Ouroboros GameFi Revealed as Pizza Game’s New NFT Project

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 19, 2022

Following Pizza Game’s tease of a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, the team finally revealed “Ouroboros GameFi” on October 19, 2022. 

According to its creators, the upcoming release is an on-chain GameFi studio that aims to “push the boundaries of tokenomics, GameFi and NFTs.” The team also plans to use the project to help the Avalanche blockchain consolidate its ecosystem as a conducive place for innovation.


Earlier this week, some community members speculated that the new release is a Profile Picture (PFP) project. However, the latest revelation shows that Ouroboros isn’t just another JPEG collection.

“With the Ouroboros announcement, we are establishing ourselves as the innovators and we will never settle for mediocrity. Our goal is to create mechanisms that have never been done before on Avalanche,” the team stated.

Whitelisting has already started upon announcement (fans must stay tuned to the Ouroboros Twitter page, or click here, for more information about the game).

Let’s take a look at some of the project’s features.

Ouroboros Club

The Ouroboros Club is a social NFT that allows users to explore the capability to customize NFTs, as well as its “secondary market dynamics.” Using the platform, participants can customize, trade and collect their favorite avatars, and become part of the Ouroverse. Furthermore, Ouroboros allows players to personalize or randomize the traits of their avatars, and even transfer the attributes to other digital assets. With the aid of this process, owners can have more chances of obtaining NFTs with higher rarity.

“The Ouroboros Club contract allows us to take this collection much further than just a PFP, and we want YOU to join us on the adventure!” the team posted.

Ouroboros Avatar Traits

Perks for Ouroboros Club NFT Holders

Right from the beginning, the Ouroboros Club NFTs will serve as member passes to the broader Ouroverse. Holders are granted access to a special Discord channel called the “Ouroboros War Room.” The team created the server as a place to share exclusive alpha of the team’s developments.

In addition to that, all holders are included in White List (WL) spots, giving them sneak previews of future projects, as well as a “small surprise” in November.

Participants can mint Ouroboros Club NFTs using either $PIZZA (Pizza Game’s primary token) or $AVAX (Avalanche blockchain’s native token). The game will convert the total $AVAX earned from the mint into $PIZZA tokens, before they get burned for deflationary purposes.

“The Ouroboros team has enough funds to continue the development of Pizza Game and now Ouroboros, so we want to focus on improving the tokenomics of $PIZZA,” the team said.

Ouroboros Avatars

Ouroboros and Pizza Game

The Pizza Game team assured that the Cookie Clicker-inspired idle NFT game will serve as the foundation of the new project Ouroboros. In fact, part of the team’s goals include expanding Pizza Game’s community, while providing them with new games to enjoy.

A Pizza Game and Ouroboros partnership will soon introduce “Delivery Mode.” The feature will utilize delivery scooters to bring more treats to pizza lovers “all over the world.” Additionally, the team claims that Delivery Mode’s tokenomics is “something that has never been done before on-chain.”

Pizza Game Delivery Scooter

The Ouroverse

The Ouroverse is actually an online community that users can visit and engage in on-chain activities with like-minded individuals. According to the team, this model is a little different from the open world that games such as Roblox provides. Essentially, the popular Web2 platform offers more world exploration opportunities and everyday in-game pursuits.

$PIZZA Token

The Ouroverse will also use Pizza Game’s token $PIZZA as its main currency. 

“We have built a great support system for $PIZZA in Pizza Game. It has one of the greatest tokenomics on AVAX, having strong liquidity and being highly deflationary,” the team stated.

$PIZZA is an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) token that holders can use for purchasing tools in Pizza Game. The token has a burning mechanism that allows it to remain deflationary (see P2E Analytics data below). 

PIzza token
Data source: P2E Analytics

As of this writing, $PIZZA has a net supply of 3,535,764,695. The token is trading at $0.0001121, with a $432,464 market cap, and a 2-hour volume of $4,273 (per CoinMarketCap).

Pizza Game Chart


According to the most recent data provided by P2E Analytics, Pizza Chef NFTs are now listed at 4.35 $AVAX ($67.90). Pizza Game Chefs have an all-time sales of 109,247 $AVAX ($1,705,345.67), and sales of 504.548 $AVAX ($7,876) in the past 30 days. Meanwhile, the last 7 days registered 73.138 $AVAX ($1,141.68) in sales.

Pizza Game
Data source: P2E Analytics

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