NBA in the Metaverse, Pudgy Penguins Goes Cross-Chain, Amazon NFT Project

Jethro Sandico

Jan. 27, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest features entities from various industries converging on the blockchain to provide better experiences.

Established names that made noise in the space include Accenture, Amazon, NBA, and Pussy Riot. Meanwhile, Web3-native projects are also making significant moves as of late. Blockchain-based entities that deserve the spotlight include Avalanche, Lamina1, Moondogs, Paris Blockchain Week, Pudgy Penguins, and Spatial Labs, among others.

Last but not least, Web3 games continue to bring more life into the space with tons of developments and updates. Projects that made waves recently include BoomLand Games, Emergent Games, Heroes on Chain, Mana Games, MetaDerby, Meta Masters Guild, My Pet Hooligan, and Swords of Blood.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • The National Basketball Association (NBA) has extended its partnership with social media conglomerate Meta. The alliance will enable the league to broadcast 52 of its games on metaverse app Xtadium. Furthermore, the platform also uses virtual reality (VR) technology to provide immersive sports experiences using all-in-one VR headset Meta Quest 2. On the other hand, fans will be able to view the games via Meta’ metaverse app Horizon Worlds (BTC).

  • Russian feminist art group Pussy Riot founding member Nadya Tolokonnikova has teamed up with street artist and OBEY founder Shepard Fairey for an NFT launch. Titled Putin’s Ashes, the project is dropping on Friday on Tezos-based NFT marketplace Objkt. The artists plan to donate the proceeds from the sale to Ukrainian soldiers defending against Russian invasion (CD).

  • A Web3 hacker known as the “Blockchain Bandit” recently showed signs of activity, after six years of staying dormant. Apparently, the thief has begun moving around $90 million worth of cryptocurrencies. An estimated 10,000 wallets around the world have been pilfered by the bandit since it started in 2016 (CT).

  • Rumors of e-commerce giant Amazon’s upcoming NFT initiative have been swirling around the internet today. According to sources, Amazon is planning to launch a digital asset enterprise, with focus on Web3 gaming and NFT apps. Earlier this month, Amazon’s cloud computing arm Amazon Web Services formed a partnership with Ava Labs to boost development on its blockchain Avalanche (TD).

  • Well-loved NFT collection Pudgy Penguins recently announced that it is now “cross-chain.” This means that the digital assets can now move between multiple ecosystems. For a start, the integrated blockchains are Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. “By enabling the Lil Pudgys to go cross-chain, we’re setting up the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem to reach millions of people,” the team stated (PP).

Web3 Games

  • Metaverse and blockchain game studio Emergent Games has chosen the Immutable X ecosystem for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Resurgence. The game developer aims to benefit from the Immutable X’s scaling capabilities and low gas fees. The Ethereum layer-2 (L2) scaling solution is also home to Web3 games such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and Illuvium, among others (NFTG).

  • Multi-chain Web3 gaming portal Mana Games has teamed up with layer-1 (L1) blockchain network Concordium. The partnership plans to create a win-to-earn, peer-to-peer (P2P) tournament model that will implement Concordium’s built-in self-sovereign ID framework. Essentially, this will bolster  the gaming platform’s user security verification, as well as simplify payments processes for competition winners (MBD).

  • Web3 gaming guild and ecosystem Meta Masters Guild’s (MMG) native token $MEMAG has raised $1.45 million weeks after its launch. The token’s presale phase is already in its third stage. Basically, all of the games on the platform will utilize the cryptocurrency for various activities. In addition, holders can also swap MMG’s in-game rewards called Gems into $MEMAG tokens (CN).

  • Avalanche-based racing and breeding game MetaDerby’s Legendary Box Campaign is nearing its end. Running from January 18-27, the campaign has two offerings: Promotion A (up to 20% discount on box purchases) and Promotion B (300,000 $HOOF Prize Pool) (MD).

  • Upcoming action RPG project Swords of Blood has announced the launch of its new Lootbox NFT sale. On the 1st of February, Early Adopter Soulbound Token holders will be granted first access to the digital assets on NFT platform Idexo. Non-holders will get the chance to mint an hour after the initial phase. The Lootbox NFTs is made up of three types: Basic Epic Box, Medium Legendary Box, and Big Legendary Box (PRN).

NFT News

  • Court documents recently revealed that NFT company Yuga Labs does not have any copyright for the images in its popular profile picture (PFP) collection the Bored Ape Yacht Club. In June 2022,  Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit against conceptual artist Ryder Ripps for using BAYC images in his own NFT project. Apparently, Yuga Labs has sued Ripps for false advertising, trademark infringement, and cybersquatting (BIC).

  • Intertrust Technologies has launched its Intertrust Marketmaker Toolkit. Basically, the Web3-based rights management solution offers token and digital rights management. This allows network and marketplace operators to conveniently transition to Web3, while ensuring the security of their digital assets (NFTG).

  • “Community-centric” NFT collection Moondog has teamed up with NFT marketplace YoungParrot. As a result, Moondog will release its digital collectibles on YoungParrot’s Launchpad. Both projects are built on the Core DAO ecosystem. Additionally, Moondog has also announced the launch of its website (BSCN).

Into the Metaverse

  • Teddy Kaplan, the NBA’s associate VP and new media partner management lead, recently talked about the league’s metaverse initiatives. Kaplan also touched on the NBA’s partnership with social media conglomerate Meta and its virtual world platform Horizon World. According to Kaplan, the immersive experiences offered by the metaverse and other related technologies is “an evolution of the fan experience” (SVG).

  • Lamina1, an L1 blockchain optimized for the metaverse, has promoted its president Rebecca Barkin to CEO. Barkin is tasked with overseeing all business operations including “partnerships, fundraising efforts, developer relations and the execution of the company’s product roadmap.” Launched in June 2022, Lamina1 was founded by renowned sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson and blockchain expert Peter Vessenes (CD).

  • Professional services company Accenture’s investment arm Accenture Ventures has announced a strategic investment in 3D tech startup Forma Vision. The platform allows users to create holographic images of people, objects, and environments in the virtual world. Moreover, Forma Vision has a real-time streaming feature that allows users to meet in the metaverse without relying on animated avatars (NFTG).

Around the Blockchain

  • Web3 infrastructure company Spatial Labs has secured $10 million in a seed funding round. Investors that joined the fundraise include venture firms Blockchain Capital and superstar rapper Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners. The company will utilize the funds to scale and diversify its proprietary blockchain-based tools. Additionally, Spatial Labs plans to deploy the capital to expand its presence in industries such as consumer goods, media, and entertainment (BZ).

  • Avalanche blockchain’s native token AVAX recently experienced a surge in price after its parent company Ava Labs partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AVAX went up by over 13% last week following the spread of the news about the team-up. On January 24, the token peaked at $18.73, before pulling back to $16.76 the following day. As of this writing, $AVAX is trading at $18.04, with a 24-hour volume of $470,376,998 (per CoinMarketCap) (CNF).

  • The Paris Blockchain Week is setting the stage for another return in March 2023. Already in its 4th installment, the conference will run from 20-24 March 2023 at the Carrousel du LOUVRE in Paris, France. According to the website, the event will feature over 270 guest speakers, 3 stages, and 20 workshops. Moreover, the organizers are expecting 6,000 people to attend the Paris Blockchain Week (PBW).

Web3 Content Creator

  • Brycent: Web3 content creator Brycent recently teased a new project, which he states was “months in the making.” While he revealed very limited details, his mention of VaynerSports VP of gaming Darren Glover further fueled speculations about a forthcoming deal. VaynerSports is a full-service talent representation and brand consulting agency founded by internet personality Gary Vaynerchuck and his brother AJ.

  • Hustle: In another edition of YouTube channel Crypto Banter’s “In the Game,” host Jonny aka Hustle, put the spotlight on some artificial intelligence (AI) projects. According to Hustle, “the AI race is really, really hot,” as of late. Projects that the Web3 content creator named include Covalent and Numeraire.

  • Spike: Esports player Spike has announced a partnership with Polygon-based play-and-earn gaming platform BoomLand Games. As part of the team-up, Spike is giving away 25 Hunter NFTs from action and adventure game Hunters On Chain.

  • Stache: Web3 gaming YouTuber recently sat down with special guests Colin Brady and Skyhopper from interactive NFT project My Pet Hooligan (MPH). The MPH team revealed a ton of alpha about the project, including animation technology, new music, new game modes, events, and many more. “This crazy Hooli gave me ALL THE LEAKS!” Stache tweeted.