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Rumble Kong League Basketball Game Dev Updates

Posted September 26, 2022 3:49 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Rumble Kong League’s (RKL) dev team has been consistently putting in efforts to build the upcoming basketball game

September proved to be a productive month for the devs as they continue to seek the community’s insights to help shape the game. 

“At the heart of everything, RKL is basketball. We love basketball, we love the culture around it and consider ourselves die-hard basketball fans,” the team stated.

Rumble Kong

Let’s take a look at what’s new with RKL this month.

Game Design Document (GDD)

The team opened a Game Design Document (GDD), which is a living document that provides complete details of every aspect of the game. Considered by RKL creators as the bible of Game Design, the GDD gives the builders a full view of the entire project. This gives them answers to game mechanics, and other details of the project.

“In the sense of becoming more Web3, we have decided to open up some aspects of our GDD and continue sharing more with you all over the coming months,” the team said. “We will share key aspects of gameplay features with you at regular intervals. How we envision them, what the current development process is on them, and to gather your feedback.”

Part of Rumble Kong League’s GDD is a knowledge base that the community can access through this link.


When the team released “Kongpaper v1.0” about a year ago, they initially presented RKL as an algorithmic game. This means, the project featured very little opportunities for player engagement and functioned more like an idle game.

The developers decided to make the game more fun and dynamic with the introduction of more features.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The team is revamping the game’s artificial intelligence (AI), particularly the behavior of every Kong on the basketball court. This includes taking into account the team position, stamina, boosts, and how their opponents react.

Currently, the team is utilizing a 2D model that allows the team to quickly modify and improve the AI system. This gives the builders freedom to see the effects of the changes in real time. Other factors that the RKL devs are focusing on are basketball rules, behavioral restraint, and team tactics.

As soon as the team has designed the AI according to their standards, they will implement the settings onto the 3D basketball court. 


A more subtle and challenging part of building a game is making it fun for players of varying ages and cultural backgrounds. Especially in today’s industry, wherein thousands of titles are released only to be buried beneath more popular games. 

One of the unique facets that the team is bringing to the game is the “Abilities” feature. According to updates, “Abilities” are a “meta-gameplay component.” It can impact the match and add an “over-the-top gameplay mechanics,” to add more excitement to the game.

Rumble Kong

Each player is allowed to select a fixed amount of Abilities for the entire roster. However, participants must choose strategically, depending on the boosts of each Kong (along with their chemistry with a specific team).

“You can imagine abilities including basic effects like temporarily increasing run speed or things a bit more fancy like fireballs being dunked from the 3-point-line,” the devs stated. 

The team expects to test the “Abilities” feature internally before rolling out the initial Alpha game in Q4.

About Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kongs started out as a collection of 10,000 “programmatically” designed NFTs. The project is currently expanding to incorporate the Rumble Kong League basketball video game and metaverse sports league. When the game is released, NFT holders will be able to use their “Kongs” as playable avatars. 

The Rumble Kong brand has made some noise in the past year among hoop lovers and even some popular professional athletes. 

In the National Basketball Association, 4-time Golden State Warrior champions Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala, are prominent Kong collectors. RKL also partnered with sports equipment company Under Armour Basketball to launch Curry’s digital “Curry Flow” sneaker to the game.

Other notable NBA stars who own Kong NFTs are Cole Anthony, Gary Payton II, Hassan Whiteside, Malik Beasley, Paul George, and Tyrese Haliburton, among others.

Latest NFT Prices

Rumble Kongs

As of this writing, Rumble Kongs has a total volume of 18,300 $ETH ($24,021,678), with a floor price of 0.42 $ETH ($551.32). The most expensive Kong on the listing is priced at 825 $ETH ($1,082,944.50), per OpenSea.

Rumble Kong

Curry Flow

As of this writing, the Rumble Kong League Curry Flow has a total volume of 32.5 $ETH ($42,661.45) and a floor price of 0.07 $ETH ($91.89). The most expensive shoe has a 200 $ETH ($262,532) price tag (per OpenSea).

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