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Pulsar: A Sci-Fi MMO/RTS Game on Avalanche

Posted July 19, 2022 4:00 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Upcoming AAA sci-fi strategy game Pulsar announced new partnerships on July 17, 2022 on their official Twitter page. Produced by video game publisher Twelve Random Words, the game is now backed by a robust lineup of blockchain-dedicated companies on the Avalanche Network.

Investors that recently expressed support for Pulsar include: Avalaunch, Avatar Ventures, AVentures, Blizzard Fund, Breeder DAO, Colony Lab, Dexalot, Fief Guild, Keychain Capital, Pangolin, P2E Analytics, and Taureon Capital.

Here’s what we know about Pulsar so far:

About Pulsar

Combining Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Pulsar draws inspiration from the game mechanics and sci-fi themes of Command & Conquer and Starcraft. 

“Pulsar is an MMO RTS that combines the strategic resource mining, building, and combat mechanics of games like Starcraft with a massively multiplayer world,” the team stated on their Twitter page.

The Free-to-Play game allows players to mine, build, and battle for supremacy in the expansive world of Pulsar. Players can own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) land, buildings, playable units, and other resources. They can be used for upgrades and expansion, or traded and sold in the open market.


NFT Land owners can mine a finite amount of $PULSAR on their property. They can also convert them into tokens using the refinery. The token can be traded in the market, or used for purchasing/upgrading NFTs.

Twelve Random Words

Pulsar producer Twelve Random Words consists of experienced gaming industry professionals such as CEO Alvaro Martin, Tech Director Evgeny Muralev, Game Director Fernando Claros de Luna, CMO Garrison Yang, Lead 3D/Concept Artist Konstantin Muralev, and Sound Designer/Composer Jorge Badolato, among others.

Collectively, the team boasts a portfolio including titles such as Call of Duty Warzone, Cyberpunk 2077, to name a few.

Recent Updates

On July 17, the Pulsar team announced plans for the coming weeks. These include the release of the game’s whitepaper, game wiki, gameplay sneak previews, and NFT launch schedule.

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