NFT Racing Game Snail Trail Reveals Q3 Updates

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 21, 2022

Racing/breeding Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game Snail Trail just had a productive Q3 with a substantial amount of updates for its strong community. Now the team is preparing to execute more plans during the remainder of 2022.

Some of the changes in the project include an improved look, as well as the introduction of new game modes, mechanics, and visuals, among others.

Let’s take a deeper look at the new developments, as well as some expectations for Snail Trail.

Q3 Summary

In-Game Shop

According to the team, the biggest step was to integrate the shop into the game. It is also important to note that Snail Trail’s in-game shop started with only mission tickets on its shelves. However, the shop has since improved and the team plans to add more items such as shell paint and racing banners. 

Mission Tickets

In a bid to bring back some balance to the Daily Mission mode, the team has decided to bring back Mission Tickets. Basically, Mission Tickets will help protect players from bots that will exploit the system and put human participants at a disadvantage.

Mega Race 

Added later on as a “surprise bonus” feature, Snail Trail’s Mega Race is a new race mode. This new offering allows players to race against a maximum of 64 snails. A Mega Race will take place in the “Slime Colosseum” everyday, and will give away prizes in $AVAX (Avalanche blockchain’s native token).

Other Updates

Snail Trail introduced its laboratory, which will allow players to burn, consolidate, and upgrade their Snails. Moreover, the game now has a player profile feature to improve social interaction between participants. 

Q4 Plans

Features that the team is planning to introduce before the end of 2022 include isometric view, flex races, guilds, and tournaments, as well as more improvements to the game.

“We take a data-backed approach when making any game tweaks to ensure the best long-term implications and experience. Other improvements may come along the way such as organization, visuals, filters, sorting, and other design elements,” the team stated.

About Snail Trail

Snail Trail is a breeding and racing game on the Avalanche network. Players are required to acquire Snail NFTs, which possess varying traits including family, class, generation, and adaptation. Moreover, the Snails also have visual traits, colors, and body types.

In the game, players can choose to compete in the following modes: Daily Missions (Free-to-Play daily races), Competitive (high stakes competition), Mega Race (bigger races, bigger rewards).

Snail NFTs

Snail NFTs are grouped into five categories: Garden, Helix, Milk, Agate, and Atlantis. According to data (per P2E Analytics), the Snail Trail NFT marketplace generated 1.694 of volume in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, the game sold 5 NFTs at an average price of 0.399.

On the Snail Trail marketplace, Snail NFTs have a volume of 36,728 $AVAX ($553,123.69). The floor price is 0.21 $AVAX ($3.16), and the most expensive Snail has a 42,069 $AVAX ($633,559.14) price tag.


Snail Trail utilizes the ERC-20 token $SLIME. Holders can use the token for races, incubator, laboratory, microwave, and micro-transactions for cosmetics, among others. 

As of this writing, $SLIME is trading at $0.002253. The token has a $21,434 market cap, and $263 24-hour volume (per CoinMarketCap).

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