Pizza Game: How to Get Started

Leo Almeida

Jul. 13, 2022

Throughout 2022, Web3 gaming saw the rise of a weird, whimsical, and wonderful line-up of titles from the animal themed Snail Trail, MetaDerby and Hoppers to the long-awaited release of space metaverse-focused Imperium Empires, and now Pizza Game.

Each game had varying difficulties when diving into their respective nitty gritties; however, not many crypto game titles can boast about their relative ease-of-play as Pizza Game

Now hold your horses. Just because the game’s basic mechanics are easily digestible by many up and comers in this space, the tokenomics aspect will cook your brain to a nice crisp. 

Let’s jump in.

Pizza Game is a blockchain game on Avalanche C-Chain, inspired by one of the first famous incremental games: Cookie Clicker. Launched in December 2021, Pizza Game built a dedicated community in a mere few months. 

First thing’s first, if you’re looking to set up your first pizza joint, you’ll need to buy a Pizza Chef NFT kickstarting your journey to earn in-game rewards by staking one or more Chefs in the Pizzeria. Players can purchase Chef Tools to refine their craft and generate more rewards. 

In layman’s terms, the purpose of the game is to create a Pizza empire and dominate the industry! 

Here’s where strategy starts coming into play, as you will have to make decisions on how to efficiently manage your Chefs; whether to invest in Chef Tools, or putting more focus on optimizing all aspects of your Pizzeria. 

There are three in-game areas you will pour most of your time on: Pizzeria, Soda Station, and Staking

Let’s break down each one:


The Pizzeria lies at the heart of the action and it’s where you’ll stake your Chefs and their Tools to gain Pepperoni ($RONI), the first of three in-game currencies. 


Pizza Game Chefs

Chefs are an integral part of the game, as they’re the main conductors of the Pizzeria and Soda Station as well as future game modes. 

For further clarification, Chefs are NFTs that can be staked in the Pizzeria. There are two types of Chefs, normal and Master, both of which can be purchased through NFTrade. For each staked Chef, you will gain one $RONI per day (RPD), while Master Chefs live up to their name, earning you a 5% increase on your RPD each.

At the time of writing, a normal Chef will cost you 2.2 $AVAX and a Master Chef will set you back 28 $AVAX. At current $RONI prices, a normal Chef churning out one RPD, comes out to 0.008 $AVAX per day. You can check out current pricing using our Pizza Game analytics tools.  

It is important to note that even digitally-employed Chef NFTs need to be rested to build their empire, since increased work and time loads on them will cause them to suffer from fatigue while cooking those delicious $RONI. Fatigue lowers your production, and eventually, the Chef will stop cooking. 

Straightforwardly, the higher RPD your Pizzeria produces, the faster a Chef is fatigued. To recover, it needs to be unstaked and rested for up to 12 hours, depending on the fatigue level. While recovering, the Chef does not cook $RONI and can’t be transferred. 

The minimum resting time is six hours, regardless of the fatigue level. Oh, and here’s a nice little curveball, for all of you, when a player claims $RONI, it increases the Chef’s fatigue by 15%. 

Chef Tools

If you’re looking to construct a robust pizza empire, and double down on your $RONI production, you’ll be faced with two paths: increase the number of Chefs at your disposal, or buy yourself some Chef Tools. 

Chef Tools provide a massive boost in the $RONI production when staked in the Pizzeria; however, players can only have one tool per staked Chef. To get your hands on some shiny Chef Tools, you can either mint them through the game’s official website or buy them on NFTrade.

Pizza Game

Espresso Shot

Esspresso Shot

No person that owns a Pizzeria doesn’t love an Espresso Shot to get their day started, especially since it helps Chefs cook and provides the best approach to reset their fatigue.  

For reference, the price of an Espresso shot is 0.05 $SODA per RPD to reduce their fatigue to 0%.

Something to keep in mind, to unstake Chefs and Tools, you must pay the Espresso cost for the Tool when fatigue is higher than 5%. This means that if you unstake a Tool or a Chef with fatigue lower than 5%, you can unstake Tools without any additional cost.

Energy Drink

Pizza Game Energy Drink

This is where things get a little bubbly, with an Energy Drink feature that boosts $RONI production for a tiny amount of Pizza Token $PIZZA. The boost provides a 10% increase in production for 24 hours. It costs 50 $PIZZA per RPD, but is not stackable.

Previously, $PIZZA was the inflationary in-game currency; however, with the introduction of $RONI, $PIZZA emissions were halted  and supply capped. 

It’s important to highlight that the only way to obtain $PIZZA is to buy it on TraderJoe or in the Pizza Party game mode, which we’ll get to later throughout this article.  


The best time to start taking notes should be about now, so let’s strap into this. 

If your hunger for in-game currency continues to rise, then staking $RONI into a Freezer is the way to garner more of it. Whenever a player claims $RONI from the Pizzeria, 10% of it goes straight to the Freezer as a flat tax. However, you can stake $RONI to get a small cut from those taxes. 

Keep in mind that it takes two days to unstake $RONI from the Freezer using the slow method coupled with a 10% burn rate. In parallel, you also have the option of unstaking immediately; the catch to this would be 25% will stay in the Freezer as tax and another 25% will be burned.

Skill Tree

To refine your Pizzeria’s experience, it can be improved using the Soda Token ($SODA). All Pizzerias start off at level one and require a set amount of $SODA to level up. Each level provides a skill point on Skill Tree to improve your production.

Each level requires more $SODA, making it increasingly more difficult to rack up  skill points. Skill points can be used to increase your RPD, decrease fatigue, increase the number of Chefs staked, allow you to use certain chef tools, and so on.

Pizza Skill Tree

Soda Station

Soda Cups

Each Soda Cup produces Soda per Day (SDP) and does not affect a Chef’s fatigue. You can acquire Soda Cups by depositing a Pizza Tool plus PIZZA-AVAX LP. The Pizza Tool and LP are burned when deposited at the Soda Station. 

Important note here: Soda Cups are not NFTs but are tied to the Soda Station. They will stay with you until you scrap them.

Time for the catch.

When you claim $SODA from the Soda Station, your cup’s durability goes down. Each one having a set amount of claims before requiring repair or scrap. When durability hits zero, it stops producing $SODA anymore. The way to repair them is by using $PIZZA-AVAX LP, with each additional repair costing an increased 25%.

Skill Tree

When a Soda Cup is depleted they can either be repaired or turned into scraps. However, they can be leveraged to improve the Soda Station. All Soda Stations start at level one and require a set amount of Scraps to level up. Each level provides a skill point to use on the Skill tree to improve your  production.

In parallel, each level requires more Scraps, making it increasingly more difficult to get skill points. They can be used to increase a your SPD, increase how many cups you have, increase the cup’s durability, reduce repair cost, and so on.

Pizza Game Skill Tree


From that we move onto to Refrigerators, where you can stake $SODA in them to accumulate more in-game currency. Whenever you claim $SODA from the station, 10% of it goes to the Refrigerator as a flat tax. Players can stake $SODA to get a cut of those taxes. 

It takes two days to unstake $SODA from the Refrigerator using the slow method with a 10% burn rate. Players also have the option of getting it immediately. But this will result in 25% staying in the Refrigerator as a tax and another 25% to be burned.


Pizza Game Staking

In Staking, you will have access to multiple options to use your hard earned in-game rewards to earn additional ones. 

Pizza Party

The Pizza Party is the newest weekly game mode introduced by the developers. Players can enter a raffle for a chance to win prizes.

Each entry ticket costs 1,000 $PIZZA. The more tickets you buy, the bigger chance you’ll have in winning a share of the $PIZZA pool and an NFT reward. 

Of the total pool, 50% is burned and the remaining 50% is split by the winners in the following format:

  • First place: 60% of $PIZZA pool and an NFT reward
  • Second place: 30% of $PIZZA pool and an NFT reward
  • Third place: 10% of $PIZZA pool and an NFT reward
  • Fourth place: NFT reward
  • Fifth place: NFT reward

The Lucky Draw is held once a week on Saturdays at 20:00 UTC, with the results announced on Sundays at 20:00 UTC. There are no limits to the number of entries a player can purchase. One person with multiple entries can win more than once per Party.

Start playing the game

If you’ve made it this far into the guide, then you’re ready to become a titan of the Pizza making industry! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install a crypto wallet compatible with Avalanche.
  2. Go to NFTrade to buy Chefs and Tools.
  3. Open Pizza Game, stake your NFTs, and start playing.

Let’s get to baking! 

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