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Pizza Game: Latest Updates and New NFT Project Tease

Posted October 18, 2022 4:05 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Idle Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Pizza Game is one of the top titles on the Avalanche Network (per DappRadar). The Cookie Clicker-inspired Web3 game is one of the few offerings on the blockchain that enjoys solid support from its followers.

Pizza Game has continued to improve, starting with a series of game updates and even some discount offers. Moreover, the team also teased a new NFT project, stirring much excitement within the community.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with Pizza Game.

New NFT Project Tease

Pizza Game’s most dedicated Discord members caught some hints pointing toward an upcoming NFT Profile Picture (PFP) project. The info originated from community representative SpreeGore (Igor).

“I think it’s a partnership with Pizza Game, once it blows up in NFT collection space, we might get a huge wave of new players. Looks pretty awesome though,” SpreeGore stated.

The tease continued with Pizza Game builder “Papa Louie” sharing links to an enigmatic project called “Ouroboros GameFi.” In his post, Papa Louie included a short caption saying “hold your horses, 18.10 is soon.”


While the team divulged very little about the new offering, Ouroboros quickly captured the imagination of the supportive community. Long-time member “Jlobster” shared his theories on the supposed NFT collection.

“I think the announcement is tomorrow or the next day. Play 2 earn. It’s crypto,” Jlobster said.

On October 18, Pizza Game shared on Twitter, an 8-bit image of a chef and his companion working in front of computers. The tweet had the caption “Today is the Day!” In addition to that, the Ouroboros GameFi twitter page was also tagged in the post.

“This is the day!”

Factory Updates

Pizza Game’s recent Factory updates focused on the utility of assistants, the profitability of energy drinks, and additional use cases for scraps.

New Skills

New skills for factory include the following:

  • Improve Energy Assistants: Players can lower the Energy drink cost by 3%, if their assistants have an Energy Drink Refill upgrade.
  • Pepperoni Industry: This allows participants to stake up to 15 assistants in the Pizzeria.
  • Pepperoni Army: Players can stake up to 20 assistants in the Pizzeria.
  • Soda Industry: Soda Industry allows users to stake up to 15 assistants in the Soda Station.
  • Soda Army: Players are allowed to stake up to 20 assistants in the Soda Station.
  • Reusable Robots: This new feature allows users to scrap unstaked Soda Assistants in the Soda Station.

Factory Changes

High-quality parts are now capped at 20% bonus, which requires owners to stake 10 assistants. According to the team, the Industry and Army skills will not affect this added bonus.

Changes in the Soda Station 

The Reusable robots feature allows owners to scrap unstaked assistants. Each assistant will yield varying number of scraps:

  • Soda Assistant: 1 scrap
  • Energized Soda Assistant: 2 scraps 
  • Deluxe Soda Assistant: 3 scraps 
  • Focused Soda Assistant: 4 scraps 
  • Big Soda Assistant: 2 scraps 
  • Hyper Soda Assistant: 3 scraps 
  • Super Soda Assistant: 4 scraps 
  • Cracked Soda Assistant: 5 scraps 

Additionally, players can now utilize scraps to repair cups (a level 8 Soda Tanker requires 16 scraps for its repair). To unlock this ability, owners must first have a max level Soda Station.

Fatigue Timer No More

Another significant change to the game is the removal of the fatigue timer. Pizzeria owners are no longer required to wait for their chefs to cool down after unstaking them. However, players must pay a fee using $SODA tokens before they are allowed to unstake their chefs NFTs (a procedure that will reset the fatigue timer to 0%). 

Furthermore, players can still use espresso shots to reset the fatigue timer to 0%, without having to unstake their chefs. Participants will need $SODA to acquire espresso shots.

Pizza Game Kitchen

About Pizza Game

Pizza Game is an Avalanche-based idle game that also employs elements of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The project draws inspiration from popular incremental game Cookie Clicker. To enter the game, players are required to acquire a Pizza Chef NFT, which they can use to stake in their pizzeria. In addition to that, chefs have the ability to produce the token $RONI each day. 

As the game goes on, pizzeria owners can also acquire tools such as a Pizza Box, Pizza Cutter, or a Pizza Portal to help in improving $RONI production.

Furthermore, Pizza Game also has a unique “Mafia” feature. In this segment, a mob boss will visit a pizzeria and ask for a percentage. The community can join forces to bribe the Mafia away (producing one raffle ticket in the process).

NFT Updates

On October 12, the team announced that they have lowered creator fees to 2%, for NFTs on digital asset marketplace OpenSea. The offer gave players an opportunity to obtain Pizza Game assets at a lower price.

Pizza Chefs

According to the most recent data provided by P2E Analytics, Pizza Chef NFTs are now listed at 4.35 $AVAX ($67.90). Pizza Game Chefs have an all-time sales of 109,247 $AVAX ($1,705,345.67), and sales of 504.548 $AVAX ($7,876) in the past 30 days. Meanwhile, the last 7 days registered 73.138 $AVAX ($1,141.68) in sales.

Token Report


$PIZZA is an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) token that holders can use for purchasing tools. The token utilizes a burning mechanism that allows it to remain deflationary.

Currently, $PIZZA has a net supply of 3,535,764,695.494. It also experienced a price surge on August 14, peaking at $0.0001186. The sudden spike in value was attributed to changes in the game’s economics.

Pizza Token Charts

As of this writing, $PIZZA is trading at $0.0001182, with a $455,331 market cap, and a 2-hour volume of $1,676 (per CoinMarketCap).

Pizza Chart


Players can use $SODA to purchase tools and improve their pizzerias. Users can stake a $PIZZA/$AVAX liquidity pair to farm $SODA from the Soda Fountain.


Pepperoni was created to help provide stability in the game’s economy. To earn $RONI, players are required to stake their chefs and tools. As of this writing, $RONI is trading at $0.01341, with a fully diluted market cap of $66,980, and 24-hour volume of $669.45 (per Gecko Terminal).

RONI Token chart

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