Pegaxy Announces New Updates

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 04, 2022

Pegaxy has finally released the much-anticipated game changes this July. Although the game’s roadmap has made some timetable adjustments, Pegaxy is adding some ingredients that will make the experience more dynamic.

Pegaxy, also known as Pegasus Galaxy, is a horse racing NFT game by Mirai Labs. Combining futuristic and mythological themes, the aim of the game is to join races using your Pega (horses that descended from the winged horse Pegasus) to win Vigorus $VIS  tokens. Pegaxy’s steady influx of 5.96K players a day placed the game seventh on the Polygon network rankings. 

Aside from racing, you can also breed, merge, rent and sell your Pega to earn more tokens. The game also enables teams to build guilds and form scholarships.

Pegaxy’s proposed new July game additions

  • Consumables will be added depending on the Pega’s level of rarity 
  • Stat-Based Consumable allows you to manipulate your stats
  • Race Cooldown Consumable reduces the racing cooldown of your horse
  • Color-Changing Consumable allows you to customize the color of your Pega
  • A new Hall of Fame Pega NFT is rewarded based on top scores
  • Pegaxy is preparing for chest and key drops during races (with added rewards even when $VIS and $PGX prices are low)
  • Land-based auctions and player-owned stadiums are delayed 
  • Food and gear are introduced to “add another layer of decision-making”

Pegaxy also plans to broaden its adoption and push the mobile app, along with added gameplay choices. Right now, the Pegaxy Mobile App is still in open Beta and racing is the only available option. The dev team’s goal is to gradually add Breeding, Renting, and MarketPlace features to the app until the game becomes fully-designed for mobile.

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