Pizza Game: Tokenomics Update

Ephraim Austin

Jun. 12, 2022

Pizza Game recently finished The $RONI Update which marks an important step in improving tokenomics and the longevity of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the update. 

Pizza Game was inspired by a favorite childhood online game, Cookie Clicker. To play Pizza Game, you must purchase a Pizza Chef and stake it in the Pizzeria. Chefs are NFTs and produce $PIZZA every minute they are staked. $PIZZA is a token that can be used in-game to buy chef tools and chefs or be traded in popular exchanges such as Trader Joe. These tools increase your rate of $PIZZA production.

The goal is simple: cook as much $PIZZA as possible, collect more Tools and Chefs, and dominate the pizza industry.

As part of the Pizza Game update, the dev team created a new token, Pepperoni ($RONI), which you can earn from the pizzeria by staking chefs and tools. In addition, $RONI will have a lower inflation compared to $PIZZA and the initial price will be 1,500 $PIZZA.

Pizza Game Energy Drink

Energy Drinks

Accordingly, $PIZZA emissions from the pizzeria will stop and the supply will be capped, becoming deflationary with the introduction of energy drinks, the new primary burn mechanic for $PIZZA. These drinks allow you to temporarily boost your $RONI production for a small amount of $PIZZA. The boost is a 10% increase in production for 24 hours. Also, the boost can be upgraded on your skill tree up to a 35% increase for 24 hours. Energy drinks will cost 50 $PIZZA per $RONI per day (RPD) and are not stackable.

The main source of $SODA will still be the soda station, requiring tools and $PIZZA-AVAX LP to be burned to increase your $SODA per day (SPD), which lowers the $RONI emissions. Also, it permanently adds $PIZZA-AVAX LP, which is now a more stable asset, since $PIZZA is deflationary. While $SODA is still burned by minting tools, pizzeria skills and espresso shots. Subsequently, the price of espresso shots will be lowered to 0.05 $SODA per RPD.

Chefs, Cools and Skills Updates

These include: 

  • Chefs and Master Chefs will both have 1 RPD
  • Chefs and Master Chefs are unstaked without resting
  • Cleaner Workspaces – reduces the fatigue from claiming by 2%
  • Planning Ahead – reduces the fatigue from claiming by 2% (total of 4%)
  • Paper Mache: Reduce the base cost of the Cup, reducing creating and repairing costs by 5%
  • Wood Carving: Reduce the base cost of the Cup, reducing creating and repairing costs by 5% (total 10%)

For a full list of game updates check out Pizza Game’s announcement.

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