble Kong League Curry Flow has a total volume of 32.2 $ETH ($55,023.04) and a floor price of 0.03 $ETH ($51.26). The most expensive piece on the listing is priced at 200 $ETH ($341,758.00), per OpenSea.

Curry Flow NFT