Mutant Apes to Appear in Web3 Game, K-Drama Enters The Sandbox Metaverse, Lionel Messi Firm Invests in Web3 Project

Jethro Sandico

Mar. 09, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest will highlight various projects in blockchain gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

Lionel Messi/Play Time: Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi’s investment firm Play Time is one of the key investors in interactive entertainment startup Matchday. The company successfully raised $21 million in a seed funding round. The team plans to employ Web3 technology and mobile gaming for their upcoming FIFA-licensed football games. Furthermore, Matchday will also introduce collectible digital player cards that offer “true ownership” to gamers (FC).

The Sandbox: Open-world metaverse game The Sandbox has announced a partnership with South Korean talent agency AIMC Official. The team-up aims to bring acclaimed K-Drama series ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ to the metaverse. The project will allow players to explore locations from the popular TV show, as well as play games and “enjoy the floating whale” the ‘K-verse’ (TW).

Mat Collishaw/Heterosis: English visual artist Mat Collishaw recently launched ‘Heterosis,’ an NFT flower collection that also offers immersive metaverse experiences. In an interview, Collishaw expounded on the project’s goals to “create dynamic things that evolve and mutate” in a “virtual social system environment.” The London-based art legend also stated that the NFT collection is impossible to pull off in other formats (DC).

The Glimmering/Mutant Apes: Table-top role-playing game (TTRPG) project The Glimmering has revealed plans to integrate Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) characters into the game. The title’s developer Gripnr partnered with NFT collector and Web3 entrepreneur Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis for the initiative. In addition, Gripnr Lead Artist Justin “Angryblue” Kamerer will reimagine the Mutant Apes as villains in The Glimmering’s fantasy world (DC).

Web3 Games

Chikn Game/13N Coils: Idle breeding game Chikn Game and 13N Coils has launched its ‘Glass Coils’ NFT project. On March 10, players will be allowed to burn $EGG tokens for a chance to win a secured whitelist spot to the minting round on March 13. Glass Coils consists of 133 ‘phigital masterpieces’ crafted by glass artist and 13N Coils creator Onethird Nerd (TW).

House of Slots: Web3 gaming platform Massive Gaming has announced the launch of its social casino game House of Slots. Employing a play-to-earn (P2E) model, the project brings 80 slot machine games and mini-game events where participants can earn rewards. Prior to its release, House of Slots also airdropped tokens to users via their IntellaX wallet (ZYC).

Chainmonsters: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Chainmonsters has announced early access to the Flow blockchain-based project. The collectible adventure title allows gamers to catch, battle, and trade monsters, as well as explore the “lovely lands of Ancora.” Last but not least, Chainmonsters is now available on the Epic Games Store for iOS and Android platforms (TW).

Dimensionals: The Genesis mint for Mino Games-produced RPG title Dimensionals is now live. “This is shaping up to be the BIGGEST genesis mint in web3 gaming!” Mino Games founder and CEO Sasha Mackninnon posted on Twitter earlier. Over 300,000 gamers have applied for the mint However, the “Genesis Dimensional Stone” collection will only consist of 1,000 NFTs (TW).

NFT News

Code Canvas/Exchange.Art: Digital fine art marketplace Exchange.Art has revealed plans to release a generative art NFT platform on Solana. Dubbed ‘Code Canvas,’ the project draws similarities to the Ethereum-based generative art platform Art Blocks. Code Canvas aims to support artists and collectors, as well as “create a more committed community and collector base” (CD).

UpStairs: NFT marketplace Upstairs has launched the third and final edition of its Nifty Hands collection. The platform introduced a referral program that allows users to earn rebates up to $150,000 USDT. Moreover, Upstairs has also released its interactive Game Center to enable seamless integration of digital assets into Web3 games (YF).

Tensor: NFT marketplace Tensor immediately gained a following after launching its ‘Season 1 airdrop’ earlier this week. Apparently, the platform drew some ideas from competitor marketplace Blur’s loyalty program, as well as their strategy to focus on pro traders in attracting users. In Tensor’s case, users are granted the opportunity to claim free reward boxes based on their activity on the Solana blockchain (DC).

Into the Metaverse

Crypto Oasis/Cove Beach: Earlier this month, UAE-based Web3 ecosystem Crypto Oasis launched its beach venue in the metaverse. Dubbed ‘Cove Beach,’ the project replicates the renowned Caesar’s Palace beach club of the same name. The venue is hosted by virtual world social platform and metaverse builder Exscape. Furthermore, Crypto Oasis also introduced a Cove Beach NFT program that grants holders annual membership to the venue (CT). 

Otherside Metaverse: Yuga Labs, the NFT company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, has revealed new info on its gamified metaverse platform Otherside. Still under development, the virtual world project will hold a second test on March 25. Otherdeed NFT holders are eligible to join the testing round, which will feature four Otherside captains providing a narrative experience (CD).

Decentral Games: Web3 metaverse game Decentral Games recently held a Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) ‘Community Spotlight Series.’ The weekly session features creators and communities discussing plans for metaverse platform Decentraland’s annual event. Gam3rs’ Choice Awards host iceyyy and MVFW supermodel Tangpoko graced the latest edition of the series (TW).