Notorious Frogs Maintains the Momentum in 2022

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 05, 2022

NFT project Notorious Frogs has been gradually evolving as a collection since its launch in 2021. The team continues to ride the momentum in 2022, featuring key partnerships, and Land claims for its early supporters.

Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy project updates since its launch.

Land Claim

On June 18, 2022, Notorious Frogs dropped Land Claims for “Froghodlrs.” Following the launch of the official Notorious Frogs website, Frog NFT holders were granted the privilege to claim their land through the site.

To prevent heavy traffic and rising gas fees, the team advised its supporters that “there is no rush to claim” land. They assured holders that the process will remain open until all “frogs have claimed their lilyPADs.”

Land Device

Along with the Land Claim in June, Notorious Frogs also launched the Land Device sale. The team released 12,500 “Land Synthesis Devices,” with 10,000 allotted for the Frog holders claim, and 2,500 for the Allow Listed (AL) sale.

The projected total number of Land Devices in Frogland’s 60 square kilometers land area is 55,000. The map contains residential or privately owned land, properties for business, public areas for social gatherings, zones assigned for quests, as well as the wild outskirts.

The team will release Land Devices in batches over the span of months or years. This will depend on market conditions and community response. Frogholdrs can also refuse AL access for upcoming Land sales.

As of this writing, Land Device has a 30,700 $ETH ($48,036,904) total volume, and a floor price of 0.08 $ETH ($125.18), per OpenSea.

Notorious Frogs Land Device

NFT Drop by Gabe Weis 

On September 3, 2022, announced the “first generative drop” from cubist artist Gabe Weis. The NFT drop is said to be the biggest ever for the rising San Francisco-based mixed media creator. As one of the original partners of Notorious Frogs, Weis gave the Frogs 25 mint spots for the Day 1 mint and price.

Boasting 5,000 pieces, the collection will feature hundreds of hand-drawn “The Stoics.” The drop will also include exclusive collabs with top artists, hundreds of tokens and Easter Eggs, and many others.

On August 25, Weis also launched a new NFT collection called “Conscious Lines,” which got sold out and increased in value by about 200% less than a day after its first mint.

The Estates

On August 19, interoperable real estate NFT project The Estates partnered with Notorious Frogs, and gave away a limited number of White List (WL) spots for their upcoming Phase 2: Modernist mint. 

The Estates feature a collection of architecturally designed boutique house NFTs that are compatible with all metaverses, as well as virtual and augmented realities.

About Notorious Frogs

Launched in June 2021, Notorious Frogs started out as an NFT collection of 10,000 Frog characters. These Frogs would eventually become avatars in an upcoming metaverse called NewPangea.

The Notorious Frogs public sale went live in September 2021. The NFT project was introduced as a collaborative social space to bring together supporters of the collection. 

According to Notorious Frogs’ white paper, the Frogs “were never meant to be just 10k individual portraits; they are the main characters in a story of epic proportion.” This refers to the future utility of the NFTs and the rich lore contained within the project’s mystical world.

This year, the team has been putting in more efforts to develop the collection into a full-fledged ecosystem. Goals include plans to build a metaverse, incorporate games, and add more characters and expand on Notorious Frogs’ existing literature.

As of this writing, Notorious Frogs NFTs has a total volume of 2,500 $ETH ($3,911,800), and a floor price of 0.13 $ETH ($203.41). The most expensive Frog is listed at 1,074 $ETH ($1,680,509.28), per OpenSea.

Notorious Frogs NFT


In October 2021, the team used the earnings from the NFT sale to fund the creation of its own metaverse. The project partnered with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development studio Dream Reality Interactive (DRI). The partnership was intended to build the “NewPangea,” a “community and socially-driven” metaverse.

One of the goals of NewPangea is to introduce an “Arts District,” that will help nurture creative talents in the space. The virtual world will provide galleries for artists to showcase their work. Additionally, it will feature places where creatives can network and collaborate.

The four main NFTs required to participate in the NewPangea are the Notorious Frogs, the LilyPADs, the Land Device, and the Permits.


In December 2021, Notorious Frogs launched its multiplayer game demo playtest that was exclusively available to verified Frog NFT holders. There is no definite schedule for the release of the project’s game yet. However, the community has been waiting in anticipation for this new facet and what it can bring into the space. 

Aside from land ownership, the games will be central to the economy of Frogland. With the incorporation of a multiplayer setup, the game will also soon introduce a token system. This model will fuel activities and serve as the ecosystem’s lifeblood.