NFT Game Alien Worlds Integrates with L1 Blockchain Zilliqa

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 28, 2022

Top Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game Alien Worlds revealed to the public its integration with Layer-1 (L1) blockchain Zilliqa via Medium on July 28, 2022.

The partnership, which was made official on July 25, aims to showcase the metaverse game to Zilliqa’s partners. This includes professional esports organizations Ninjas in Pyjamas and Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ). 

“Through Zilliqa’s Esports partners and in the future our gaming hub, Alien Worlds can reach traditional gamers who will have the opportunity to be rewarded more tangibly for their in-game achievements,” said Zilliqa head of business development for sports and gaming Tom Fleetham.

Alien Worlds Co-Founder/CEO Saro McKenna, believes that “NFTs are revolutionizing blockchain gaming” for their “utility and in-game functionality.” She expressed her excitement for the newly-formed alliance.

“We look forward to connecting with Zilliqa’s traditional gamers and Esports partners, who we believe will soon appreciate the true value of P2E earning opportunities within a blockchain game environment and take advantage of the rapidly growing sophistication within the Alien Worlds metaverse,” McKenna said.

Alien Worlds runs on WAX blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. It has a record 11 million daily transactions by over 700,000 monthly active users (per DappRadar).

“Alien World’s strong and dedicated player base catapulted it into becoming the world’s most popular blockchain game, which in turn will provide significant exposure for our gaming hub as well as the games built by our in-house team and the Zilliqa community,” said Zilliqa Head of Gaming Technology Valentin Cobelea.

About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one of the most popular Play-to-Earn games today. It is a science fiction-inspired game that allows users to play using NFT assets and stake the in-game token Trilium. Moreover, players can also accomplish and engage in interplanetary missions and political affairs.

About Zilliqa

Founded in 2017, Zilliqa aims to provide scalable and secure blockchain solutions for companies and decentralized applications (dApps). Using its technology, Zilliqa also serves as a portal to the world of blockchain, where builders can create dApps more conveniently.

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