NFT Games BYOPills and Legends of Venari Showcased Web3 Interoperability in Latest Event

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 20, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games BYOPills and Legends of Venari wrapped up an exclusive event on September 17, 2022. The partnership showcased the power of Web3 interoperability by sharing assets and crossing both worlds.

The event, which kicked off on September 2, is part of the established alliance between BYOPills and Legends of Venari in December 2021. Last year’s collaboration brought over some items from the BYOVerse for Venari players to consume.


The recently concluded joint effort introduced the creature “Oros” to BYOPills players. Additionally, BYOPills NFT holders received a 2-week Legends of Venari Demo Pass to Caerras (the fantasy world of the Venaris).

Pillagers and Seekers will be coming together to catch the renegade Oros in a two-week Web3 gaming event spanning Caerras,” the Legends of Venari team announced. The “Pillagers” refers to new players, while the “Seekers” are the game’s existing players.

Luring a Venari with a BYOPill

Demonstrating blockchain operability for NFT games, BYOPills and Legends of Venari successfully integrated in-game characters and items. Event participants were granted the chance to catch an Oros with the help of some “potions” from the BYOVerse. Oros is a type of a Venari. It is a “renegade” wolf-like creature that players need to tame and acquire as their own.

 Legends of Venari

To lure an Oros, players are required to employ baits, which are actually special BYOPills with varying effects. Participants can choose from two types of baits: Purple Slurp and Purple Clematis Oil.

Purple Slurp

A Purple Slurp is a “genetically modified substance,” with “high concentration of Kore energy.” It is a potent chemical for luring the feral Oros. 

BYOPills NFT holders were dropped 2x Purple Slurp daily through the course of the event. On the other hand, Seekers were able to acquire the substance through in-game shops (stores in Legends of Venari that are located in the City of Tecta, Mirala Town, and Mithra Shores).

Purple Clematis Oil

Purple Clematis Oil is “extracted from the Clematis Plant,” and contains “hydrocarbons mixed with Purple Slurp.” Players can purchase the oil using shards from the following Legends of Venari locations: LIRA (Tecta), Mirala Facility (Ayena), and Isha Nature Preserve (Pele’ino).

Pillagers holding a BYOPills NFT received 1x Purple Clematis bait daily during the event’s duration. There were also reports of tier-2 Oros releasing Purple Clematis Oil upon capture.

Legends of Venari Purple Clematis Oil
Purple Slurp (left), and Purple Clematis Oil (right)

About BYOPills

BYOPills is an open-world NFT collectible game that started out as consumables. One of the long-term goals of its creators is to achieve interoperability while building an ecosystem. Eventually, the project expanded into its own BYOVerse, which allows players to acquire various digital assets. 

Some of the primary properties that participants can acquire in the game are Apostles and BYOLand. Important in-game items that players need to obtain include BYOKey, BYO Vape, BYO Craft, and BYOPills.


Apostles are 3D-rigged characters, designed as avatars for the BYOVerse. There are 7,642 genesis Apostle NFTs divided into four tiers: Goddess, Ancient, Psychonaut, and Voyager. These NFTs generate the in-game token $TRYP and also grants owners full commercial rights to the characters.

As of this writing, Apostles NFTs has a total volume of 3,500 $ETH ($4,766,580), and a floor price of 0.12 $ETH ($163.43). The most expensive Apostle has a $66.6 ($90,701.21) price tag (per OpenSea). 



On August 26, the game released BYOLand parcels that players can obtain and use to gather resources and ingredients. Land is a safe storage zone for collected materials, and a place for players to teleport to when faced with dangers in the BYOVerse.

As of this writing, BYOLand has a total volume of 6,000 $ETH ($8,171,280), and floor price of 0.2 $ETH ($272.38). The most expensive piece of land is worth 24 $ETH ($32,685.12), per OpenSea.



Tryptamine or $TRYP is the utility token of the BYOVerse. The tokens are rewards for staking an Apostle, and holders can use them for future item drops.

About Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is a creature-catching NFT game that employs elements of Play-and-Earn and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the game allows players to explore the fantasy world of Caerras and catch powerful Venari creatures. Owners can opt to utilize, sell, or trade the Venari NFTs on the marketplace. 

To enter Legends of Venari, participants are first required to purchase an Alpha Pass and further unlock other gameplay features as the game progresses.

As of this writing Alpha Passes has a total volume of 1,200 $ETH ($1,639,800), with prices ranging from 0.059 $ETH to 1 $ETH ($1,366.50) per OpenSea.

Legends of Venari Alpha Pass