Pizza Game Coverage with Extra Cheese

Ephraim Austin

Jul. 15, 2022

This week we covered the ins and outs of the digital pizza industry with Pizza Game. As part of our updated website launch, we’re bringing you only the best in Web3 gaming news.

That’s why we put on our aprons, fired up the oven, and headed to the pizzeria to get a better understanding of one of Avalanche’s most popular games.

So let’s dig in.

Game Introduction

On Tuesday we tweeted a brief introduction to Pizza Game explaining the basics of the game. We also highlighted our Pizza Game analytics tools to help gamers dominate the pizza industry.

On Wednesday we published an in-depth game guide on how to get started.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Pizza Game is a blockchain game on Avalanche C-Chain, inspired by one of the first famous incremental games: Cookie Clicker. Launched in December 2021, Pizza Game built a dedicated community in a mere few months. 

First thing’s first, if you’re looking to set up your first pizza joint, you’ll need to buy a Pizza Chef NFT kickstarting your journey to earn in-game rewards by staking one or more Chefs in the Pizzeria. Players can purchase Chef Tools to refine their craft and generate more rewards. 

There are three in-game areas you will pour most of your time on: PizzeriaSoda Station, and Staking.

Let’s have a look at each one:


The Pizzeria lies at the heart of the action and it’s where you’ll stake your Chefs and their Tools to gain Pepperoni ($RONI).

Pizza Game Pizzeria


Chefs are an integral part of the game, as they’re the main conductors of the Pizzeria and Soda Station as well as future game modes. 

For further clarification, Chefs are NFTs that can be staked in the Pizzeria. There are two types of Chefs, normal and Master, both of which can be purchased through NFTrade. For each staked Chef, you will gain one $RONI per day (RPD), while Master Chefs live up to their name, earning you a 5% increase on your RPD each.

Chef Tools

Chef Tools provide a massive boost in the $RONI production when staked in the Pizzeria; however, players can only have one tool per staked Chef. To get your hands on some shiny Chef Tools, you can either mint them through the game’s official website or buy them on NFTrade.

In addition to Chef Tools there are other in-game items to help your Chef reach its full potential. Espresso shots help reset a Chef’s fatigue and Energy Drink boosts $RONI production.

Soda Station

Soda Cups

Each Soda Cup produces Soda per Day (SDP) and does not affect a Chef’s fatigue. You can acquire Soda Cups by depositing a Pizza Tool plus PIZZA-AVAX LP. The Pizza Tool and LP are burned when deposited at the Soda Station.

Pizza Game Soda Station

When you claim $SODA from the Soda Station, your cup’s durability goes down, with each one having a set amount of claims before requiring repair or scrap. When durability hits zero, it stops producing $SODA anymore; the way to repair them is by using $PIZZA-AVAX LP, with each additional repair costing an increased 25%.


In Staking, you will have access to multiple options to use your hard earned in-game rewards to earn additional ones. 

Pizza Game Staking

For more info on how to become a pizza industry titan and, all you need to know to get started, check out our comprehensive game guide.

Latest News

On Wednesday we also tweeted about Pizza Game’s newest game mode: Pizza Party. That is, every Sunday the game will host a weekly Pizza Party where players will have a chance to win prizes. Players can enter the raffle with as little as 1,000 $PIZZA.

That wraps up our weekly coverage of Pizza Game. We hope you enjoyed all the pizza-themed action. Stay tuned for more Web3 gaming coverage.

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