Owloper on Top Ten List of NFT Ranking

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 18, 2022

Twitter news page AVAX Daily listed on July 12, 2022, hybrid collection/game Owloper on its top ten list of NFT Collectibles on the Avalanche Network. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project came out as number four on the recent charts alongside Play-and-Earn games Crabada and Gods of Asgard.

Inspired by the mysterious nocturnal bird, Owloper represents the artists, collectors, and developers that often stay up late at night to accomplish goals, the company highlighted within its whitepaper. 

Owloper NFTs are “algorithmically-generated” owls that can spawn and gather $OWL tokens. Only 2,222 owls were produced by the team, which were all sold-out to 247 owners on the Joepegs NFT Marketplace. Also, all Owlopers possess unique aesthetics but have equal spawning and daily token-drawing capabilities.


Official Token

NFT holders can acquire $OWL daily or via surprise airdrops.

Owl’s Nest

A nest allows users to upgrade their initial slot up to level five, giving them more chances of winning. So, using this slot, holders can also transfer, stake $OWL or display their NFTs.

Eggs, Babies and Incubators

Using the breeding feature, the game’s AI allows the serendipitous creation of unique Owloper Babies by combining the DNA of two adult owls. While Owloper eggs, which are obtainable through mating, can also be listed in the marketplace.

Owloper Game


Owloper babies inherit 70% of their parents’ genes, with 30% of the attributes generated by the game’s artificial intelligence.


Hunting allows owl babies to hunt for worms, snails, bats, rodents, and snakes, each yielding varying amounts of $OWL rewards.


$RPTs are used to feed Owloper babies.


Feeding baby owls with $RPT increases their level and makes them better hunters.

Community Hunts

In addition, NFT holders can join community hunts to take down special creatures during hunting season. In parallel, Big hunts also feature a leaderboard where participants can climb up the rankings and win prizes.

Defending Nests

Owlopers can protect their nests by forming a defense team. For better results, players can add as many owls as they want on the squad and strategically combine specific breeds.

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