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RPG Project Guild of Guardians Reveals Tons of Updates

Posted October 14, 2022 3:37 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Action and fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) Guild of Guardians (GoG) revealed tons of updates on October 12, 2022. The project’s “Guild of Guardians Diaries” shed some light on the game’s most recent milestones and dev progress.

Although the team has moved the game’s scheduled launch to 2023, GoG made some strides this year with vast improvements on the upcoming title. Along with a re-structured roadmap, the team also made some huge Esports partnerships, introduced new gameplay and lore features, as well as a new rewards system for the community.

Guild of Gaurdian Diaries

Roadmap and Launch Update

2022 has been a productive year for the Guild of Guardians team. According to the game’s creators, the team has doubled in size and they have leveled up development and community growth as well. In addition to that, GoG has launched two demos and even forged new alliances. 

However, the team has decided to delay the game’s launch to focus more on making the product better, and eventually release it when the time is right.

“We’ve decided to push back the launch to a time when we can deliver the standard of game that will truly disrupt the entire gaming industry,” the team stated.

Apparently, GoG has received “overwhelmingly positive” feedback from the Guardians community. The team explained however, that they wish to create a “stronger first impression” when they finally release the game. 

The Guild of Guardians team also mentioned Web3 technology’s unpredictable state, as one of the reasons for the delay. Citing the challenges of working with new innovations, the devs explained that they are “constantly learning” during the building process. 

“For us, a few examples include navigating the rules and requirements needed to launch a web3 game in the App store and integrating a seamless player wallet experience into the end-to-end game and blockchain systems,” the team added.

Esports Partnerships

On September 15, 2022, Guild of Guardians announced its partnership with eight of the most prominent names in Esports. 

The multi-year alliance included Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid. The eight entities boast a combined valuation of over $2 billion (according to Forbes’ list of “The Most Valuable Esports Companies 2022”).

The team expects the watershed collaboration to bring together fans of Web2 and Web3 games, and introduce Guild of Guardians to millions of Esports participants.

One of the project’s main goals is to “natively integrate” the Esports groups into the GoG universe. This will provide them representation in the game as collectible, tradable, and playable characters.

Community Updates

The game’s pre-registration list has grown by 50,000 in September alone. The team attributes this to the newly introduced referral program known as “Refer & Earn.”

Refer & Earn

On September 28, Guild of Guardians introduced the “Refer and Earn” program, which allows participants to invite their friends and get a chance to win rewards. The campaign, which ran until October 5, gave away 1 $GOG token for every successful referral.

Utilizing a validating system in place, users are required to pre-register using a “unique link” sent to a player’s dashboard (which they can also use to track the status of the referrals).

GoG Advertising

Guild of Guardians has been making significant moves on the advertising side as well. According to the team, they have started experimenting on using ads across various social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. 

As part of the advertising efforts, GoG released on September 21, 2022, a new video ad on YouTube (check out the video below).

Trivia Night

GoG’s “Ambassador team” recently introduced a weekly Trivia Night event that will take place every Thursday. The community-run contest will be hosted by Guild of Guardians senior moderator “Stepfam.”

With prizes in tow, the Trivia Night will cover a wide range of topics covering – but not limited to – GoG. Participants are encouraged to join the game’s Discord server for more future announcements about the new project.

$GOG Updates

In a bid to stay consistent with “leading coin trackers,” as well as other tokens, the team is also “cleaning up” how they report on the $GOG tokens’ circulating supply. After including the unlocked tokens, the supply in circulation will undergo a one-time increase.

The team stated that the change is intended to promote “clarity and transparency” for the Guild of Guardians community. Additionally, the GoG devs have also “added firepower” to the game’s tokenomics team. Along with this improvement, the team will also upgrade their processes as time goes by. This will include sharing updates about which strategy they will employ for unused tokens.

Sushi Onsen Rewards

Guild of Guardians participants can now contribute their $GOG to the Sushi Onsen liquidity pool and earn more tokens. As of GoG’s report on October 12, the liquidity incentive provides 2,000 $GOG a day in total rewards (across all liquidity providers).

Click here to access the rewarder contract.

Game Design Updates

Guild of Guardians’ design team has employed several improvements on the game’s interface. GoG’s new UI/UX provides detailed instructions on how to best prepare for raids, guilds, and crafting.

Here are some fresh additions to the design:

  • Customized Guild details: Improved look on the emblem, name, guild type preferences/styles, and description).
  • Guild News: Guild News offers members ways to stay up to date.
  • Guild Chat: Using Guild Chat, users can organize, accomplish activities, and mingle with fellow players.
  • Member List: Providing better visibility, the Member List feature allows users to easily manage their Guild.

Guild Raids

Here are some features that the team will introduce to Guild Raids:

  • A brief description of the boss that can provide clues on how players can beat them.
  • A power recommendation offers players a way to gauge whether a Guild should attempt a raid.
  • Number of attempts left before the Raid is locked until the cycle ends.
  • Raid difficulty options ranging from Tier 1 to 5 (the higher the tier, the better the rewards).

Guild Crafting

  • Players can now view their equipment’s basic attributes, as well as the item’s image and stat ranges. Basic attributes include rarity, type, and level requirement. 
  • Using the Market tab, players can check how other items from the same recipe are listed on the marketplace.
  • Players can select a starting sell price for the item, even before opening up the craft to other Guild members. This provides members the needed information that can help them decide whether they wish to contribute or not. Additionally, the participants can easily change the price later on.

Guild of Guardians Lore

A vast majority of the most successful video games in history always boasts two things: addictive gameplay and a rich storyline. The creators at Guild of Guardians have embarked on a journey to make the game more “immersive and enriching.” This will eventually lead to a more expansive GoG universe.

“Darkwood is a wildland of predators. Its labyrinthine forest is always shifting. Even the wisest guides get lost! Ribbons of light shine through its thick canopy of branches. As dangerous as the Dread, the forest protects itself from hostile forces.” – excerpts from the game’s lore.

About Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a Web3 game that combines elements of action and fantasy. In GoG, players can select characters or heroes from an array of races such as elves, orcs, mages, and warriors, etc. The game allows participants to form teams and take them to dungeons, where they can face challenges and collect resources. Players can utilize the resources to create profitable items and heroes.

One of the highlights of Guild of Guardians is the Guild system. Basically, players can team up with other gamers to conquer more difficult tasks and defeat the strongest opponents. Moreover, the game also leverages a Play-and-Earn system. Ways to earn money from GoG include Guild Crafting, Hero Merging, Daily Gems Rewards, Leaderboard Prizes, and many more.

The game utilizes the ERC-20 token Guild of Guardians Gems ($GOG). The token is the core of the GoG universe which players can earn through gameplay. Players can use $GOG for active staking and payment, or as a governance token.

As of this writing, $GOG is trading at $0.2026, with a $9,765,878 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $1,790,781 (per CoinMarketCap).

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