Metaverse Summit in Paris: The First Women-Led Web3 Conference

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 18, 2022

Metaverse Summit, the first women-led Web3 conference, wrapped up on July 17, 2022 at Station F in Paris, France. The two-day event aims to promote the inclusivity of women and other underrepresented groups in technology and innovation.

“We are honored to host the first-ever, international, women-led Metaverse convention and festival in Paris. Web3 adoption is critical to the advancement of women, and Metaverse Summit is thrilled to contribute to this initiative,” Metaverse Summit founder Yingzi Yuan said in a press release on Cointelegraph.

The international convention celebrates builders, creatives, experts, and investors involved in the Metaverse and Web3 in general. Along with diversity and support for women, one of the main goals of the summit is to share knowledge that prepares individuals for future technological shifts, especially in the field of business.

“We’re here to help brands, startups and corporations, specifically women-owned ones, find their place and strategy in the Metaverse by facilitating the growth of various stakeholders in the industry,” stated Yuan.

Yuan is a gaming industry veteran who has worked as project manager for French video game studio Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, a program which supports innovative startups. Ubisoft is behind the development and publishing of prominent titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.


Metaverse Summit has also collaborated with the female-led developer DAO H.E.R. DAO and Unstoppable Women Of Web3, two entities pushing for Web3 and Metaverse education for women. 

“Diversity is a great catalyst for innovation, and with this collaboration, we hope to encourage and support many more women to find their place in the Metaverse,” H.E.R. Founder Tracy Bown stated on Cointelegraph.

Global Metaverse Startup Competition

The Global Metaverse Startup Competition, which aims to showcase the upcoming generation of builders and entrepreneurs, is one of the highlights of the Metaverse Summit. Over 150 startups have already registered, awaiting the jury’s decision.

Winning startups will get the chance to:

  • Receive mentorship from the board of advisors.
  • Engage in 1-on-1 meetings with investors and executives.
  • Join events hosted by Metaverse experts and executives.
  • Avail of free summit booth to showcase projects.
  • Pitch projects at the summit’s “Investor Lounge.”
  • Deliver a Presentation on “Metaverse Demo Day.”
  • Possibly attract funding from a pool of investors.

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