Pizza Game Goes Live on ‘The Power Hour’ AMA

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 02, 2022

Representatives of Play-to-Earn project Pizza Game appeared on the 60th episode of Twitter Spaces host Johnny.AVAX’s social media talk show “The Power Hour” on August 1, 2022, to discuss tokenomics, as well as some community-inspired improvements and other recent updates.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the AMA:


The AMA tackled some changes in tokenomics, including fixing the inflationary characteristics of the $PIZZA token, and the introduction of the third token, Pepperoni ($RONI). 

According to the game’s whitepaper, $RONI has a lower inflation rate than $PIZZA and a $RONI-PIZZA liquidity pair will soon be launched on decentralized trading platform Trader Joe.

Pizza Factory

On July 24, Pizza Game introduced Pizza Factory, a new game mode where users can create custom Robot Assistants and Robot Chefs. The main purpose of this option is to provide additional earning opportunities and create a lower entry point for new players.

“It gives smaller players a new way to enter as well as providing a new different source of income for some of our larger and current players, as they’re able to make assistance and all that kind of stuff, and if they want some secondary markets and all of that kind of stuff,” said Chef Mike of Pizza Game.


The AMA also touched on community growth and longevity of the game. 

Johnny commended the Pizza Game team’s approachable and open-minded attitude towards the game’s fans and their suggestions.

“When the Community kind of came up with ideas, you guys were so open and receptive, it was almost like the whole community was a part of the dev team for a second. You guys really worked with the community, and listened and answered every idea, every question,” Johnny.AVAX told the team.

About Pizza Game

Built on the Avalanche blockchain, Pizza Game is inspired by browser-based game Cookie Clicker. Players can start playing the game by purchasing a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Pizza Chef which they can stake in the Pizzeria to produce the in-game token $PIZZA.

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