Notorious Frogs Turns One, Releases Frogland Trailer

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 21, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Notorious Frogs celebrates its first anniversary on September 21, 2022. The team shared a brand new “Frogland Trailer,” along with a lengthy Twitter thread thanking its supporters and members working behind the scenes.

“HOPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to each and every one of you #NotoriousFrogs!! What a year it’s been!” the team said. “We of the #FrogTeam are so grateful, humbled, & overwhelmed by your endless support, love, creativity, & patience.”

Notorious Frogs is having a momentum-filled year so far, with new features and partnerships for the project’s expanding ecosystem. 

Aside from a few drawbacks before release. The team mentioned an “unrelated DMCA takedown” that led to a “full rework” of the artwork days before the launch. Fortunately, the project got back on track and dropped the collection. In 2022, Notorious Frogs also introduced Land Claim and Land Device features, along with a few collaborations with multimedia artist Gabe Weis and real estate NFT project The Estates.

As a celebration, the project released a trailer video, showcasing the seven biomes of Frogland (the founding district of the NewPangea metaverse).

“Beautiful and dangerous, strange and surreal, the seven biomes of Frogland have something unique for the adventurers, the socialites, and the creators alike,” the team stated. “Frogland drips with mystery and majesty, the perfect home for the intrigues and indiscretions of the Notorious Frogs.”

The team is also planning to release a Medium article soon. According to them, the write up will cover “the past year of first hops on this journey.”

About Notorious Frogs

Notorious Frogs started out as an NFT collection of 10,000 Frog characters found on the Ethereum blockchain. The Frog NFTs’ utilities are not limited to the usual social media Profile Picture (PFP) roles. The team designed the artworks for use as avatars in the project’s upcoming metaverse called NewPangea.

The Notorious Frogs public sale went live in September 2021, and was also introduced as a collaborative social space. In 2022, the team is focusing efforts to turn the project into a full-fledged ecosystem. They also unveiled plans to build a metaverse, introduce games, add more characters and expand the storyline.

As of this writing, Notorious Frogs NFTs has a total volume of 2,500 $ETH ($3,313,400), and a floor price of 0.12 $ETH ($159.04). The most expensive Frog is listed at 1,075 $ETH ($1,424,762), per OpenSea.

Notorious Frogs NFTs


NewPangea is Notorious Frogs’ upcoming metaverse. The expansive virtual world is created with the help of Dream Reality Interactive (DRI), an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development studio.

One of NewPangea’s highlights will be its “Arts District.” This will provide Web3 creatives the space to showcase their original works, as well as connect with supporters and fellow artists.

Land Devices

Basically, Land Devices function in a similar way to land deeds. In June 2022, the team released 12,500 “Land Synthesis Devices,” with 10,000 allotted for the Frog holders claim, and 2,500 for the Allow Listed (AL) sale. The projected total number of Land Devices in Frogland’s 60 square kilometers land area is 55,000.

As of this writing, Land Device has a 31,700 $ETH ($41,973,019) total volume, and a floor price of 0.06 $ETH ($79.44). The most expensive device has a 9,000 $ETH ($11,916,630) price tag (per OpenSea).

Notorious Frogs Land Synthesis Devices

Multiplayer Game

Notorious frogs also had a multiplayer game demo in December 2021. Verified Frog NFT holders were granted access to the playtest. The game is currently under development and fans are still waiting for the next update. 

Along with land ownership, the game will be one of the core of Frogland’s economy. Moreover, the team will also introduce a token system with various utilities to drive the multiplayer offering.