NFT Project Smolverse Holds “Smol Hall” AMA Session

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 18, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Smolverse held its bi-weekly “Smol Hall” Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter Spaces on July 13, 2022. The AMA touched on a number of topics concerning future game additions and other team goals.

“The team has done lots of internal strategy sessions on what made Smols successful & how we can reconcile our roadmap! Lots of big brain planning going on behind the scenes & we believe we have a strong direction moving forward,” the team stated on Twitter.

Smolverse is a collection of pixel art style NFTs on the Arbitrum token bridge. Users can choose from a number of categories including Smol Bodies (muscular fighters and weightlifters), Smol Brains (monkeys), Small Brains Land (swaths of virtual land), Smol Cars (banana-shaped cars), and Smol Treasures (moon-mined treasures), among others.

Here’s what we learned about the recent AMA:

Smol Racing

In the coming weeks, the Smol team is releasing a sneak preview of Smol Racing, which they intend to create as a browser-based game. The devs are also working on making $MAGIC (native token of the Treasure Ecosystem) emissions and rewards to accumulate and be claimed in a single gas-saving transaction.

Social IRL Events

Smol Socials is a community-managed space for “Smols” that also acts as a brand-building channel. 

Treasures and Pets

The team is currently planning to add utility-driven Smol Treasures and Pets NFTs, which they will focus on after launching Smol Racing.


Currently, the team is building and refining Smol Quests content. The goal is connecting it with existing Smolverse lore, as well as using it as another avenue for more storytelling.


The team received over 200 replies on their feedback form regarding Smol merchandise. All of the ideas will be considered during the development process.

Long-term Goals

Smolverse’s goal is to create a strong brand name under Treasure DAO and push the boundaries of creativity.

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