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Pizza Game’s $PIZZA Token Doubles in Price

Posted August 15, 2022 4:21 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Pizza Game’s $PIZZA token has more than doubled its price in just a span of one month. The dramatic growth is attributed to the game’s new tokenomics that changed the token from being inflationary to deflationary. See the decline in net supply in the chart below (source: P2E Analytics).

Per CoinMarketCap, $PIZZA was trading at $0.00004669 on July 16, 2022, and peaked at $0.0001186 on August 14. From July 16 to August 14, the token’s 24-hour volume also increased from $8,881.73 to $28,617.

As of this writing, $PIZZA is trading at $0.0001052, with a $405,893 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $18,831.

PIZZA price


Drawing inspiration from incremental game Cookie Clicker, Pizza Game is a popular play-to-earn game on the Avalanche blockchain. Players acquire NFTs that represent Chefs and Tools and then stake them in the Pizzeria to generate rewards. 


pizza game chefs and tools

Pizza Chef

Tradable on NFT markeplace platforms such as NFTrade, a Pizza Chef is an NFT that is used to generate rewards.

There is a limit to how much a Chef can be used for rewards. They can get fatigued from too much work and start producing less, or even cease from functioning entirely. Players can choose to give their Chefs a break or provide them with Espresso Shots priced in $PIZZA to speed up recovery.

Based on the below chart taken from P2E Analytics, the AVAX volume of Chefs has hit a 30-day high. It is also close to breaking a new high in terms of sales count. The average price is 3.72 AVAX.

Pizza game cheft NFT sales marketplace metrics from P2E Analytics


As the game progresses, players can obtain tools such as a Pizza Box, or Cutter to improve their earnings potential. As of this writing, tools are listed for as low as 0.69 $AVAX and as high as 45 $AVAX, depending on their type.

Based on the below chart taken from P2E Analytics, the AVAX volume of Tools has fluctuated over the last 30-days, with higher activity this past week. The average price is 1.286 AVAX, close to historic lows.

P2E Analytics pizza game chef tools marketplace stats


All of these tokens can be purchased at Trader Joe, which is the largest DEX on Avalanche.


$Pizza is a deflationary token used for resetting chef fatigues and repairing cups in the Soda Station. It used to be the game’s inflationary reward token until the tokenomics update introduced $RONI.


With a maximum supply of 15 million, $SODA is a deflationary token that is used to buy tools and improve Pizzerias. The token can be farmed in the Soda Fountain by staking a $PIZZA/$AVAX liquidity pair as well as in the Soda Station by a combination of staking chefs and burning LP tokens.


In a bid to provide a more stable game economy, the team introduced a new token called Pepperoni ($RONI). RONI can be earned by staking Chefs and tools and it can be used to buy in-game items.

Other Updates

  • Pizza Factory: A Pizza Factory update which allows players to send Chefs to the factory to produce Robot Fragments went live on August 14.
  • New Additions: Soda Tanker and Self-Replicating Pepperoni machine was added to the game on August 8. As of August 15, the machine can be obtained for as low as 2.8 $AVAX, and as high as 9.99 $AVAX (Per NFTrade).
Pizza game SODA token
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