My Pet Hooligan and Doge Pound Collaborate on an NFT Game

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 25, 2022

A My Pet Hooligan and Doge Pound cross-project collaboration will open a lot of doors in the world of blockchain, as both entities possess the charisma and the following that the industry needs today.

Interactive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project My Pet Hooligan (MPH) COO/CTO Colin Brady revealed on August 24, 2022, collaboration plans with doge themed NFT collection Doge Pound.

While the project has no specific date in place, the MPH team is already working with The Doge Pound Studios, with focus on early-stage development including animation and conceptualization.

“We are talking with other NFT collections, we’re talking with Doge Pound and soon, hopefully in a couple of days, we’re gonna reveal some early animation tests,” Brady stated in an interview.

Brady expressed his fondness for Doge Pound’s loveable canine OG’s, even likening a possible Hooligan-Doge tandem to Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s hilarious 2012 buddy cop film 21 Jump Street.

“But that little Doge character is so much fun, we haven’t told this publicly, but it’s actually one of our best characters. He’s super expressive and he just belongs so well, put him next to Hooligan, all of a sudden look at this, this is like a buddy cop show,” Brady said.

It is no secret that My Pet Hooligan’s creators, AMGI Studios, is one of the most prolific animation studios in the world. Having worked with the likes of Disney and Pixar, it is only fitting that the game builders bring in their TV and film sensibilities to the blockchain space.

“That’s kinda how we think of these cast of characters that eventually we wanna put in a TV show, in a movie, and create content that’s exclusively released in the Rabbit Hole game,” Brady added.

My pet hooligan gameplay

The Rabbit Hole Alpha

My Pet Hooligan also reached out to the The Doge Pound team this month, asking for the latter’s assistance in testing out the Alpha release of The Rabbit Hole, which will feature a playable Doge Hooligan.

“In the early version of the game you will be able to play as a Doge branded Hooligan, you will be able to explore, engage in combat with some multiplayer functionality, use the content creator and socialize,” The Doge Pound Studios said on Discord.

The stripped down game will not include Play-and-Earn mode and core gameplay loops, since those elements will only be introduced in later versions (which the people at The Doge Pound will have access to as well). As expected, The NFT collection’s creative input will be a major contribution in this swiftly progressing partnership.

“We also have the opportunity to submit art that will be featured in the game by means of in-game graffiti and movie posters,” The Doge Pound Studios added.

My pet hooligan rabbit hole

About My Pet Hooligan

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, My Pet Hooligan is a brand that started out as an NFT collection of 8,888 Pet Hooligans, and eventually expanded into an ecosystem. The project features fully-rigged 3D anthropomorphic rabbits designed using proprietary technology within Unreal Engine 5.0.

On August 19, My Pet Hooligan released its new game The Rabbit Hole’s Alpha v1.1, an early access version of the web3 game/social experience. The Alpha will be used to improve the game and prepare for a more polished second version.

About The Doge Pound

The Doge Pound is a collection of 10,000 dog-themed NFTs that possess various traits and features including eyes, clothing, fur, and background image, among others. Existing on the Ethereum blockchain, it is the first collection under the Doge Pound Studios brand.

Owning a Doge Pound NFT grants members special benefits such as early access to game releases, conferences, events, and limited presale opportunities. As of this writing, The Doge Pound NFTs has a total volume of 29.6k $ETH ($50,325,328), and floor price of 0.25 $ETH ($425.05). The most expensive Doge Pound is listed at 696,969,696,969 $ETH ($1,184,973,939,392,754.50), per OpenSea.

Doge pound NFTs