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Razer Announces Partnership with Shrapnel

Posted July 1, 2022 2:10 pm
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By Deep In The Sesh

Popular gaming peripherals company Razer announced on Thursday a partnership with Shrapnel, a AAA extraction First-Person Shooter (FPS) built on the blockchain, the company highlighted in an announcement Tweet on its official page. 

Information on the deal has yet to be disclosed, nor on how the relationship between both entities will pan out. 

Shrapnel takes place in a “not-too-distant future where a mysterious substance has changed the balance of power as we know it. Whether you’re a player or a builder, you’ll find your place here,” according to its website. 

The partnership comes following Shrapnel’s funding round, in the form of private token auction. The amount is in excess of $7 million earlier in April, with participating investors including Dragonfly Capital, Three Arrows Capital, etc.

In parallel, Razer also announced on Friday the acquisition of 100 percent of the shares of Go Touch VR SAS, also known as Interhaptics, the leading haptics development platform for game studios. 

This announcement extends the bridge currently being built between Web3 and Web2 gaming developers in the industry. As titans within the gaming ecosystem look to expand their efforts and investments into blockchain technology. 

Recap of Shrapnel

Shrapnel is developed by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team of game industry veterans. They have experience in transmedia, virtual production, and gaming-as-a-service. Designed to reward and empower players and creators, its competitive gameplay is fueled by user-generated content. 

Providing an adrenaline-charged package takes more than just ballistics and gun models. This is where the Blockchain feature brings a tense, high-stakes, competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill.

As the first blockchain-enabled competitive multiplayer first-person shooter, Shrapnel is bundled with a rich set of player-creation tools. The game combines combat, creation, curation, and connection into a community where players own the platform and decide its future.

While information around the partnership remains undisclosed, P2E Analytics will be monitoring the developments of the story for later updates.

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